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OMD - EM-1: The truth revealed?

das7 4 33
10 Sep 2013 12:47PM

I am new to this forum - just joined - why?

Because like many other Olympus DSLR users, I have been waiting 12+months for the launch of the Olympus FT DSLR E-7. It now seems, according to "Pocket-Lint" who have reviewed the mft m1 that this is it! Their is no successor to the E-5 DSLR, only this toy camera in mft guise.

So, if Pocket-Lint is to be believed, Olympus users have been lied to by the CEO of this company - read "Olympus denies end of DSLR production ..... posts ad nauseum"

The EM1 is the same old "what parts have we already got in the bin..." camera. It has the same old advertising garbage:

Fast Autofocus - - we have heard that before and been sadly disappointed!

New sensor - - read as - the old one modified etc, etc.

Information about the sensor? Olympus says it doesn't have any? Read that as "we are using the same old rubbish..."

Fast Autofocus? Nothing said about Auto (T) tracking which is shoddy in other models.

To say I am disappointed is an understatement - but every cloud has a silver lining!
Having Olympus timeline of: OMD 10, OMD 1n, E510, E620 and E3 and lenses, including two SWDs. It has made me look at other brands - note I don't say "competition" - because Olympus is not and never has been "competition" for the big boys. I mean of course Nikon and Canon. One look at what they offer puts Olympus in the toy-camera department.
I mean, a "NEW" camera with 16mp! The others have had 25mp for years!! Four Thirds and MFT? The others are using full frame (FF) !!

Olympus "Pro" camera? You will not see any professional using Olympus - unless they are paid to for advertising purposes! Just check out the camera's the pro's are using in newscasts etc. A friend of mine has just returned from a tour in Afghanistan and belongs to a "media" unit. Soldier first - cameraman second sort of thing. He carries a rifle and a camera in situations too dangerous for "civvy war photgraphers." What is he issued with? A Nikon D3.
I know we are not likely to be in such dangerous situations (unless you live in Leeds!) but the point has been made - Olympus would NEVER be seen around professionals in real-world situations.

The lies and deceit about FT DSLR production that have come from Olympus (if Pocket-Lint is to be believed) during the past year, plus the investigation of this company by the SFO (serious fraud ) who have already indicated that prosecutions and fines in the region of millions is expected leads me to think the next ducking and diving move by Olympus will be liquidation!
Their latest models seem to be driven by frenzied panic before the axe falls!

All my Olympus kit is for sale on Ebay as a bundle: - OMD 10 - OMD 1n - E510, E620 and E3 + all lenses: 12 -60 SWD, 50 - 200 SWD, 14-42, 50-140, 70-300 as a bundle £500! I know it's pricey for "liquidated" stock, but it will go towards a real camera!

My advise to "the faithfull" - wake up and change brand!

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NaturesHaven 6 283 6 England
10 Sep 2013 2:00PM
Go Canon man............GrinGrinGrin

Only a Canon Can Can...............TongueTongueTongue
GarethRobinson 11 1.0k 2 United Kingdom
10 Sep 2013 2:35PM
i forgot to turn on my bullsh1t filter.
bobhp 5 22
10 Sep 2013 2:53PM
The writing has been on the wall for some time, I sold all my Olympus kit about 18 months ago nothing wrong with the cameras and lenses but I lost all faith in the company, I took a hit of course but I think that it would have been much worse if I had waited until now.
kodachrome 6 686
10 Sep 2013 3:01PM
I was really P----D off when no new 4/3 body came, just a re hashed OM-D with better grip and even more expensive, not to mention the price of the 4/3 adaptor?. Don't Olympus believe in entry level DSLR type bodies any more, obviously not.
I think if you are in the CSC M/4/3 camp, watch Panasonic, they are going to clean up with their new cameras.
I loved my old E-510 and 450 but to me we have been hood winked by Olympus for any like for like replacement.

I still have my old E-510 and E-450 because they are worth peanuts and no body wants them so I will keep them for sentimental reasons. The 450 in particular as it has the last and best 10mp sensor Truepic+ that Olympus/Panasonic made. Its a sort of lower noise version of the E-620 with greater DR and colour depth.
What about the thousands of Olympus users around the world who bought entry and middle priced bodies, lots of 4/3 glass and have now been confronted with a very expensive replacement if they want to continue using their 4/3 lenses.
I really do dispare with Olympus, they got this one wrong in my book.
So, I am now an APS-C owner with a Sony A57. Wow, what a difference in picture quality and so much cheaper.
das7 4 33
10 Sep 2013 3:15PM
Spot on bobhp and kodachrome!

Instead of "hoodwinked", I would use "scammed!"

I also believe most users will now see Olympus for what they are - scammers in the re-hash market. 16mp, 1x card slot, revamped this-revamped that - sold as a "new" camera! Laughable!!

Thanks for your replies.
Carabosse 14 41.0k 269 England
10 Sep 2013 3:29PM

Quote:I forgot to turn on my bullsh1t filter.

Quite so!

DSLRs, with their flapping mirrors, are yesterday's news. With the E-M1, you have a camera which will take 4/3 lenses. If the OP honestly thought Olympus would bother bringing out a camera with old technology, he was deluding himself.
mikehit 8 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
10 Sep 2013 4:01PM
So, das7 you join the site simply to whine based on a rumour? Oh, well.

Quote: I have been waiting 12+months for the launch of the Olympus FT DSLR E-7. It now seems, according to "Pocket-Lint" who have reviewed the mft m1 that this is it! Their is no successor to the E-5 DSLR, only this toy camera in mft guise.


Quote:itís been a long, long time since the last proper update to the proper 4/3rds line (Iíve been assured this isnít dead, and an E-7 is in the works).

Take your pick
das7 4 33
10 Sep 2013 4:04PM
"If the OP honestly thought Olympus would bother bringing out a camera with old technology, he was deluding himself"

You have obviously never heard of the Olympus E-5!

New camera - old technology!

What most FT users were led to expect was a new FT camera such as:

25mp (or more)
HD Video
Super Fast AF(T) that tracked subject like glue
Double storage SD/SD, SD/CF ...
10fps etc....etc....

What they got was the abondonment of FT DSLR and an upgraded EM5!
Check out the "assurances" from Olympus ref DSLRs Smile
brian1208 Plus
14 11.3k 12 United Kingdom
10 Sep 2013 4:30PM
The good news is that no one can force you to buy Olympus

The even better news, for me, is that my BS meter is working well, I do wonder why you bothered to join EPZ for this little message from your sponsor?
rogerfry 12 543 United Kingdom
10 Sep 2013 4:38PM

Quote:I mean, a "NEW" camera with 16mp! The others have had 25mp for years!! Four Thirds and MFT? The others are using full frame (FF) !!

How about the new Canon 1DX, which many people reckon is the best camera they've produced......"only" 18 megapixels!
kodachrome 6 686
10 Sep 2013 4:41PM
I know flapping mirrors are old tech but it doesn't seem to worry millions of Canikon users inluding the Pros !
No, in all seriousness, I like my EVF on the Sony and its that kind of tech I was expecting on the new Oly, it was the 4/3 mount that was important to me, not so much the view finder, and they have dumped on us 4/3 users big time.
I don't want an old technology body, I want a new technology 4/3 mount body at an affordable price . It would sell like hot cakes. I am in no way anti M/4/3 but the vast majority of Olympus owners are 4/3 users and this has been ignored. It smells of a forced transition from 4/3 to M/4/3 by Olympus whether you like it or not.
Actually 16mp on a 4/3 sensor is quite a lot and probably equal to about 20 on an APS-C sensor roughly. I doubt much would be gained going above 16mp for that square type format, but I could be wrong, its not my area of expertise.
brian1208 Plus
14 11.3k 12 United Kingdom
10 Sep 2013 5:47PM
All I can say is that I am committed to the m4/3rds system (having moved from a pro canon system), I love the EM-5 and have pre-ordered the EM-1 (I'm determined to get that free grip this time Wink )

It will do what I want (which is to give me a prime body with improved performance and usability, keeping the EM-5 as back-up body) and I will wait patiently for the 40-150 f2.8 to be released next year

I'll leave you guys to argue whether or not Olympus have "Scammed" me Tongue
GarethRobinson 11 1.0k 2 United Kingdom
10 Sep 2013 6:06PM
brian dont waste your time on the thread
das7 4 33
10 Sep 2013 6:19PM
Brian 1208:

I think you miss the point!

If you have invested in mFT EM5 (I can't think why from a Canon Pro system) but that also is besides the point.

The point is: If you invested as you say in mFT EM5, presumbly sometime last year, how would you react if Olympus promised that they were commited to mFT systems, only to find out a year later that they had abandoned mFT fot FT systems only? That is what has happened, Olympus CEO's stating the company is not planning to discontinue DSLR production, indeed a new DSLR is planned for Sept 2014! That new DSLR turns out to be a mFT M1. FT users have been scammed and has "Kodachrome" says, rightly again, FT users are being squeezed into mFT whether they like or not. So much for commitment to Olympus DSLR users.
Most FT users will switch to Nikon or Canon. I know I will.

If you have mFT - there's no problem. If anyone is new to digital, there's no problem. The M1 is a good camera and great for any mFT user. For FT users and after so-called "commitments" from Olympus - it is a let-down, in short - a scam!

Hope this helps!Tongue

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