Nikon VS Canon?

anpix 12 88 United Kingdom
17 Jan 2009 11:23AM
What is your preference ?

Or do you use something else

i tend to find cannon have very sharp images but i have a nikon and find it easier to use


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keith selmes 16 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
17 Jan 2009 11:32AM
Canon, rather than Cannon. From Japanese Kwanon, name of a goddess, of mercy I think.

Either Nikon or Canon will have lenses that take sharp pictures.
They will both have some cameras and some lenses that are not so good. If Nikon feels better for you, probably best to keep to it. Using something you feel comfortable with counts for a lot.

I'm glad I started with Canon, as their DSLR cameras can take lots of strange old lenses when used with adapters, so I can experiment. I don't think you can do that with Nikon. But then not everyone would want to anyway.
Nick_w 12 4.3k 99 England
17 Jan 2009 11:41AM
The sharpness, is probably more to do with the glass than anything. Both are excellent systems try them then stick with one system.
strawman 16 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
17 Jan 2009 11:54AM
I like a number of cameras and could make an argument to buy a Pentax K20D, a Sony A900, a Canon 40D/50D or 5D MKII or 1DS, or Nikon D90, D300, D700, D3, or Leica M8.

It depends what I am trying to do at the time. I also think that for a lot of instances you could switch brands and not notice much in the end result.

Me I have some Canon lenses I like so that biases my thoughts. Though without those lenses I wonder if a D700 or 5D MKII would make a great choice. But for the moment the 5D II would be a great update.
ray1 15 546 1 England
17 Jan 2009 11:54AM
Just peeing up the wall stuff really. Go to WH Smith and pick any magazine up. Then decide if you can tell what camera was used to take the pictures within the mag - could also go to any online gallery and do the same. If you can tell, that will be the camera to have. if you cant its peeing up the wall. You could also try asking a pro tog if they have any customers who say I will only accept pics taken with a canon or nikon etc. Very unlikely. etc etc etc.
17 Jan 2009 11:57AM
Both are top makes and top quality. The most important thing about a camera is the person using it and when they press the shutter release button...
Snapper Plus
15 4.5k 3 United States Outlying Islands
17 Jan 2009 12:11PM

Quote:What is your preference ?

Or do you use something else

i tend to find cannon have very sharp images but i have a nikon and find it easier to use


Andy, both are fine makes which will take shots of equal quality, so neither is "better" as such. Ease of use and feeling comfortable with the camera is far more likely to affect your photos, so I'd tend to make that a deciding factor. Even though I switched to a Canon 5D 2 years ago, I still find my Fuji S2 a more natural camera to use.
wrinkles 11 351 United Kingdom
17 Jan 2009 12:12PM
I use Minolta/Sony digital only because I used Minolta film cameras.
csurry 18 9.2k 92
17 Jan 2009 1:06PM

Quote:Nikon VS Cannon?

One is a camera and the other is a military weapon, so for photography Nikon Wink

Sorry Andy couldn't resist.

I have owned both, but really it is about ergonomics, and the requirements of individuals are different. The Nikon just suits my smaller hands than the equivalent Canon model.

When comparing images straight from camera it is important to remember if the settings are exactly the same or as similar as can be.

I find the Canon AF tens to be more responsive to locking on to a moving target, but as I said the ergonomics dictate that the Nikon is easier to use for me, so for long term comfort I have to live with a slightly more quirky AF system. That said, once you get used to it and how it works there's probably not much in it.
Overread 11 4.1k 19 England
17 Jan 2009 2:34PM
the only difference that I have noticed (that is mostly applicable to me) is that Canon have a 5 times life size macro lens and Nikon don't. For me that means I will always have a canon about the place and chances are will only ever shoot canon (affording a full wildlife setup is costly enough!!).

I don't consider nikon lesser and (At the moment) their high ISO noise control appears to be better than canon in the midrange bodies - but I don't put much stock with camera bodies since they shift and change so often.
17 Jan 2009 5:50PM
I once owned both Nikon & Canon ... and now I own only Nikon. In fact, my wife have just reminded me, for the last 27 years of marriage she shared me with more Nikons than Canons !

On a personal note, I always find Nikon more 'logical' (to my mind) and straight forward, there're A, P, S which I understand, and none of this Tv, Av etc....
KBan 14 512 4 United Kingdom
17 Jan 2009 5:57PM
Nikon V Canon is like tea or coffee, black or white, Ford or Vauxhall.......Etc. Etc.............The choice is personal prefrence.

steve_kershaw 14 2.3k 4 United Kingdom
17 Jan 2009 6:26PM
the main difference between Nikon and Canon is the user it attracts, Nikon users are mostly grey haired old ex-train spotter types, whereas, Canon user are a more Verile bunch entirely,
just look around these forums and you will see Wink

on a personal note, my barber and doctor have agreed that I have got probably another 10 years on Canon before I have to change to Nikon Smile
csurry 18 9.2k 92
17 Jan 2009 6:32PM

Quote:Canon user are a more Verile bunch entirely

But they are also well known for their inability to spell Wink
SuziBlue 17 16.2k 10 Scotland
17 Jan 2009 6:36PM

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