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Nikon D40x v D80 v Canon 400D? Which one to buy ?

Dugi34 13 917 United Kingdom
28 Jul 2007 4:26PM
I am about to purchase my first dslr after using a nikon 5700 compact. I have handled all three in a shop and I am still unsure which one to go for. The D 40x seems tied to nikons own lenses so should I stay clear of it. I shoot landscapes and would like to get into macro

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richard00 13 504 1
28 Jul 2007 4:41PM
Sigma makes lens for both nikon and canon - pretty good ones too. All comes down to cost and how you take to them in store. For what its worth I got a 400D - liked it so much I got another. cheap at currys now - 10 cheaper than what I paid 2 days ago even.
Doclassie 15 1.1k England
28 Jul 2007 4:55PM
Don't forget the D40..... cheap as chips at the moment and a cracking camera.

The D80 is also a fantastic camera..... not too dissimilar to the D200 infact. Its bulkier than the 400D and D40 but, personally, I prefer the extra size and weight in a DSLR.

I think you get more for your money with the D40 than the D40X or 400D ....... for what its worth.

As has been said, third parties such as Sigma (and Tamron and Tokina) make Nikon mount lenses too.
Graysta 15 1.1k England
28 Jul 2007 5:35PM
not too dissimilar to the D200 infact.).Sorry but pick the pair up. the D200 is not a Heavy D80.

cameracat 16 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
28 Jul 2007 6:00PM
Gotta agree with Graham, Nice though the D80 is, It's not in the same league as a D200, The Nikon badge is similar though......Smile
miptog 14 3.6k 63 United Kingdom
28 Jul 2007 6:22PM
Go back to the shop, take a few cards, take some pics. Which camera did you like handling the most, and which pics look best to you, and can you afford it? Now dont forget all those accessories as well, that will be adding extra costs. Hope it helps.

Graysta 15 1.1k England
28 Jul 2007 7:22PM
And thats damn good advice.Its your money & your choice.what suits you may not be everyones cup of tea. dare to be different if its you.I am currently guiding someone with a Olympus and i have to say its not half bad.(but they always were my 1st choice film camera).Unfortunate that they lost the plot after the O.M series.
last ten 15 416 Isle of Man
28 Jul 2007 7:38PM
Cameracat don't forget that Dugi34 is asking advice on his FIRST dslr and with that, in my humble opinion he would be better going for a Nikon D40x that has a cash back offer on at the moment.

Even I would be daunted by the thought of a D200 as my first dslr!

ruralscotland 15 1.3k
28 Jul 2007 7:50PM
PM sent to Dugi32
Dugi34 13 917 United Kingdom
28 Jul 2007 8:15PM
Thanks for all the advice so far , I think I need to give more input to this topic . I don't want to go for a body that is going to restrict aftermarket lenses like the d40x so I am deciding between the 400d and D80 unless I am persuaded otherwise. ( I was told in a local shop ,not Jessops, that the d40x does not have motor drive facility for the lenses so you are stuck with nikons lenses for that model) is that true?
Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
28 Jul 2007 8:17PM
what about canon 30D?
Dugi34 13 917 United Kingdom
28 Jul 2007 8:30PM
I think the 30 d may too big a step for me . Does it have any scene modes ? I'm still using this on my compact as I don't have the knowledge for full manual yet.
Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
28 Jul 2007 8:34PM
yes, I think it has scene modes.
I think you should compare Nikon D40 to Canon 400D; Nikon D80 to Canon 30D as they belong to the same price brackets, really. Well, thats what I think anyway.

*btw, I went for 20D straight from digital compact as well, as I don't want to keep changing camera and I couldn't afford to do that anyway. So, might as well go for something that will last me longer. And I am still using it after over 2 years now.
Dugi34 13 917 United Kingdom
28 Jul 2007 8:49PM
That is another consideration to think on , the longevity of the body. I will be expecting to use the camera for a few years at least so maybe I should think of the 30D.......It is only 17 more than the D80 at W.E. so now do I go for the 30D or the D80 .....aaarrrggghhhh
cambirder 16 7.2k England
28 Jul 2007 8:54PM
Unless you like throwing your cameras around, you should not have any problems with any of them.

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