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OMD EM-1 customisation

BobbieBoy 15 47 United Kingdom
22 Jan 2014 8:10PM
I was taking photos of a model at the club under studio lighting, in manual and the EVF was exceeding dark to focus. The camera did its job and focussed and exposed correctly but was dismayed it made it so difficult. When at home I discovered an EVF boost function which did what I wanted and gave me a chance to compose accurately. NOW my question can this function be customised to one of the buttons to switch this off and on? It looks like it can't but does any one know different and how to do this?
pablophotographer 10 1.9k 411
22 Jan 2014 9:18PM
Does the camera's manual say so??? If so, it does.
EddieAC 16 3.2k 2 United Kingdom
22 Jan 2014 10:14PM
According to a review the two buttons by the lens mount which default to white balance control and depth of field preview can be reprogrammed to control other functions. I am not sure if this includes the EVF boost function though. There is also a function button (FN1) on the right of the back plate. Maybe this can be set to control the EVF.

According to what I read, the E-M1's electronic viewfinder gains up in low light making it easier to compose but if this function is not activating as soon as you would like then there should be an option to initiate it.

Your best bet is to go through the manual and see what these buttons can be programmed to do. Also hopefully a fellow E-M1 user may stop by with the answer.
Steppenwolf 10 1.2k
23 Jan 2014 9:02AM
I don't know about the EM-1 but the Sony SLTs have a feature (buried in the menus and, confusingly, called "effects on/off") that allows you to use the EVF in one of two modes. The default mode is that the EVF is "effects on", which means that it displays the way the final image will look - i.e. you can see the effects of changing the exposure. In this mode the EVF image can look dark in bright light, because your eyes are used to the brighter light. If you change it to "effects off" the EVF then shows you the image in the same way that a DSLR does - i.e. if the light's bright it'll show a bright image and if it's dark it'll show a dark image. I would have thought the EM-1 would have something similar? It sounds like you have it in "effects on" mode.
ChrisV 14 2.3k 26 United Kingdom
23 Jan 2014 10:00AM
I can't find a way of assigning one of the buttons to this function from the manual, but I don't have my camera with me today [which is rare], so can't experiment. I've been more used to Panasonic cameras in the past and you can assign just about anything to custom functions. At the moment this doesn't appear to be the case here.

That's a little frustrating, but in studio situations you generally have the luxury of time I suppose, so setting the monitor gain from the menu is not something that's going to seriously impact your workflow. If I find anything different I'll let you know - if you find it yourself I'd appreciate the share!
BobbieBoy 15 47 United Kingdom
23 Jan 2014 11:31AM
Thanks ChrisV. I found similar. I'll try Olympus for a response. I'll post if I get anything to contrary.
mikehit 12 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
23 Jan 2014 12:19PM
I don't think you can assign it to a function button, but have you tried setting the camera up how you want it and saving it as a 'MySet'. You can then assign one of the function buttons to cycle through the different 'mySets'. Maybe for the conditions you want to use EVF boost, there are other specific settings you want/need.
BobbieBoy 15 47 United Kingdom
23 Jan 2014 6:46PM
Excellent idea...... you ripper!
BobbieBoy 15 47 United Kingdom
24 Jan 2014 11:27AM
Reply back from Olympus:
There is no direct way of doing this on a FN button . the only way i can see of doing this is to set up the gain you wish and set that to a Myset and the assign the myset to a FN button but this would only set one fixed value . other than that it just a matter of adjusting this setting in the custom J menu every time you wish adjust the gain .
Kind regards,
Christopher Dale
European Customer Support Centre
ChrisV 14 2.3k 26 United Kingdom
24 Jan 2014 12:08PM
Looks like Mike hit the nail on the head, doesn't it? A shame it's only going to be one fixed value that way, but I suppose putting in +3/4 EV should be enough in most circumstances to compose - it's not going to be reflective of what the shot ends up like anyway.

I haven't done a lot of studio shooting yet with the EM1, but where I have I've controlled and reviewed via an iPad mini [Retina], which has been a joy to use and gives a good assurance you're capturing something usefully exposed!
BobbieBoy 15 47 United Kingdom
24 Jan 2014 1:54PM
Nice one Chris. The EVF boost is a fixed amount and cannot be controlled as far as I can see. I was in manual at the time and I wonder if the "seeing as exposed" in the viewfinder can be switched off to aid this. My EM5 does not seem to have this issue. Ah well back to the manual. It's really important but I will not be beat by a machine.
ChrisV 14 2.3k 26 United Kingdom
24 Jan 2014 4:35PM
Now I look again it just gains up to what's needed, doesn't it? Bit of a faff, but I suppose that at least makes sense.
BobbieBoy 15 47 United Kingdom
24 Jan 2014 5:59PM
Thank you everyone for your input

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