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Nikon D80 again

DannoM 12 58 England
18 Oct 2009 8:32PM
After having all weekend to play with my new (secondhand) nikon D80 and im not that impressed. Im upgrading from my D40. The issue i have is with the noise, at iso 400 my D40 is soo much better. The Lcd on the back is also so much clearer on the D40. Do i have a duffer or do i have it set up all wrong?
KBan 15 512 4 United Kingdom
18 Oct 2009 9:27PM
i never go over iso 400 with mine Dan, I'm saving for a D300

18 Oct 2009 9:41PM
I've found that the D80 is quite noisy over ISO 400 but nothing that can't be rectified with a bit of noise ninja.

I've not used a D40 so couldn't comment on the screen but the D40 is newer so wouldn't surprise me if the technology was a bit better.
DannoM 12 58 England
18 Oct 2009 9:45PM
now a d300 would be nice, not at that level yet. A d90 on other hand..
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
18 Oct 2009 9:48PM
First up the D40 is 6 mega pixel, The D80 is 10 mega pixel.

The sensors in both the D40 and D80 are the same size.

In order to have more mega pixels in the same space, The " Photosites " that make up the sensor have to be smaller.

The problem with having smaller Photosites, Is they need more amplification than larger Photosites to produce an image.

More amplification = More noise potential.

Technical advances in sensor design, Have produced cleaner high ISO images, Most of the sensor types around now are either CCD or CMOS.

As we are talking Nikon bodies here both D40 & D80 use CCD sensors, Development headroom with this sensor type may have peaked.
Nikon now use CMOS sensors ( as do Canon ) This type have more headroom in development, And generally produce cleaner High ISO images.

If you have a D40, And you require " Clean High ISO Images " above 400 ISO etc etc, Then you really need to be looking at a D5000 or D90 or D300/300s......Smile

If you flog the D40 and the D80, You'll be well on the way to a D90 perhaps, Or the very interesting D5000......!!!!!
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
18 Oct 2009 10:04PM

Quote:but nothing that can't be rectified with a bit of noise ninja

For sure noise reduction software can help.....Smile

But it can also degrade detail, Especially when used with very high ISO speeds.....Say 800 upwards.

One thing that can help is setting the level of " In Camera " noise reduction to different values, Usually Low/Med/High, Then make sure to set the camera to apply " High ISO noise reduction " automatically when you switch to the higher ISO.

Thats a pretty standard option in any Nikon body menu, As well as other brands as far as I know.

So you might want to try some tests with the D80 ( especially as it came 2nd hand ) Because someone may have changed the noise reduction settings, From the default option ...Wink

EDIT, If your unsure, Just do the 2 button restore to factory, Then start again.
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
19 Oct 2009 9:45AM


Almost forgot.....There is " OFF " as well.....Not a good idea above ISO 500 upwards...!!!

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