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Nikon 50mm f1.8 G AF-S Lens with a bit shakey hands

probie 13 24 United Kingdom
20 Mar 2013 8:06PM
hi there, i am looking to add a Nikon 50mm f1.8 G AF-S Lens to my 18-105 and 55-300, what i was wondering is would i get good sharp results with my shakey hands as my other two lenses have vibration control on them,
any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated,

scottishphototours 17 2.6k 2
20 Mar 2013 8:16PM
The VR system on your lenses only kicks in around 1/60th of a second and allows you to handhold down to about 1/15th. It's unlikely that it's making a great difference in your day to day photography.

Using your 50mm above 1/100th (and using as fast a shutter speed as possible, either by changing aperture or upping ISO) should get you the best results even with shaky hands. Try and improve your technique too - resting the camera on posts or walls when shooting or by using a monopod to give you extra stability. Look on youtube - there's a good video about this that was included in a recent thread on here somewhere.

The 50mm will be WAY sharper than either of the 2 lenses you currently have. Prepare to be amazed!...
ikett 11 545 England
20 Mar 2013 8:22PM
With a fast enough shutter speed, there should be no problem.

Nikon say that with a shutter speed of 500's focal length up to 300mm VR only helps by steadying view finder image.
probie 13 24 United Kingdom
20 Mar 2013 8:22PM
hi scottishphototours, thanks for the information, i have got and used a monopod but due to health problems i struggle to stand up for long also, i am very tempted by the lens as most of my photos are of my two children and landscapes, as you can probably gather i am not that experienced just yet,

scottishphototours 17 2.6k 2
20 Mar 2013 8:45PM

Thanks, glad to help. You'll love the 50mm, one of Nikons greats, and the length is great for kids pics. Kids pics work best when you're down at their level, so one thing that you'll benefit by - no great need to stand up!! Great for landscapes too, very sharp.

Don't be tempted, just buy it. You'll love the lovely out of focus background at f2.8 that you'll get with the kids pics. You'll learn more about apertures and control of depth of field with a 50mm than any other lens. It was my first lens, 35 years ago, and I still have one in my bag.
NikonNovice 14 107 1 United Kingdom
20 Mar 2013 9:01PM
I have this lens and it is indeed very sharp. I can shoot indoors without flash due to having wide apertures to keep the shutter speed up. Got mine for 80 so its cheap as chips and pics are just as tasty. If you can try before you buy by bringing your camera into a shop and taking a few pics that might be best.
20 Mar 2013 10:17PM
Another vote from me for the Nikkor 50mm F1.8! Smile Shakey hands? I find my Beta Blockers no end of an asset!
GarethRobinson 15 1.0k 2 United Kingdom
20 Mar 2013 10:48PM
50mm is a fine lens, for kids it may be a little long on a dx camera more so if it is indoor photos. May I suggest that you have a look at your images to see what focal lengths you use most often, that will tell you if a 50mm is what you need or maybe the 35mm 1.8g, both are light, small and fast little lenses.

shakeyhands 9 459 Canada
21 Mar 2013 12:40AM
I love my 50 1.8 g, it is a little long on my 3100 but I have gotten used to it.

LenShepherd 13 4.4k United Kingdom
21 Mar 2013 7:32AM
Looking at your portfolio you are getting very good results within the constraints of your medical disability.
If I upset some posters - tough.
You are not going to get significantly sharper shots then you are getting in terms of lens resolution with a 50mm f1.8.
What you will get is the ability to take handheld shots in lower light levels, or to take shots with restricted depth of field.
If you sometimes use a wheelchair you probably already know one elbow on each armrest is worth two or three shutter speeds handholding.
A much more expensive compromise is the 24-120 f4 VR.
If you indicate where you live is in the UK I would like to think there is a good chance of someone with a 50mm f1.8 sending you a private message to make arrangements for you to try a lens without VR before you buy.
probie 13 24 United Kingdom
21 Mar 2013 10:51AM
thankyou everyone for all of your comments and advice, it is very much appreciated, asking a question on this forum is much more informative than delving into numerous websites, i have been told that john lewis in tamworth where i live are very soon going to have the lens in and are also going to get a extensive range of nikon and canon cameras and lenses in stock as they are going to try to corner the high street market, unfortunately there are not many places to try equipment out now jessops and jacobs are no more!
many thanks again everyone,

iancrowson Plus
11 215 168 United Kingdom
21 Mar 2013 11:51AM
Yes, John Lewis are into cameras increasingly, The Southampton branch which is a big one has a wide choice and fairly knowledgable staff. If they don't have it in stock can be collected from your local JL or Waitrose next day, carriage free. I have no connections with shop, just like above I like to look before buying.
scottishphototours 17 2.6k 2
21 Mar 2013 4:34PM

Quote:The VR system on your lenses only kicks in around 1/60th of a second

Let me just clarify this misleading comment. The VR system does indeed work at every available shutter speed, but becomes MORE OBVIOUS IN ITS EFFECT at speeds less than 1/60th. For instance, handheld at 1/15th the VR effect will become obvious, with sharper images than if the VR was not in use. Sorry for the confusion!

iancrowson Plus
11 215 168 United Kingdom
21 Mar 2013 4:52PM
Thanks for that, I thought I was missing something.
I can see that, I've had some excellent hand held shots with my Fuji X-E1 with the 18-55 lens with the Fuji type VS, say at 55mm and 1/15th, very sharp.
I have some nikon VS lens but not noticed as great a benefit as Fuji.
LenShepherd 13 4.4k United Kingdom
21 Mar 2013 5:32PM

Let me just clarify this misleading comment. The VR system does indeed work at every available shutter speed,

Adding to this VR generally has some camera shake improvement benefit up to 1/500.
Nikon point out that even at fast shutter speeds VR can have a second benefit in helping autofocus to accurately lock on and retain focus.
The more shaky your hands the greater the benefit of VR, even at very fast shutter speeds.

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