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Nikon D300

Given the gap between the release of the D100 and the D200 do you think there will be an equally long wait for the D300?

Mr Rockwell seems to predict a November 2007 release for the D300... see here
strawman 18 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
26 Feb 2007 6:02PM
Interesting. I would say we are starting to see a maturity level being reached in the APS type cameras, where price is begining to dominate, and the jump in technology of new cameras is slowing down. For a crop camera do you get much more as you go past 12MP for example, and unless you have the very best lenses do you get much more as you go past 10mp.

Should the developments move from number of pixels and focus on Noise and dynamic range for example. Plus as the market moves to comodity the price falls and the compeditors products start to converge. I think we can seee that.

what does it mean for us. well the push to upgrade the camera drops, the second hand values start to even out, and the new prices gently stabalise. In short we get more for our money.

as for the D300, could be but is it like the D40, much talked about but vapour ware?
strawman 18 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
26 Feb 2007 6:04PM
Err and what is wrong with the D200. If you have Nikon lenses it looks like an intersting product. OK full frame or a CMOS sensor would be good. but it sounds like a good camera for those of you with Nikon kit.
fauxtography 16 6.6k 36
26 Feb 2007 6:06PM

Quote:Should the developments move from number of pixels and focus on Noise and dynamic range for example.

Oh yes, given a choice between 10mp and 14mp or significantly improved dynamic range, I'd go with the latter.

MPs are an easier to understand (and market) number unfortunately Sad
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
26 Feb 2007 6:31PM
Rockwell (LOL)
User_Removed 17 17.9k 8 Norway
26 Feb 2007 6:41PM

Quote:Rockwell (LOL)

ecowarrior 14 577 England
26 Feb 2007 6:45PM
He's probably stocking up on high-quality orange filters in readiness ;o)
peter_davey 15 1.4k England
26 Feb 2007 8:17PM
you had to mention the Ken word - yawn

He's still baging on about the D3x that's never come up yet.

Hey guess what there a D4Xs - look at me - I got one - wanna see - visit my web site!
welshwizard 16 106 Wales
28 Feb 2007 12:17AM

Quote:Nikon usually releases everything in Finland, France or countries that begin with the letter F first to respect the F mount and F series heritage

I thought Nikon DSLR were D-series.....

so shouldn't Nikon go for countries like Denmark, Djibouti, Democratic Republic of Congo...???

I loved the bit where Ken says that Nikon has listened to him.....
peter_davey 15 1.4k England
28 Feb 2007 8:21AM
We should as Nostradarmus - he's more accurate Smile
NikLG 16 1.7k England
28 Feb 2007 9:36AM

Quote:Nikon listened to me

Quote:As I said, the above paragraphs are pure fiction.

ha ha...
IanA 18 3.0k 12 England
28 Feb 2007 10:33AM
As Nikon have upgraded all their lower and middle range in the last 15 months (D200, D80, D40) then any new announcements from them will, IMHO, be at the top end of their range where the D2X and D2H have only had an 's' added of late.
The D2Hs has a sensor that is a couple of generations old and the forthcoming MkIII from Canon makes even the D2Xs look like a Mickey Mouse camera to the Pros. So at a guess, the next thing from Nikon will be Mr R's so far ficticious D3X.

Leif 16 777
28 Feb 2007 10:04PM
Don't bother with Rockwell. Whatever he smokes, it is wicked stuff. You will find a well argued piece on likely Nikon products on He knows a bit more than he lets on to protect sources who have signed an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), but it is largely intelligent guess work. As good as anyones.


What on Earth does that mean?
ecowarrior 14 577 England
28 Feb 2007 10:07PM
peter_davey 15 1.4k England
28 Feb 2007 10:36PM
Yeah I asked an editor of a web site about the Nikon kit and all he said was "no comment" - guess he's under an NDA, then pressed him for a "yes, no - so you're denying it then" and still got "no comment" - he either knows something or nothing Smile

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