Nikon D90 or D5100

Ian White 17 183 United Kingdom
4 May 2012 4:33PM
Hi all

At the moment i have a nikon d3000 and would like to upgrade it,so at the moment i am looking at a D5100 or D90
Am a little unsure what to do at the moment but at this time the D90 i know that it only has 12.3 megapixels and the D5100 has 16.2 megapixels but the D90 is winning i am not too worried about megapixels as i dont print any bigger than A4 size to be honest,Could you please give me some advice and pro's and con's

Thanks for reading this post,Ian

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darranl 10 318 England
4 May 2012 6:16PM
What is your reason for wanting an upgrade that may narrow down which one will be better for you?
LenShepherd 11 4.0k United Kingdom
4 May 2012 10:11PM
The D90 is unlikely to be in production by the end of the year, and the D5100 is likely to be replaced by a D5200.
With more information we can help select the best option - but it might be wise to buy second hand to avoid an end of year depreciation hit.
DouglasMorley 9 30 1 Canada
5 May 2012 12:13AM
I look at it this way, if the D90 has much the same pixels as the D3s plus the D90 is large enough to handle well gripwise (important for me), I would opt for it. There is a lot of fairly useless beginner's stuff on the D5100. Whereas it wont take the older motorless lenses, the D90 will.
Gaucho 17 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
5 May 2012 7:35AM
More buttons on the D90 which is also important to me. But if you can stretch it to the D7000 that's probably your best bet.
thewilliam 11 6.1k
5 May 2012 11:29AM
Some of the more compact Nikon bodies have fewer buttons because many controls are accessible only via the menu system. It might be worth making a list of the adjustments that you'd prefer to make by button or dial because it's a lot slower to work with the menu.

Also, which lenses do you want to use. I seriously considered a D3100 for walkabout use but it will only focus AFS lenses and won't meter with manual-focus optics. I bought a used D200, with its inferior image quality, because all the important adjustments have a dial or button and it works with any Nikon lens.

It's worth getting a body from the current generation because the image quality has improved considerably in recent years.
luckybry 9 3 Scotland
10 May 2012 4:24PM
d90 does it for me
Eastlands 8 760 4 Northern Ireland
10 May 2012 4:26PM

Quote:D90 does it for me

D90 for me too, when you get to this level of camera it is the glass ( lens ) that makes the difference.
kodachrome 8 720
10 May 2012 6:39PM
I have a D5000 [same sensor and image quality as the D90, D300s, D3, etc, all including the D5000 were described as giving 'stunning IQ']. The current range of 16mp Nikons use a Sony sensor and it really does push the boat out for IQ and dynamic range. I would argue that its not a huge step up than the older 12.3mp cameras which by the way had the best high ISO low noise of any camera and can still hold there own with the 16mp cameras.

I'm not too keen on the D5100, because its smaller than my D5000 and is not so comfortable to hold. I suspect as has already been said, a D5200 must be on the cards and older stock of D5100 will undoubtedly get sold at bargain prices or you wait for the suspected D5200 with 24mp.
Once you get a Nikon, invest in glass, its the best way forward.

Ian White 17 183 United Kingdom
10 May 2012 7:46PM
Hi Chaps thanks for the reply's i have done some homework myself the D90 is still winning over D5100 because it doesn't have built in CLS, lacks the dual control dials, does not support HighSpeedSync, (so you're limited to 1/200th with flash photography), and does not have a built in focus motor like the D90 does however, with the D90 you will get pretty crummy video in comparison to the D5100 but if i was buying a DSLR to use it as a video camera i would go for the D5100, but as i dont want to use video i have only one choice and that's the D90 in my eyes.

Thanks all,Ian
Gaucho 17 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
10 May 2012 9:35PM
And the D90 has commander flash facility as well. I don't think I've even tried the video facility Smile It's a great little camera.
KBan 14 512 4 United Kingdom
10 May 2012 9:43PM
I use a D90........................No problems it's a great camera

NEWDIGIT 8 401 United Kingdom
11 May 2012 10:46AM
D90, is old technology
I have a D7000 and last year purchased a D3100 as a back up. D7000 went dud three days before a caribean trip.(now repaired)
I have also used my wifes D5100. The difference in image quality among the three cameras is almost indistinguishable, I rarely print bigger than A4
To me the D3100 is the best of the three pound per pound , it captures images with the IQ to match ANY crop sensor on the market. And it has a ton of features.
The D5100 has the following advantages over the D3100: Better LCD screen it also swivels, in camera bracketing if you really need it!!, better video, but I still prefer separate vid camera, and marginally better low light sensitivity
As for weight you can barely tell the difference D5100 is actually just two ounces heavier ( OK Im to old to bother with metric)
The D7000 is slightly heavier again it is also noticeably quicker, brighter and has a larger range of sub features.
Ergonomically the D3100 is better than the D5100 because it did not relinquish side buttons on the rear of the camera to accommodate the twisty screen.
I have no knowledge regards the latest d3200
The biggest gain for one’s pennies is to upgrade the lenses not the cameras. Pick up the following Nikon lenses secondhand if poss: f1.8 50mm stunning portraits and circa £80, 18-105 everyday walkabout lens circa £150 and 70-300 VR zoom. circa £300
With good handling image processing and a good printer your images will jump!!
kyle0706 7 1
17 May 2012 5:55AM
Go to a local camera shop... pick up the camera.. hold it .. go through the menus. Stop reading.. starting taking pictures with the camera. I think if you have smaller hands the D5100 is your better choice. Either camera will produce great results that is ten times better than a compact CCD. Click-Click!
RRRoger 9 53 United States
23 May 2012 3:40PM
D7000 is all round upgrade from D90.
But I suggest you get a used D5100 because of the swivel LCD and Video.
The kit AF-S lens are very good.

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