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Not sure which lens to go for (if either)!

Lucy_Locket 14 35 England
3 May 2011 9:37AM
Hi, I am currently watching a couple of lenses on ebay, and am not sure which one, if either to bid on. I am looking for something to fill in the 'gap' left by my current lenses, and something with a decent macro capability. I have a EOS 450D. Both of the lenses I am watching are older. I cant afford a true macro or a new lens!

ANY opinions gratefully received. One lens ends in a couple of hours, the other is on a 'buy it now' price. The lenses are:

Sigma 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6 Aspherical Macro for Canon EOS - currently at 31!


Canon EOS 35 - 70mm Macro Zoom - currently buy it now at just over 50.

The sigma is a newer lens than the canon. Wasnt sure if the Canon would have better glass tho. I have looked for reviews online and both seem to be recommended, some years ago.

Are either worth bothering with?

Thanks in advance! Lucy Smile
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
3 May 2011 9:41AM
what are your current lenses?
Lucy_Locket 14 35 England
3 May 2011 9:47AM
Kit lenses I got with the with the 450. Canon 18-55 and Tamron 70-300. The Tamron has a macro function, but its tricky without a tripod as its at the top end (but you prob knew that!). If theres something else you would recommend I am more than happy to hear Smile
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
3 May 2011 10:13AM
Hi Lucy, If your main aim is to have a lens fill the gap between 55mm and 70mm, Plus you require a good macro lens, I would advise saving your money for now, Then try and add a bit more to your budget until you can afford something around 60mm but a dedicated macro lens....!!!

Reasons, First as you rightly say neither of the lens options you list are true macro lens, They are also quite old models and basically old budget range items, Their macro performance will be disappointing at best, Their overall image quality will be less impressive than your current Canon 18-55mm....!

Chances are they will have dust and or other igglies, All older lens are prone to this.....!!!

Back to the 60mm macro option, Not only will that give you a dedicated macro lens, But 60mm on your camera will also give you around 90mm, Thats absolutely ideal for portraiture as well as being very very sharp, Another plus is that you will have a wide aperture f/2.8 to play with....Smile

Its a much wiser option for the long term, A much better investment too.....Grin If you can live with your current lens and keep you finger off the Buy It Now button.....Smile

Something like this would be very usefull and give you fab results.....

Thats just my take on your situation and the route I would take.....Wink
Lucy_Locket 14 35 England
3 May 2011 10:19AM
Thanks for that Cameracat. Had a feeling the answer would be 'save your money'. I should remember the old adage 'you get what you pay for'. 50odd quid does seem cheap for a lens!

Wondering if anyone else has an opinion? 2 hours to go on them....
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
3 May 2011 10:30AM
Hi Lucy, Yeah! I'm kinda boring like that.....LOL....Grin

If its just a case of filling the gap as you say, There is little to be gained by filling such a small gap ie: 55mm to 70mm, You'd hardly notice that in the field ( or on the street Smile ).

A cheaper option to the one I suggested might be the Sigma 70mm f/2.8 macro, I had one for a while and the image quality was very good, Macro was excellent too, Only sold it because I got lucky and someone bought me the Nikon 105mm micro lens for my birthday ( last year ).....Smile Smile Smile

But during the time I had the sigma 70mm it performed really well, These may be found a little cheaper than the Canon options, But still circulate on the used market for around 200 quid.

Can't offer any other solutions, Short of Bank Robbery......Wink

EDIT: Its come around to my birthday again on the 5th of May, I have a list of goodies in PDF format if anyone is interested.....( Thats a joke by the way ....Grin )
Lucy_Locket 14 35 England
3 May 2011 10:33AM robbery ! its a thought! I'll check out the sigma as well. Just been looking at the know where I can get a bag with 'swag' written on it and a stripey top?????????? Otherwise I'll be ebaying everything in the house!

Thanks for your advice Smile
MeanGreeny 15 3.7k England
3 May 2011 10:45AM
+1 for the 60mm macro
KJDPHOTO 12 21 United Kingdom
3 May 2011 12:02PM
Hi, i would check that the sigma will be able to be used onyour 400D, i am not sure that it can be,

also try looking for a canon 35-105mm USM that can be found on ebay for about 40-50

this might suit your requirements better
Lucy_Locket 14 35 England
3 May 2011 12:04PM
Thanks for that. Does the canon 35-105mm have a macro function?
EG Plus
11 24 United Kingdom
3 May 2011 12:38PM
Hi Lucy Why not buy a tripod from ebay, and use your existing lens

and save up for your lens

JackAllTog Plus
12 6.3k 58 United Kingdom
3 May 2011 12:53PM
If you didn't buy the lenses then - have you seen the Raynox clip on lens attachments - DCR 150 & 250. Some people rave about these for macro - its on my wish list.

The Gap is hardly wort filling as cameracat says, just take a step forward/back.

As also mentioned - a tripod is my best accessory.
Lucy_Locket 14 35 England
3 May 2011 1:04PM
I DO have a tripod....but I dont always have it with me (slap on wrist). I'll have a look at the Raynox attachements. I just saw some amazing photos on flickr!

I do have some macro filters...but the DOF is SO shallow as to be almost non existent! Thats why I was consdering something better. I would love the 60mm macro Canon but 350 is way outta my price range. I'll keep looking.

Thanks again, I now have some options which is great! Smile

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