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Nikon D300 Dilemma

Martyn_U 13 7 England
14 Jun 2010 8:50PM
I am thinking of upgrading from a D70s to either a second hand D300 or a new/second hand D300s

Can't afford to go for the D700!

Not sure which one to go for.

Any recommendations would be welcome.
Scutter 14 1.7k 6 United Kingdom
14 Jun 2010 8:54PM
nowt wrong with a D300 IMOSmile
User_Removed 18 17.9k 8 Norway
14 Jun 2010 9:01PM
The D300 is superb. If you want video - go for the 's'. Otherwise they are the same camera.
cameracat 18 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
14 Jun 2010 9:04PM

Quote:nowt wrong with a D300

Second and third that.....Smile The difference from D70s to D300 will blow your mind.......Grin

Not that there is anything wrong with a D70/70s, Just that things have moved on a bit, Plus the D300/s are pro body cameras, Apart from all the new toys.....Wink
paperboy 12 208
14 Jun 2010 9:35PM
D300s newer, more exterior control buttons for quicker access, faster focus, 7/6 frame rate...If possible D300s, if not D300. You will be a happy camper with either camera. comparison
User_Removed 14 736 4
14 Jun 2010 9:44PM
How about a second hand D700?
BigRick 16 2.1k 3 United Kingdom
14 Jun 2010 10:06PM
Dont need the D700 unless you need it for low light weddings etc... and if you can afford the D300s then get that.
miptog 16 3.6k 68 United Kingdom
14 Jun 2010 10:09PM
Lets not forget that the D700 is FX and D300/300s is DX. Do you really need FX?
JohnParminter 15 1.3k 14 England
14 Jun 2010 10:36PM
Nowt wrong with the D300, mine anyway...

Sylar 13 133 England
29 Jun 2010 5:45PM
I was thinking about upgrading my Nikon d300. However after studying other cameras I found that
I might as well stick with the d300.

Recently I bought a 40 " Samsung tv, and my photographs look on it look fabulous.
User_Removed 12 4.6k 1 Scotland
29 Jun 2010 7:08PM
Problem with the D700 is that you might have to replace any DX lenses you have if you want to use it at full frame (not much point having it otherwise). Apart from that, video is really the only significant reason for choosing the D300s over the D300.

I upgraded from a D80 to a D300 a couple of years ago and have never looked back.
Nick_w 15 4.4k 99 England
29 Jun 2010 10:47PM
The D300 is a great camera, tho I do prefer the D700, it's not just the high ISO performance, but greater dynamic range (and yes it is noticable) less prone to defraction at small apertures (I can use f16 / f18 again with little or no defraction).

It will depend on your lenses, but the only one I couldn't use was the Sigma10-20, which I sold and bought a wideangle prime, for not much more. Actually I could use the 10-20 in DX mode but the pixels reduced far too much for my liking.

Also if you like to exploit shallow dof as I sometimes do ff is much better.
LenShepherd 14 4.5k United Kingdom
4 Jul 2010 7:36PM

Quote:The D300 is a great camera, tho I do prefer the D700, it's not just the high ISO performance, but greater dynamic range (and yes it is noticeable) less prone to diffraction at small apertures (I can use f16 / f18 again with little or no diffraction).

This is largely misleading.
As some-one who shot D300 and D3 alongside each other for 2 years there is no noticeable difference in potential dynamic range between the 2 cameras up to and including 800 ISO - and wide dynamic range is only needed with subjects which happen to have wide dynamic range Grin
True the FX ISO is potentially better faster than 800 - but as DX gives 1 stop more depth of field for the same angle of view as FX if you are not shooting wide open you can use 1 ISO lower and 1 shutter speed faster to get back most of the D700 high ISO speed advantage.
As any loss of resolution due to diffraction is extremely hard to detect between f13 and f18 on FX even in 20 inch wide prints the more theoretical than real (in 20 inch wide prints) between f11 and f16 on DX is similar. On the other hand at faster apertures DX often has greater sharpness in the frame corners than FX, especially when using many FX lenses.
Nick_w 15 4.4k 99 England
4 Jul 2010 8:14PM
Sorry Len whilst I would bow to your greater knowlendge on most occasions - there is a big difference between the 2 cameras in terms of defraction. I never got 1 image out of the D300 at F16 I was happy with (yes I'm critical). The D700 is OK upto F18.

There is a difference in Dynamic range of about 1 -2 stops. Its noticable when you shoot HDR - or since moving to the D700 I have yet to find the need.
pulsar69 18 1.6k 6 United Kingdom
4 Jul 2010 9:48PM
Im currently a canon man but have used said nikons and LensShepherd appears to be using a comparison between a D3 ( old tech ) and a D700 ( vastly newer tech and higher spec ) or correct me if Im wrong there ?

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