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UserRemoved 13 481
1 Mar 2006 6:40PM
Not far from where I live, a new warship was launched. 605m it cost.

A question springs to mind - why?

Don't you find it strange that the Government are happy to spend tax payers money (ours!) on such a totally useless killing machine, while the NHS waiting lists are now such a disgrace that patients are even travelling abroad for urgent operations!?

Of course, people will say "Oh, but it brings shipbuilding back on the Clyde", but this a feeble argument. It seems we have become an "apathetic" nation, with little interest in the terrible state of the world today. There is a much bigger picture of course. The Middle East has become the centre of Political interest.

Fighting continues in Afghanistan. Iraq is probably on the verge of a civil war. Sectarian hatred is growing ever stronger. Just like Northern Ireland, I believe the army will never leave. Innocent people shall continue to be killed. Soldiers will continue to carry out "torturous acts".



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elikag 13 749
1 Mar 2006 6:55PM

Quote:A question springs to mind - why?

Because you really, but I mean REALLY, don't want to find yourself with an outdated ship when a war/conflict start.

And you can't build a ship in one month. So you build a ship with hope never to use it. And the fact you owning this ship contributes to the odds of you not using it - paradox, I know, but it's better than the other way around.

Ilia Kagan.
fez 14 262
1 Mar 2006 7:31PM
Isnt your country's millitary pride in the navy?
There are also a lot of jobs provided in shipyards...and they cant really keep cranking out the old stuff.
Bragging rights are a plus.

That being said, the health system is a shame, but you cant just blame it on something else, if you found ways to cut the budget of other programs, including this, then it may be possible to budget more to health. Allocating a significant amount of money from one source would probably be just as bad of not worse...

but then again, this is only my opinion.
UserRemoved 13 481
1 Mar 2006 7:52PM

Quote:Because you really, but I mean REALLY, don't want to find yourself with an outdated ship when a war/conflict start.

You're kidding, right? Wars and conflicts are already happening!

I believe another five of these killing machines have already been ordered! If anything a hospital ship would be a more useful idea with all the killing going on. Does The Royal Navy actually have any I wonder?

And how is a "state of the art" warship going to stop the new threat - suicide bombers?

I am so glad I won't be around for long, that's for sure.

We need another Gandhi I think....
andytvcams 15 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
1 Mar 2006 9:33PM
Vote Fjordian for Gandhi Smile
jimbo_t 14 959 England
1 Mar 2006 10:07PM
At least we have an NHS! You will still get an "urgent" operation here, but the NHS tends to prefer performing life saving operations over things like knee replacements.
To put it another way, if you get hit by a car today you can be pretty sure that a surgeon will do a very good job of patching you up, for free, and won't make you wait until he has done his routine work!!!!
As far as the warship is concerned; I know I feel safer knowing that our goverment is sensible enough to invest in defence!
Ghandie?........ My arse!!!!
Graysta 13 1.1k England
1 Mar 2006 10:08PM
new hospital ship due to be ordered as curent HMS- NHS is sinking but there is a waiting list due to the orders for warships
UserRemoved 13 481
1 Mar 2006 10:34PM

Quote:Ghandie?........ My arse!!!!

Ouch! Sounds painful. You'd best see a Proctologist about that! Ask the Practitioner to rub ointment on the hole that hurts the most!!!

Yan Smile
c_evans99 14 7.0k 1 Wales
1 Mar 2006 11:48PM
Britain has a role within NATO that's based on our naval power - as well as being 'killing machines' RN ships help to police the world's waters against drug trafficking and piracy (it still goes on), as well as supporting humanitarian and peacekeeping missions - in fact many of the things that contribute to the 'terrible state of the world today'.

It would be lovely to be able to pour all the nation's wealth into the health service but there will always be waiting lists, and expensive new tests and treatments. Of course I may not be seeing the 'bigger picture'.

1 Mar 2006 11:53PM
The bigger picture is that without these defence machines we may not have a health service. There are always nations with more money than sense willing to invade a neighbouring country weaker than themselves. Without a defence force better than your 'next door neighbour' you leave yourself wide open to hostility.

Our forces do a tremendous job around the world and its often only the bad apples that get highlighted, just like any profession you get a few bad ones and the whole system is critiscised.
keithh Plus
14 25.4k 33 Wallis And Futuna
1 Mar 2006 11:56PM
I bet it photographs well....
FatHandedChap 12 1.3k England
2 Mar 2006 12:01AM
At least they're not being built in Japan.

6 vessels to be built on the Clyde must be a massive boost for the local economy.
Miles Herbert Plus
15 1.9k 4 United Kingdom
2 Mar 2006 12:02AM
LOL @ Keith... nahhh... looks a bit flat and featureless to me, needs a good mist and maybe a sunset!
2 Mar 2006 12:03AM
... or a few uniformed men... that would be nice..
Miles Herbert Plus
15 1.9k 4 United Kingdom
2 Mar 2006 12:05AM
hel'lo sailor!