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Panasonic FZ30

MikeRC 16 3.6k United Kingdom
15 Sep 2005 2:21AM
I took the plunge and bought the FZ30.

I have been toying with the idea since it was anounced back in July.
while it may not make me turn out better pics it will certainly make it easier to turn out bad ones.

So far I am delighted with it, it has everything I need except a bit more reach which I hope will come with the TC converter when I get it.
It's the right shape, the right size, the right weight, all the controls seem to be in the right place and the EVF and the LCD are as sharp as a pin.

All in all it appears to be the camera I will keep for ever..well at least till next years model comes out.

Carabosse 18 41.6k 270 England
15 Sep 2005 2:34AM
The FZ30 does look, on paper, to be be a top candidate for anyone's shortlist if they want an all-in-one prosumer camera. I have been asked to recommend a purchase for a friend: how do the results compare with your Canon 350D, Mike?
MikeRC 16 3.6k United Kingdom
15 Sep 2005 4:48AM
CB..I'm afraid I am not really qualified to judge, to me the results seem pretty much the same but feel sure that expert SLR'ers will tell a different story.

Anyone who wants the best without the hassle and the weight and the dust in the camera...and the expense..
..and the risk of droping the camera or lens while swapping should be happy with the FZ30

mpower 16 186 England
15 Sep 2005 10:07AM
Hmm...thanks for posting this Mike. I'd been weighing up going to DSLR (the Canon 350D has taken my fancy) from the Fuji s5500 I currently have.

I then started to balance this against sticking with a prosumer but the 'next one up' and have been looking at the Fuji s9500 but I must admit, at first glance (which is all I've done so far) the FZ30 is turning my head...the specs look fairly close (once again...only 1st glance...I'll be comparing them closer) but the Image Stabilisation is a sweetner.

It's starting to get fun this choosing Smile)

User_Removed 16 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
15 Sep 2005 12:09PM
Before you buy take some photo's with one and check out the noise in a blue sky.
If there's non then fine but it was a problem with the FZ20 I had.
mpower 16 186 England
15 Sep 2005 12:15PM
Thanks Merl, I'll bear that in mind. Hopefully that'll be one of the improvements that you find in these cases eh Smile
rikewoo 18 347 1 United Kingdom
15 Sep 2005 12:41PM
Hi, I had the FZ10 and then last year switched to the FZ20. Great results, fantasic cameras in all respects.

I currently use the Olympus Tcon-17b Tele converter with a 62-55 adaptor, gives me about 734mm. As the FZ30 has a 55mm thread the Tcon 17b is a lot cheaper on Ebay than the TC for the FZ30, which is about 445.00 The Tcon-17b is avalable for about 50-60.00

Think I will definitely change to the FZ30 next year as it has overcome (so they say) the chromatic abberations that appear on some of my photos on the FZ20.

Good review on the camera in on a pre-production model.

Must say that I was into 35mm film for over 40 years, but have been more than delighted with the results from the ZF20, even printing at A4 the comparisson is even better than expected.
MikeRC 16 3.6k United Kingdom
15 Sep 2005 1:24PM
Hello Rik...are you saying that the Panasonic TC..
DMW-LT55 costs 455?
I knew it would be expensive but I thought half that
Who is selling it..I put the code number into Google but got no hits.
So do I want to be looking for the Tcon-17b?
Are the results with this Tcon-17b acceptable?
....I'm not looking to win prizes

mpower 16 186 England
15 Sep 2005 1:28PM
Mike...and Ken..

What's your experience of the noise on the FZ30? That's the one point that's cropping up that's adding a negative slant...well, not negative exactly as it's not a sure thing (where are these reviews???) but it's been mentioned..something to do with the small sensor.
Carabosse 18 41.6k 270 England
15 Sep 2005 1:35PM
Some owners' opinions here.
mpower 16 186 England
15 Sep 2005 1:38PM
I must be's not long ago that I was saying I'd user reviews on the s9500 on dpreview...completely forgot to do the same with this one. Thanks CB (if I can call you that, I notice others do Wink....)
MikeRC 16 3.6k United Kingdom
15 Sep 2005 1:39PM
Mark..for plenty of info on FZ30 and any other camera
visit best photographic site.

mpower 16 186 England
15 Sep 2005 1:43PM
Yep, I know's their reviews I count on now to be honest. Alas, they've not covered the FZ30 or s5500 yet.

Just looking at the user comments on the FZ30 though and it certainly is having an impact.

Now then...where's that damn credit card...? Wink
MikeRC 16 3.6k United Kingdom
15 Sep 2005 2:34PM
Sorry Mark..It's the preview articles I've been reading together with the specs. and the pics of the camera.
It had everything I wanted and a bit of noise was not going to put me bad can it be?

Carabosse 18 41.6k 270 England
15 Sep 2005 2:37PM
Up to about ISO 200 not bad at all from what they seem to be saying. A 12x zoom, however good (it has the Leica label) will always mean that the machine has to be compromised in some way.

For many a bit of (removable) noise at ISO400 and above may be a fair price to pay for a Leica lens with a FF equivalent of 35-420mm !

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