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Panasonic FZ82 Focus Issues

10 Mar 2019 10:00AM
Hi All,

I've just purchased a Panasonic Lumix FZ82 from eBay. It's from Panasonic themselves and has been refurbished by them.

However I'm having problems with focusing and am not sure whether it's me using the camera wrong, or a problem with the camera itself.

In auto focus mode it will work fine for ages, then all of a sudden it stops focusing. No matter how much I try to focus on a subject, whether near, far, or mid-range, it just refuses. I then turn it off and back on and it goes back to normal. Being the FZ82 it makes a lot of noise in the process (grinding, clicking etc.), I've read that this is normal, and is possibly the OIS.

I've also tried putting it in manual mode, which took me an age to figure out, but again it just refuses to focus. I was trying to focus on something on the table in front of me, not too close (about 1 foot in front of me), but again I couldn't get it to manually or automatically focus on it. Auto worked after turning the camera off and on again, but still not manual.

I've cleaned the lens so its spotless (as I did notice earlier that it started focusing on some specs on the lens).

Are there any settings I need to be looking at to sort this out?

Has anyone seen this before? I'd rather not have to send it back, but it does have a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


EDIT: In case it makes a difference, when I try to auto focus it beeps and flashes "0.01m" followed by the infinity symbol. If I then zoom in on the subject, it will start focusing, zoom out and it stops, so it's like its locked into the focal range. Not sure how to get out of this without turning it off and on.

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joshwa Plus
9 905 United Kingdom
11 Mar 2019 9:07AM
Hi theomen,

"grinding and clicking" doesn't sound normal, in my opinion. If you're able to record of a video of this noise and upload it to YouTube, we would be able to give an idea of whether it's normal or not.

It's possible it was tested by Panasonic for a short period of time, and deemed to work, without them using it for as long as you, and therefore not shown them the fault.

When you're using manual focus, you should be able to see the focus change as you turn the dial. Here's a video showing how it should behave:

altitude50 15 16.1k United Kingdom
11 Mar 2019 9:21AM
I used a Panasonic FZ72 which is similar to the FZ 82 for a couple of years, took photos in all sorts of conditions and various subjects, not all high contrast, and the focusing action was very good, not 100% but very good. It was silent, I never noticed the sounds of any workings at all. I would say send it back, there is something wrong with it and it is covered by warranty. Why wait!?
12 Mar 2019 1:32PM
Thanks for the replies.

It does seem a lot quieter when I turn off optical image stabiliser (which does work extremely well when on), but there is still some noise. When I get home tonight I'll try and record it with my mobile and upload it.

I just nipped into Jessops at lunch and tested one briefly in store (they still have the FZ82 on sale), and it certainly seemed a lot quieter, though not silent but I'm not sure if it had OIS turned on. It did however struggle to focus a few times, and I could certainly feel a bit of a grinding when zooming.

I probably will be returning it as I'm not sure I want a camera that is this noisy, even if it's "normal". It's a little bit annoying though as I purchased 2 spare batteries at the same time as the camera (a bit silly in hindsight), and as they don't seem to have any refurbished ones left I'll probably have to go for a different camera (all 3 that they had sold in the space of 12 minutes).
12 Mar 2019 1:42PM
Found a video from someone else with similar noises on the zoom (the rattling, rather than the noise when he's zooming out).

Also, the following forum post I've found elsewhere when looking for "panasonic fz82 grinding noise" seems to suggest it's normal.

I might try contacting Panasonic through ebay to get their thoughts.

Thanks again.
12 Mar 2019 2:49PM
Edit to above: would help if I provided the link to the forum post I mentioned Smile
12 Mar 2019 4:23PM
Further to the above, I contacted Panasonic through ebay, and they've offered to collect it for a free repair. I'm not convinced now there is a repair to be done (for the noise anyway) as it would appear from other websites that it's normal behaviour for these cameras, but hopefully if there is an issue with the focus that I also mentioned then that might get fixed.
24 Mar 2019 4:57PM
Apparently my camera has now been repaired and is being returned to me (I should get it on Tuesday).

From the repair tracker it looks like it's had the lens assembly replaced, which is quite impressive considering I paid 130 for a camera that still sells for 300 new, and it's now got a brand new lens.

Looking forward to receiving it back and will post an update as to weather the noise is gone Smile
30 Apr 2019 2:01PM
Hi theomen,

Do you have any updates on your grinding noise?? I have bought a FZ82 and the noise when zoomed in is really really loud. Not sure I'm happy with how noisy it is.


30 Apr 2019 2:56PM
Apologies, thought I'd updated this thread.

Since the new lens was fitted it is a lot quieter. It doesn't make nearly as much noise when zooming (still a little bit but a lot quieter). It still does make like a hissing noise (almost like a fan), I'm assuming it's just the image stabilisation.

I do wonder whether the lenses were updated at some point to make them quieter due to complaints - it seems to be a fairly common issue.
30 Apr 2019 7:47PM
Ok mate. Thanks for the reply. I'll see how it goes then and if I feel its too loud I'll return it. Cheers

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