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Outdoor Photography Magazine Question

ngeeves 18 118 United Kingdom
29 Aug 2005 1:33AM
Hi Peeps,

I sent in a 3 part article consisting of 5000 words approx about my travels in Australia to Outdoor Photography it is an amusing and informative article, I sent this to Keith at the beginning of February, I received an acknowledgement slip within a week since then I have heard absolutely nothing I have sent 4 chase up emails to Keith but never got any replies, I have also sent a letter asking Keith to return the article if he has decided not to use it, this has also had no reply. This is my first dealing with OP and looks like my last since no one appears to be bothered to reply to any of my queries.

Anyone else had any experiences or any problems like this with OP or other magazines?

Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
29 Aug 2005 1:42AM
Try emailing the editorial assistant - the email address will be in the magazine and is often a speedier route.
ngeeves 18 118 United Kingdom
29 Aug 2005 1:49AM
Thanks Pete will do that now Smile
ngeeves 18 118 United Kingdom
29 Aug 2005 2:10AM
Emailed as suggested - will let you know how I get on.
29 Aug 2005 7:35AM
i have been in contact with some of the assistant editors of OP, they were also quick to send their acknowledgement but I have not heard anything sensible since, I kept asking them again and again what will happen and I constantly get a "we are reviewing for the next edition sson" reply, I have recently given up trying as hard. I assume that these guys are under a lot of pressure to compete with other mags and their own deadlines and that there are a lot of us out there willing to submit out work!!!

UserDeleted 18 3.6k
29 Aug 2005 9:20AM

Spot on - these guys are busy, and don't really need people continously chasing them on speculative submissions.


Whilst you may think it amusing and informative it will need to fit in with other articles, and the planned themes of the issues.

I'd suggest that you give it at least 6 months to see if you are going to get published, any sooner and more fequent chasing and you'll find that you get added to their list of "pain in the @rse" photographers....

UserRemoved 17 4.2k
29 Aug 2005 9:29AM
I'd say with 4 emails and a letter in six months, it may be too late!

Nick, I'd also say this may be your last dealing with OP but not for the reasons you mention. Its very hard to be detached when its your own work, worse when you think it is amusing and informative. It may not be, it may not fit the magazines style, they may not be interested in Australia or it might just be plain awful.

Magazines get hundreds and hundreds of ad-hoc submissions a month and cant reply to everything. They will use what they use and are usually quite good at informing you.

A three part article of 5000 words plus pics is an awful lot for most mags to publish so they would have to edit etc etc.

If you'd emailed me as often and sent me a letter I'm afraid the article would now be residing in the small round filing cabinet no matter how good it is.
ngeeves 18 118 United Kingdom
29 Aug 2005 11:46AM
If as you say I am a pain in the arse well so be it
At the very least they could send my work back with a no thank you letter attached.


After checking my records it appears that i have emailed the editor only once that was last month followed by a snail mail letter so all may not be lost and i may not be so much of a pain in the arse after all. i had emailed the editor prior to this way back in november and december last year asking if they would be interested in such a submission
Just Jas Plus
19 26.3k 1 England
29 Aug 2005 12:10PM

Quote: they may not be interested in Australia or it might just be plain awful.

If this is the case why don't they just return it as requested? - why did they hang on to it?

I think the case is that they are in a buyers market and take advantage of it.

Hard cheese if you are an aspiring freelance photographer.

Although the article is regarded 'speculative' these magazine do usually invite readers' work. However, it is worth reading the submission guidelines before submitting work. Might save a lot of heartache later.

Regarding 'pain in the arse photographers' I also have a list - those that repeatedly telephone of an evening pressing me to have 'delightful photographs of my family' taken. These guys are in the local phone directory and yellow pages if I need them.

mattw 17 5.2k 10 United Kingdom
30 Aug 2005 12:56AM
OP do like to publish photographs that were taken at the time of year (month) of the magazine. My first submission almost made it into the Christmas edition last year - but was delayed until May because that is when I took the pictures.

Submit suggestions at least 4 months before the publication date - at 3 months before the publication date the issue is already being compiled, so will be too late. When dod you go to Australia? If it was December or January, then now would be the time to submit.

Finally, whilst I do not have a vast experience in dealing with magazines, I would suggest that sending the complete article might not have been the best move. A photography magazine is primarily interested in the photographs, so send samples of these, together with a brief outline of your suggested artical (locations, techniques etc). If the magazine is interested, then they can contact you and ask for 'x' number of words.

User_Removed 16 279
30 Aug 2005 1:16AM
Cracking post Mattw and spot on. Sending a synopsis and samples is a good idea. It saves a lot of wasted time and generally you get an earlier response.

In the submission criteria for OP they do state that it should be seasonal so working at least a quarter year ahead is essential.

The most important thing though is don't give up! Re-package it, tidy it up, pick up on the advice and try some other outlets. If it's good enough it'll get picked up eventually. If it doesn't, well, then you've learned what not to send too which'll make it easier next time.
kevan 19 447
30 Aug 2005 3:43AM
OP now incorporates 'Travel Photography' so I guess that's where your article is aimed at, in which case the seasonal aspect is less important.

However, a number of points:

Picking up on mattw's point about it being a photography magazine: this means your photographs need to be excellent - what other photographers want to see and aspire to. If they're not (and be ruthless with yourself), consider submitting to a travel magazine. Even in this case, the photos do still need to be good.

A 5000-word, three part article is a lot of magazine space. Any editor who publishes your article in full has got to be sure that their readership will be interested in reading all that text about your journey. Not only that but each part has to stand up on its own for the benefit of casual readers.

Most importantly, many people visit Australia so there is already a lot of information about the place and I'm sure OP will have covered it several times before in some way. They will only be interested in your article if it offers something new or gives a different slant on the place. Readers will be more interested in finding out about a little-known aspect of the country than reading about your own personal journey.

In other words, think about your intended audience. In this case, people who are planning a trip there and want to learn about somewhere/something that they can't get from the guide books.

Hope this helps.

ngeeves 18 118 United Kingdom
27 Feb 2006 2:26AM
Well finally after 12 months they have sent my article back and a no thank you oh well never mind still damn right bloody rude not to reply to any of my emails or letters.
Doclassie 16 1.1k England
27 Feb 2006 3:39AM
Did you send a SAE and make it clear when sending your article you wanted it back?

If you sent it with no SAE you should consider yourself lucky you got it back at all.
ngeeves 18 118 United Kingdom
27 Feb 2006 3:43AM
Yes!!!! I did to both questions

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