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Nikon Repair Centre - Feedback?

ChrisJD Avatar
ChrisJD 13 100 Scotland
16 May 2010 1:12PM

I'm sending my D200 off to an Authorised Nikon Repair Centre. Nikon UK's website gives several addresses including one in Glasgow - seems to be the logical choice to me since I'm based in Edinburgh. But since it's just as easy to mail it off to London, can anyone give me any feedback on the Centre's you have used in the past from a good service/bad service point of view?

For info, the repair is out of warranty.

Thanks folks!

scottishphototours Avatar
scottishphototours 19 2.6k 2
16 May 2010 3:37PM
AJ Johnstone in Glasgow are the authorised Nikon repair centre.

These guys are absolutely superb, and over the years have been used by everyone in the industry from individuals like me, to the newspapers.

I'd have no problem with getting anything repaired by them and recommend them wholeheartedly.

RichBrew Avatar
RichBrew 13 151 England
16 May 2010 3:48PM
I sent my D300 to Kingston upon Thames for a self-inflicted repair last year. I received an acknowledgement via email of its arrival in the service department on 18th June and was invoiced on 14th July, so it took almost a month before I had the camera returned.
The service was rather slow, but the camera came back looking and performing like new.
I used my spare (D200) body during that time, so I didn't really miss the D300 too much. Smile

f8 Avatar
f8 20 9.2k 22 England
16 May 2010 4:28PM
I have just used found it to be worthy of recomendation.
ChrisJD Avatar
ChrisJD 13 100 Scotland
17 May 2010 6:01AM
Thanks people - I'll probably go with Glasgow then!

LenShepherd Avatar
LenShepherd 15 4.7k United Kingdom
18 May 2010 8:32PM
If you are not "Nikon Pro" service Nikon in London can take 3-4 weeks.
Calumet in London are generally under a week.
Sorry I have not used the Glasgow repairer.
david357 Avatar
david357 14 12 United Kingdom
31 May 2010 11:26AM
I have just had my D700 back from Fixation Ltd, amazing service. I posted Wednesday, Phone call from Fixation with estimate on Monday, which I accepted.

On Thursday I had a call to say camera was ready, paid a little extra and camera was delivered Saturday morning. Camera had also had a free sensor clean and recalibration. Highly recommended.

I would have sent the camera to Nikon, but they said 2 to 4 weeks for the repair.
ChrisJD Avatar
ChrisJD 13 100 Scotland
26 Jun 2010 12:18PM
Ok folks, don't use A J Johnstone & Co in Glasgow.

Sent them the camera then had to chase them a week later for a repair estimate. I asked for it by email, they sent me a letter. Since I was away for the week there was a weeks delay here before I could reply.

They told me in the letter that they only accept cash and cheques. I called them to find out why they couldn't accept debit card payment -I don't have a chequebook these days and no way was I sending £220 in cash through the mail. They told me they do take cards in a "why wouldn't we?" type of way. Repair performed and camera should have been despatched on Wednesday for next day delivery.

Just got off the phone to them asking where my camera is. They've sent it by DHL to the wrong address. The DHL tracking number they have is wrong (waaaaay too many digits) and DHL are closed over the weekend. They're going to "take responsibility" and sort it out.

I haven't even seen what the repair is like.....
LenShepherd Avatar
LenShepherd 15 4.7k United Kingdom
4 Jul 2010 8:28PM
Often (but not necessarily in this case) when a decent sized firm dealing with the public does not have credit card facilities it is because the credit card industry thinks they might go bust.
Over £100 credit card companies pick up the tab for purchases or repairs paid for in advance but not delivered or completed - and can pull the plug if they are not happy with a firms credit rating.
Picola Avatar
Picola 13 15 United Kingdom
4 Jul 2010 8:33PM
I've only used Johnston's for cleaning a camera but was also put off by the time for repairs. I was led to believe this was the norm with camera repair companies. Think I'll try that fixation place that was mentioned. Smile
scottishphototours Avatar
scottishphototours 19 2.6k 2
7 Jul 2010 11:28PM
OK, here's the other side of the story.....

Took a D700 in Monday morning for a repair. Told them I needed it for Thursday if possible.

They called me Wed morning at 10am - camera repaired, cleaned and calibration checked.

I stand by my original statement and recommend them without hesitation.

gillaroo Avatar
gillaroo 21 1
16 Jul 2010 10:05AM
Friend of mine had terrible problems with AJ J too. Sounds like service is extremely patchy- not a good sign???
hobee100 Avatar
hobee100 16 9 Scotland
4 Aug 2010 12:31AM
I had really poor service from A J Johnstone & Co in Glasgow too. Put a D80 in as the centre focus point does just not work. They kept it for a month and I heard nothing.

When I phoned they said that the focusing needed 're-calibrated' and quoted £120 and said it would take a few more weeks. It was now Xmas so as my brother was working in Glasgow I said he would collect it and I'd put it in for repair again after the festive period.

When he collected it they then said 'we could not replicate the problem so we cannot see a problem, we've cleaned it all free of charge' .... erm it did not and still does not focus using the centre focus point, it was simple to replicate it! I had it tried with 5 different lens and compared it with another D80 in exactly the same conditions before taking it to A J Johnstone.

When I was waiting to hand my camera in there was a gentleman picking up a Canon lens arguing with them about the service too.

I just don't use the centre point now, I just haven't got around to finding a different repair centre.

Anyway maybe it depends on the model, I got the impression that as it was a D80 they couldn't be bothered with it.
peterjones Avatar
peterjones 21 5.2k 1 United Kingdom
4 Aug 2010 7:09AM
certainly with mixed reviews of a business such as the above I would steer very clear of them; it just be that finances might be a problem with them if they can't get credit card facilities and possibly qualifying for credit from suppliers may also be problematic meaning that they are out of stock of essential parts.

Caveat Emptor
akh Avatar
akh 19 1.2k 5 United Kingdom
4 Aug 2010 9:39AM
I recently had problems with my 60mm Nikon micro lens in that it kept sticking out of focus. Sent it into the Nikon repair department in Kingston and had it repaired out of warranty. There and back within a week and all done free of charge. Excellent service.


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