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Nikon Df Official Announcement Tonight

adrian_w Plus
10 3.7k 4 England
5 Nov 2013 4:05PM

Quote:Why must professionals be vulgar? Why not "upstanding", or "dignified"? Wink

Because, by definition, they are not gentlemen.

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gavrelle 6 46 England
5 Nov 2013 5:43PM
A stunning looking camera, I love the digital guts in an old frame. I don't love the price tag, 700 more than my D800, so I won t be buying. I naively thought that without video etc it would be a grand less, silly me.
Snapper Plus
13 4.3k 3 United States Outlying Islands
5 Nov 2013 5:56PM
I'd have one in a shot if it was about half the price, but I'm guessing they could be trying out the market before going to big time production. Oh, and it'll not need a grand's worth of new computer to process the images like a D800! Tongue
peterjones Plus
16 4.7k 1 United Kingdom
5 Nov 2013 5:59PM
The new Nikon offering is a very very pretty camera unlike modern DSLRs which are ugly lumps but I doubt now that the new offering will render my own DSLRs worse and as for the price tag ...... maybe the price will re-adjust.

Leif 13 722
5 Nov 2013 6:31PM

Quote:At 2000 it would sell, at the asking price, I wonder how many will leave the shops? Not many is my guess. I suspect this is another instance of Nikon UK screwing early adopters, then letting the price drift down to a more sensible level. It is very cynical behaviour in my opinion.

It still leaves Nikon without an answer to the relatively compact Sony mirrorless cameras.

That's launch price. Most camera bodies drop about 20% when they hits the shelves which will bring it to the 2000 mark and over time it will drop from there. 'Screwing early adopters' is not really a valid criticism - everyone (and I mean everyone) knows how pricing works on launch so if they want to pay the premium to be able to say 'look I got one before you did' then that is for them to decide.

Err, yes, I said it would drop. But no they do not drop that fast. Look at camerapricebuster.com, and you can see a steady drop over a month or two.

And you can interpret it as you like.

Nikon did not use to screw early adopters, but a few years ago they started doing it. I guess someone at Nikon UK realised they could maximise profits. It seems Canon and Sony do this too. Canon did this years ago, when Nikon UK didn't. The only problem is retailers, if they buy a camera at 2000, and within months other retailers sell it at 2000, they have to make sure they do not stock too many.
Ade_Osman 15 4.5k 36 England
5 Nov 2013 6:40PM
It will sell by the boatload to the usual "my camera is considerable better than yours" and I'm considerably richer than you brigade, despite the fact they won't have a clue on how to use it to it's full potential! Tongue You only have to take a look through the galleries to see plenty of examples of this taking place and this applies to all brands Wink
RavenTepes 8 226 United States
5 Nov 2013 6:44PM
I posted this to another forum...prices differ, since I'm American, but all else is equal.

I think it's the right camera at the WRONG price point. I had been following it since I heard about it, but everyone's right. Its price is just too close to the D800, which is a HUGE turn off. I figured it'd probably retail at around $2400 or $2500. Its price is a bit of a slap in the face at $2750

I shoot in manual a lot, so its styling isn't an issue for me. Again, I must agree that its 39 point AF sensor should have been a 51, and with the D4's sensor, I assumed it would have a better frame rate than 5.5. Even 8 FPS would have been nice to produce a happy medium.

All in all, retro controls aside, this camera is neither a step forward, nor a step back. It's a stagnant piece of equipment. I had a lot of high hopes for the DF, which were crushed and left me underwhelmed. I was seriously thinking of buying into M3/4 with the EM-1 until the DF caught my attention. I had hoped that it would have been something along the same lines, but would, of course, accept my Nikkors so I wouldn't have to buy more lenses.

So about that EM-1...
scottishphototours 14 2.6k 2
5 Nov 2013 6:53PM
I ordered 3. So there Tongue
Ade_Osman 15 4.5k 36 England
5 Nov 2013 7:03PM
I rest my case Andy Tongue
lawbert 11 1.8k 15 England
5 Nov 2013 7:47PM
Available glass to compliment its styling may also be a bit of an issue to prospective ownersTongue
That bundled kit lens looks good on it but.....its a kit lens....its gonna cost a lot to get the old lenses that work on its styling...but how good are they optically on a modern sensorTongueTongue
Tis a handbag camera methinksTongueWink
scottishphototours 14 2.6k 2
5 Nov 2013 8:05PM
Surprised that my particular "cast" only caught one fish in Ade!!...sorry to disappoint you Ade, but I was only joking GrinGrinGrinGrin

Lawbert's dead right - it's a handbag camera...but a bloody nice one at that.
strawman 14 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
5 Nov 2013 8:37PM
In modern parlance Wassup. Lots of people asked for a digital Nikon FM, and Nikon look to have responded. The FM was not a low cost camera in its day,(a web search says @$300 in the 70's so about the same real world price as the new one??) and when I look at this camera compared to the D800 (excluding the sensor) this looks in my eyes to be more expensive to make plus it looks aimed at a niche market so no surprise it will retail at a higher price.

As many have noticed there is a trend in cameras (lots of brands) to launch at a high retail price then cut down to a more reasonable price later. Is the D600/D610 not the lower cost full frame Nikon camera that should sell better to those who are worried about the price. Personally if I were a Nikon full frame camera lover I would be snapping up a D600 while its price is low and they have some left over. I guess this is all part of the trickle down from modern electronics such as iPhones where there is a "must have" window of a few months where people que up outside stores to have the new model and pay a high premium to do so.

In many ways I think this new camera looks correct for certain people. Think of it like those companies that will sell you a "new" E-Type jaguar, the look and feel of the old car but with modern internals. At a premium price of course Wink If I had the money I would be buying it with a few prime lenses. Full frame 16mp, should be great for those black cat in coal mine shots as well .

I like the sound of the camera, would probably never buy one Smile In fact every time I save the money to buy a new camera, I buy something else. A story in there somewhere. Well done Nikon, bravo for making it, err sorry not going to buy one.
keithh Plus
14 25.4k 33 Wallis And Futuna
5 Nov 2013 8:41PM
From the front it's Camera Porn. From the back it's just another comic designed by the office junior.
strawman 14 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
5 Nov 2013 8:42PM
Hmm camera porn. Looks like your Grandmother did in old photo's when she was 20.

Either way you will go blind..............
keithh Plus
14 25.4k 33 Wallis And Futuna
5 Nov 2013 8:55PM
I've gone off it now.......

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