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Nikon 70-300mm vr lens

CheethamD 14 1 England
11 Feb 2008 5:32PM
Having bought a Nikon d40X and upgraded the standard kit lens to the 18-70mm I am now thinking of buying a 70-300mm VR lens. My concern is that the lens may be to front end heavy for my little Nikon. Anybody's opinion would be much appreciated.
csurry 19 9.2k 92
11 Feb 2008 5:38PM
Well looking at it another way - if you don't get the Nikon 70-300 VR will the alternative be any lighter, or are you looking for us to tell you to buy a D80/D200/D300 Wink
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
11 Feb 2008 5:39PM
I know a D70s owner who finds it works well on his camera, he had no problems with balance etc, but then I am thinking of taking photo's where you have one hand on the lens anyway.

just get a good grip and don't leave it dangling Wink
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
11 Feb 2008 6:31PM
Or another way of looking at it........!

If your D40X can balance a 70-300, Just what the heck is the 70-300 made of.......Sad Paper perhaps......?

Once you enter into long range zoom lens, Chances are the lens will be heavier than the camera........No matter what camera your talkin about..........!

If you want the 70 - 300 range........That is something you'll have to get used to......Or add a house brick to the bottom of your camera...Smile
csurry 19 9.2k 92
11 Feb 2008 6:39PM

Quote:just get a good grip and don't leave it dangling

Have reported this as abuse Wink

Seriously what cameracat said - most of the 70-300 will weigh similar amounts.
Assyrian 14 132 Scotland
12 Feb 2008 6:22PM
I didn't find my 70-300 VR heavy at all. Admittedly it was on a D200 but I walked for literally miles last summer with it dangling round my neck. I doubt you'll notice it after a couple of sessions.

Strobekid 14 369 United Kingdom
13 Feb 2008 7:26PM
I have this lens, and it's not that heavy, compared to say, 70-200mm f2.8 - now that's much heavier.

If you want a lighter lens which has a good reach and AF works with D40, maybe you want to consider the 18-200mm VR. It is smaller and lighter. OK, it is 100mm shorter, admittedly, but it is more versatile. It all depends on what you want to use it for, but if you have D40, the choices are rather limited, unless you want to go MF. Try them both in a shop, and see which you prefer.
12 Aug 2010 8:47PM
I use the lens a lot with a D5000 and find it a little top heavy.When its on a tripod it seems more so(maybe thats my tripod) but the lens is super quality and the vr very beneficial,maybe softer at the top end 300mm but step it down slightly and it does the job!Wink
NEWMANP 13 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2010 9:00PM
well you made an excellent choice with the 18-70 its a super lens and you cant go wrong with the 70-300 vr either. both are really sharp and well made lenses. it might be a bit heavy but better to have a decent lens with a metal mount than a cheaper and less robust version like its predessesor.

its never a good idea to carry a larger lens around your neck because of the strain on the mount so i usually just hold it by the lens and then put the 18-70 back on to carry

Dugi34 14 917 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2010 10:32PM
The 70-300 sits well on the d60 which is of combarable size to the d40 etc. As long as you hold the lens rather than expect to hold the camera body all will be well. It performs quite admirably too.Smile

firesec1 11 41 United Kingdom
13 Aug 2010 3:16PM
I use this lens on a D60 with no problems and I'm old and week.Wink
HarvHere 12 1 Canada
24 Aug 2010 12:41AM
I have had my D60 for over a year and a half and purchased the 70-300 VR 4.5/5.6 within months of getting the camera. I have used this lens on on hundreds of pictures since purchasing it. It is truly a wonderful lens although not what you would identify as fast glass, thus making you utilize a monopod or tripod in less than optimal lighting conditions, and using a very high ISO at those times when photographing a moving subject in those conditions. The VR is very good. I have not had any problems carrying this lens and it is not an issue when carrying it on any photo walks. It has a nice balance on my TrekPod Pro Monopod and I have also taken sharp pictures indoors in tripod mode with the TrekPod and the wireless remote. I think that you would be truly pleased with this lens. I sure am satisfied with the product although there are the limitations I described above but they do not include the issues that you were concerned with.
StrayCat 17 19.1k 3 Canada
24 Aug 2010 2:48AM
I used a Nikon VR 80-400mm on a D70 for 4 years, and seldom used anything else. At times I walked 3-4 hours in the parks with it, and had no problem. It's a lot heavier and bigger than the 70-300mm. I would advise using a tripod wherever possible though, if you want the sharpest images. The VR is good in a pinch. Just put the strap around your neck and hold the weight with a hand under the camera and lens.

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