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Not So New - But Disappointed

dvdrew 17 22 1 Australia
1 Aug 2011 11:35AM
I have been on this site for over 7 years. In that time there have been changes, more good than bad. I have however just started posting photos again. Big change I have seen is that reviews and critiques are almost non-existant.

I posted a photo in the Critique Wanted section nearly three days ago. Not on critique has been received. Years ago people would be critiquing their hearts out. I don't know what happened to the site critiquers, do they still exist?

Recently I purchased e2 membership. I am begining to think it was a bad decision.
Nigeyboy 13 993 United Kingdom
1 Aug 2011 11:43AM
Have a look at THIS - a group set up to critique peoples images, due to a lack of it in the critique gallery.
NEWMANP 13 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
1 Aug 2011 12:44PM
yep, there still is a team but we dont work 24/7. and this is holiday season too
i have seen your upload and it will get a critique but we dont sit waiting for them to fall on the screen. the last i did were immediately leading up to yours.

just for info, i have commented on over 10000 pictures in 3 years and the typing fingers get a little numb from time to time and i know the others in the crit team are similarly active so i dont think your comment is totally fair. we also have to fit jobs around doing the critiques.

please bear with us, dont despair and hang on it, its great site really and e2 is brilliant value.

Tooth 16 5.8k 227 Ireland
1 Aug 2011 12:58PM
The critique gallery is one of the most active parts of the site. You put up the pic two days ago at the start of a weekend. As I have noted on the pic, I would like to humbly apologise on behalf of the critique team and the other very active members who give up freely of their time in the critique section, for having overlooked this image. I am sorry that we do not have an approved and robust weekend rota which would make sure this does not happen again. I will let the other members of the critique team know that your picture has been overlooked and I'm sure they'll rush to help you now the weekend is over - I can only assume they will feel as bad about it as I do...


Quote:Have a look at THIS - a group set up to critique peoples images, due to a lack of it in the critique gallery


not quite right there - it was set up a couple of years ago, not so much because of the amount of critique but mainly the level of in depth-ness and raw honesty. Even in the critique gallery you still have to take some account of people's sensibilities...the group was set up to take this to the next level for people who were thicker skinned and could take harsher criticism.

The group has only recently (in the last week or so) been revitalised after having more or less peteredout for many months, while the level of activity in the critique gallery has been constant.
BillyGoatGruff 14 191 199 England
1 Aug 2011 1:16PM they still exist?....


When I get time and and I feel I can make a valuable or helpful critique, I will.
Some people value this, and it's quite nice to know that I've been of some help.
Some don't, which can be a little deflating, especially after taking the time to consider an image and compose something meaningful and helpful. And which sometimes, therefore, makes making the effort feel rather pointless at times.

However, I don't often get the time to type as much as I'd like, nor do I have time to view every image. (Especially the out-of-focus budgie shots that seem to attract the "ah, how sweet" contingent with their 100's of votes! Wink)
I have a life beyond epz, despite its addictive attraction.

I'm not part of the Critique Team, nor am I a member of the group you have just joined.
If I do have time to leave anything more than a "great shot" type of comment, you can be sure it will be of the don't-pull-my-punches-totally-honest critique variety and will be expressed and as politely and civilly as I am able to.

Quote:...Recently I purchased e2 membership. I am begining to think it was a bad decision.

I agree with Phil's comment. Great value and a good platform for one's images, imo. Although it can be frustrating an annoying at times, it's seems a pretty friendly and helpful place all in all. I haven't regretted joining Smile
JackAllTog Plus
12 6.3k 58 United Kingdom
1 Aug 2011 1:42PM
Hi Drew, glad you are back, Apparently in the good old day's you all knew each other. As you know epz is hopefully a two way street with as much put in as you get out i'd be very surprised if after a week you don't feel you get as much out as you put in.
BTW, nice kit you have there lets see some crackers.

LOL - i'd had a (tell it like it is) go at your monk shot about 20 mins back, sorry did not realise you were new there. To balence it out Your Khmer Girl is very sweet and you graveyard shot looked fun.
Nigeyboy 13 993 United Kingdom
1 Aug 2011 1:56PM
Stephen - was just adding it as an option. Did not mean that the Critique Gallery should be steered clear of!Smile
Jasper87 Plus
11 2.7k 158 England
1 Aug 2011 4:08PM
As pretty much a newby on the site still (only a '1' in my gold star) I haven't plucked up the courage to start criticising the established 'pros' yet but I still try to adhere to what was suggested when I first joined up and write something meaningful on a comment not just 'great shot'. Unfortunately there are just too many images posted to be able to do that on every one, even concentrating on my preferred field of landscapes (pun intended). Billygoatgruff put it far more eloquently but I totally agree with his sentiment.

Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
1 Aug 2011 4:21PM

Quote:I haven't plucked up the courage to start criticising the established 'pros' yet but I still try to adhere to what was suggested when I first joined up and write something meaningful on a comment not just 'great shot'.

That's great that you are doing this it's a potentially spiral effect in that people who see longer and more informative comments will attempt it themselves so the whole thing grows.
If you feel uncomfortable with the pros chose ones that have been uploaded to the critique gallery as they photographers in there have indicated that they are more open to critique.
banehawi Plus
16 2.4k 4235 Canada
1 Aug 2011 4:52PM
"The critique gallery is a place to learn". This is the reason it exists, and it has 9 members, Im one of the 9 - you can look then up under the EPZ main page, under the TEAM. Of the 9 members, - all contribute according to the amount of time they have available, as they are volunteers, and not paid staff members. On average I would say there may be four or five available most of the time max. We try to ensure every image loaded for critique receives one, and are often assisted by non CT team members who provide valuable input.

There is not set time limit for how long an image waits for critique, however I would say that on average, 95% of images receive a critique within 36 hours.

Drew, - you havent been ON the site for 7 years, - youve been a member for 7 years, and have submitted one shot for critique on July 30, and received a critique on August 1. I would have to say your expectations of a volunteer group who critique all shots loaded are unreasonably high, and your complaint unwarranted. I personally looked at your shot in detail a number of times, and as sometimes I do with what I believe are better than average shots, and I suspect others, need some time to think about the shot and what we would provide in terms of feedback.
And no, its not being suggested that you avoid weekends when loading a critique, - if you read what Stephen said in the spirit of the site, and how it was phrased, its that its more likely that there would be less volunteers around 7/24 at weekends, - especially long holiday weekends, - so it may take a little longer. Again, I find your comment quite unnecessary.

Nigeyboy, - the group you refer to is a group started by a member of our Critique Team, and its intention is not quite the same at the CG. The CG allows for modifications and versions which support a learning environment, which the group does not.

I hope this helps put things, and expectations into perspective.


Debbiee 14 136 6 United Kingdom
2 Aug 2011 4:04PM
I cannot praise the critique team and a couple of other members who regularly contribute to the gallery enough, as I have already said to them they have helped me so much. I nearly always upload to this gallery and can't thank the team enough for there hard work and dedication in helping others. I don't recieve loads of comments but the ones I do are invaluable, and I always get at least one comment per image. I think if you want to receive lots of comments on this site you have to put the time in to make friends on here which I personally shy away from, as I did this on another site and tended to just get nice image comments from all my friends. I find that one comment from the critique team is worth loads more to me.

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