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OMD E-M10 Mk 2 screen problem

Phillbri 18 112 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2018 1:30PM
The live view/playback screen on my camera will only work when in the tilt position. When in the normal closed (flat) position the screen appears dead. Has anyone thoughts please. Many thanks.

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31 Dec 2018 3:41PM
I've had the same on my E-M10 Mk2. Try the following:

1. Check you haven't switched the EVF auto switch off in menu (cogwheel J) and switched the EVF only on using the manual switch.
2. Is the manual switch ( to right of viewfinder) to toggle between EVF and screen on the wrong setting (it can do strange things when auto switch is on and you accidentally press it). This was the cause of my problem.
3. Slide the eyepiece off and clean the EVF screen - the auto-switching can play up if the screen us dirty as the sensor gets confused.

Good luck.
Phillbri 18 112 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2018 4:08PM
Many thanks for the prompt reply. I will give this a try. Regards Brian
Phillbri 18 112 United Kingdom
1 Jan 2019 12:44AM
Thanks once again for your help. None of the suggestions worked. Guess I will have to live with things as they are. Happy New to anyone reading this. Brian
1 Jan 2019 11:50AM
Have you tried a factory reset (but make a note of your preferred settings first as you will need to put these in again):

Turn on your Olympus OM-D E-M10
Press [MENU] button
Select “Reset/Myset” in Shooting Menu 1
Highlight “Reset” and then press [>/ dial right] button
Select “Full” and press OK

You could also try taking the battery out overnight afterwards. Seems this powers down various hidden processes on many digital cameras which then reboot clean when the battery goes back in. If none of this works it sounds like a trip to the repair shop - Luton Camera Repair Service are pretty good in my experience.
Phillbri 18 112 United Kingdom
1 Jan 2019 6:14PM
Again many thanks. Looks like a repair job!! Have emailed Olympus in the hope that they might have some advice. Disappointing really, the Pancake lens has already been repaired twice under warranty...…...which has now expired by 6 months. Regards
23 Mar 2019 7:04AM
I think I may know the answer. There are 4 magnetic sensors on the camera. 2 of them are on the camera body, and 2 of them are on the back of the LCD screen. When the magnets are not touching (i.e. when the screen is folded out), then the camera turns off the eye sensor and turns off the viewfinder. When the magnets are touching (i.e. the screen is NOT folded out) then the camera turns the eye sensor back on.

Problem is if one of these magnets is missing, the camera will always think the screen is flipped out. I looked behind where the screen touches the body of the camera and realized one of the small magnets had popped out. Sad thing is Olympus only stuck the magnets in there with a bit of adhesive and I cannot find the replacement piece anywhere. Here is a photo. Please check your camera to see if it's the same problem.324509_1553324686.jpg

Phillbri 18 112 United Kingdom
24 Mar 2019 10:19AM
Many thanks for taking the time to reply

I have checked my camera and it does not appear to be missing a magnet. At the moment I living with the fault rather than pay £100 upwards for a repair! Again thanks for your help

18 Jul 2019 9:59AM
I think I have found an explanation for this problem.
I found this thread when my new OMD E-M10III developed the same fault with the auto EVF eye sensor. It developed within about 3 weeks after talking a lot of photos on a big trip, mostly with the EVF but also using the flip up screen.
I tried the suggestions above with no joy and was in the process of deciding whether I just live with manually switching EVF to screen or sending it in under warranty.
I was double checking the magnet on the screen suggestion above when it started working again. Then after moving the screen it stopped working. Fiddling about I realised that the auto switching worked if I held the bottom of the screen up a couple of mm, and stoppd if I released it. I then moved the screen about and blew some dust out of the joints and it is now working again without raising the screen.
It appears the magnets NVRMOAR is talking about may be moving about or the sensors are very sensitive to small movements.

I'm tempted to remove the covers on the magnets and see if they are securely held or possibly replace them with bigger magnets, but for the moment I don't want to jeopardise my warranty. I'll monitor it to see if the problem recurs and whether it responding to a bit of gentle fiddling.

Here's hoping the solution is as simple as that for everyone.
Phillbri 18 112 United Kingdom
18 Jul 2019 10:56AM
Hi mouldieoldie.

Many thanks for your help on this issue. I have spent the last 30 mins cleaning/blowing/dusting! The results have been mixed, I have found that if I raise the screen upwards to a point where it starts to work and then close the screen to the flat position it works! However this seems to be very temperamental with the screen sometimes working in the flat position but not always! At the moment it seems to be fine, so fingers crossed...........just hoping it lasts. Thanks again. Brian
Chris_L 5 5.2k United Kingdom
18 Jul 2019 12:01PM
This points to a design or manufacturing fault. Goods this expensive should be more durable. If a few of you get together and approach Olympus there's every chance the company will recognise the issue and work out a solution that has a speedy turnaround. Possibly fixed while-you-wait at some dealerships. Respectable camera manufacturers, like Olympus, have done this for decades.
10 Aug 2019 7:58PM
I had the same issue on my first camera, which they fixed under warranty. Second camera is now experiencing it! Very sad.
12 Aug 2019 1:59AM
When it was fixed under warranty did it stay fixed?
My temporary fix a few posts up didn't stick. Its very temperamental and gets frustrating if I leave the EVF on auto.
Its a pity because I really like everything else about this camera; it takes the gloss off the whole experience.

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