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Olympus E300 any comments welcome

laticman 15 74 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2005 10:05AM
Hi i am thinking of getting the olympus e300 any reviews please would be welcome

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Carabosse 16 41.3k 270 England
31 Jan 2005 10:08AM
There's a full review here .

I think one of our number recently bought one. I'm sure he'll be along shortly to comment. Smile
31 Jan 2005 11:18AM
nice camera bought 1 about 2 weeks ago . there was 50 off list price in photo optix recently. takes about 70 pics raw setting on 1gb card 500 at jpg on same card and 40 raw and jpg together
bradleysmith 15 157 United Kingdom
1 Feb 2005 1:48AM
Okay, here's my quick review. I've had one for about a month. It's not a perfect camera, no camera is so I'll try and be perfectly honest. I'll just do a plus and minus list to keep it simple:

Bad points
1. Can be noisy straight out the camera at iso 800 and 1600
2. Auto white balance only ever works if there's something white in the shot
3. The ESP metering is easily fooled on occasion
4. Less lens choice than the competition
5. Less iso range than the competition e.g. a D70 goes from iso 200 to iso 3200 I think
6. In RAW mode you can only shoot 4 frames at 2.5 fps before the buffer is full and you have to wait for the buffer to be written to the card (even with an 80 speed Lexar card). So, possibly not your first choice if you mainly shoot sport for example.
7. No anti-shake lenses yet, and maybe there never will be.

Good points
1. Focuses in near darkness without needing to use the pop-up flash.
2. Supplied kit lens is fantastic. No really, it's great.
3. Anti-dust system really works and will save you time and money
4. Olympus will *give* you an OM->4/3rds adapter (if you ask them) so you can use manual focus OM Zuiko lenses (you can get a 50mm f/1.8 for 20. That'll give you an excellent 100mm portrait lens)
5. Very good build quality for the money
6. Accurate colour comapred to the competition (subjective)
7. Noisy, high iso images clean up very nicely in something like Nise Ninja, for those occasions when you just HAVE to shoot at iso 1600.
8. Sigma and Olympus have started producing some lower priced lenses now. Who knows if they'll continue but I can tell you that Warehouse Express have run out of stock of the 4/3 mount Sigma 55-200 twice already because demand is so high.
9. Mega Pixels compared to the 6 Megapixels of it's peers.

Erm, that's it for now. Feel free to ask me any specific questions you may have.
UserRemoved 15 526
1 Feb 2005 7:07AM
Excellent breakdown of the pros/cons. I only realised you could use the old OM lenses in manual mode after I'd sold all my OM stuff.
laticman 15 74 United Kingdom
1 Feb 2005 8:57AM
Thanks to all who replyed much gratitude
jane benge 16 99 United Kingdom
3 Feb 2005 5:01AM
I am also going to look at the E300 shall be interested to
hear if you have purchased one. There is a review in
The British Journal of Photography dated 02/02/05. Could Bradley Smith post some images? Good Luck Jane
bradleysmith 15 157 United Kingdom
3 Feb 2005 8:52AM
I haven't photographed much except family snapshots so far Jane but there is a shot of a couple of flowers here:
abtuie 15 7
3 Feb 2005 5:27PM

If you look at the image of the Crested Crane in my portfolio. That was taken with an E300 + Sigma 55-200mm lens - as a jpeg.

Hope this helps.


jane benge 16 99 United Kingdom
3 Feb 2005 11:23PM
Thanks for a peek at these images, they look great.
I thought there was difficulty in using other lenses but
obviously the Sigma was not problem. Do you have to
get a modification to fit them?
UserRemoved 15 526
4 Feb 2005 12:11AM
Sigma do a number of lenses for the 4/3 system, and in all probability will make more in the future. The 4/3 system is an open system and any manufacturer who signs up can make cameras and lenses to the defined spec. No modification is necessary. It's a good thing Sigma do, because the Olympus lenses are exceedingly expensive.
abtuie 15 7
4 Feb 2005 4:31AM
Hi Techno

This is not strictly true, as Olympus are now introducing a range of cheaper lenses. For instance the kt lens retails at about 100 and there is a 40-150mm zoom retailing at around 190. The reports about both these lenses are that they are excellent quality for the price.


UserRemoved 15 526
4 Feb 2005 5:54AM
Fair point. The situation is improving. Also with the probable success of the E300 the future's looking a bit brighter for 4/3. If they can just provide IS in some form, that's the system I'll go for.

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