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Old Slide Projector

perkeo 9
10 Nov 2011 11:58PM
Can any one help with a problem on a Zeiss Ikon Perkeo slide projector. This one I had since the 80s, but hardly used. After many years kept boxed up in the loft, I recently tried to use it to view some old 35 mm slides. Although it is still powering up and the projector light is still good, the slide fails to work. It does not respon to the buttons on the hand controller, not does the slide move to manual shove of the slide rack. Has anybody got any ideas as to what might be wrong and how to cure it. BTW I looked up the old paperwork that mentions Interserve Ltd of Newcastle Staffs as the repair agent, they seemed to have disbanded, and of course there are no traders in my locality are interested in repairing this type of old equipment.
mikehit 11 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
11 Nov 2011 9:44AM
I have the same machine and liek yours the remote-controlled advance mechanism has started to stutter so I would interested in the feedback you get.
steveh5 10 91 United Kingdom
11 Nov 2011 11:34AM
After all this time the mechanism may simply be jammed. Can you manually move it, if so maybe some suitable lubricant may help.
Take care though some oils can have detrimental effects on plastics.

Good luck
erichK 5 3
12 Feb 2016 1:11AM
Am reviving this old thread because of exactly the same problem with a Zeiss Perkeo 315 AV. Lamp comes on, AF works fine, but usually slides will not advance, but try to and require careful manual assistance. After going through several magazines, the mechanism did, occasionally, complete the whole cycle and change the slide, especially with lighter and cardboard slide (which, btw, tend to jam more often).

According to Doug Banks of Photographic Equipment Repairs, the problem is usually a combination of dried- out lubrication and oxydized electrical contacts, both of which can be fixed by cleaning. But I cannot figure out how to get the cover off. There is one long fastening screw that is accessible after removing the condenser assembly and lamp cover, but although it does loosen the back, some other fastener(s) and/or latch(es) seem to continue to hold the front of the housing down.
DMMaz 3 2
13 Oct 2017 6:58PM
There is another long screw deep within a hole next to the elevating device at the front of the projector. You'll need a fine Philips screwdriver with a long shank to reach it. Once that is out, the plastic case will be free.
erichK 5 3
14 Oct 2017 6:39AM
THANK YOU! Twenty months and a day after my initial post, the answer finally comes! I do have to wonder why Doug Banks did not supply it.
DMMaz 3 2
16 Oct 2017 4:49PM
I've got it apart, but I can't figure out which moving part needs a bit of lubrication; it still sticks...

erichK 5 3
7 Jan 2018 4:40AM
If there are any answers to this question, they would be greatly appreciated. I, too, am trying to figure out exactly what to do, and also which solvents and lubricants are best *sewing machine oil?
pathfinder 12 18 United Kingdom
8 Jan 2018 9:26PM
Electric switch cleaner for the electrical contacts and silicone spray for the plastic slide bar.

Iwould not use oil as it will collect dust and go sticky as it evaporates from the heat of the lamp
11 Jun 2020 9:43PM
I have this old Zeiss Perkeo slide projector and auto focus constantly zooms in and out without pressing any button and it won't stop. Can anyone advise how to rectify this malfunction? Or how to simply disconnect the AF so that to be able to set the focus manually? Thx

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