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Nikon 200-500

peterjones 18 5.1k 1 United Kingdom
4 Apr 2016 6:15PM

Quote:It asked whether we would rather have a reliable TV repair man or a reliable TV"!

Both would be nice ...... GrinGrinGrin
StrayCat 16 19.1k 3 Canada
4 Apr 2016 6:56PM
Reliability, or good service? That's why I bought a Honda last year, they have both, and you should see the backup camera!WinkTongue
peterjones 18 5.1k 1 United Kingdom
4 Apr 2016 7:13PM
Do you have a back up Honda? Grin

(Btw I also bought a Honda for all the same reasons as you)
Steinmachine 16 80 Scotland
4 Apr 2016 7:28PM
Many thanks again for the comments i did buy the lens and so far i am extremely pleased with the results
peterjones 18 5.1k 1 United Kingdom
4 Apr 2016 8:01PM
You certainly had much to consider .....Grin

G'luck, Peter.
Icee 12 11 United Kingdom
9 Apr 2016 10:07PM
I've got one and have had no issues. I did a micro focus check with it on my D4 and D7200 and it needed 0 adjustment. The iq is good focus is quick on both cameras but with the 1.4 tc its best on the D4.
LenShepherd 12 4.2k United Kingdom
11 Apr 2016 8:14AM

The pictures taken were straight out of the box! Put it this way i received the lens at 11am and it was boxed up and on its way back to them by 12:30 the same day. The dealer has indicated it might have been a lens that was returned by another customer and was sent to me by mistake from the warehouse?

Perhaps what was being discussed was a lens, apparently sold as new which was not new, which had had some rough treatment (scratch on rear element in particular) which might not have been closely checked when returned.
If it was a return
1/ reputable shops know do not sell these as new products. Companies like Wex say they sell items like this at a reduced price with a proper description.
2/ if the lens had what seems to have been very rough treatment in the hands of a previous buyer, the damage you rightly identified is highly unlikely to have been present when the lens left the Nikon factory.
thewilliam 12 6.1k
11 Apr 2016 9:52PM
Len, you're right in that the QC people at Sendai would never let a defective lens leave the factory. They have too strong a sense of Bushido.

On the other hand, I would never want to rely upon Chinese QC because I've seen too many faults that would have been spotted with even the most cursory glance.
LenShepherd 12 4.2k United Kingdom
12 Apr 2016 8:44AM

On the other hand, I would never want to rely upon Chinese QC because I've seen too many faults that would have been spotted with even the most cursory glance.

Perhaps what matters is how good Nikon monitor quality out of China and Taiwan.
Many of the components used in modern lenses and cameras do not originate in Japan.
I have had no problems with high-end products from Japanese companies which have not been made in Japan. These include Nikon cameras and lenses, Epsom printers, Apple computers, TVs and recorders.
At the other end of the scale I cannot say what is the quality is on a 2.99 filter from Amazon.
I know the Chinese tripod collars at about one sixth of the price of a Nikon collar are reasonable for the price though not outstanding quality.
Does my one experience (out of over 100) with a Japanese made product mean nobody should trust Japenese quality control?

Obviously the price point comes into one's experience, but we do seem to be discussing a lens in substantially different conditions to that in which it left the factory rather than Nikon's quality control of Chinese assembled products.
One Nikon lens made in China having a probable interesting history after it arrived in the UK does not mean that all lenses made in Jaan have a similar interesting history.

To the OP I suggest asking the retailer, who appears to have sent out used and damaged stock as new, for a gesture of goodwill in recompense, maybe a discount of the next order, to compensate for being "messed about".

My only problem product from Nikon has been a scanner - made in Japan Smile It would not start up out of the box. I spoke to Nikon on the phone about 2pm, they confirmed a fault and gave me a reference number. I spoke to Wex, gave them the Nikon reference number - and had the replacement special courier delivery next morning before 9am plus free return of the defective scanner.

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