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Pants photo's need comments too!

echino 17 21
13 Aug 2004 10:12AM
I don't know if it's just me but I have noticed that many (including myself) tend to only comment on great photos. I assume that its so as not to offend or put off any budding photographers out there. However surely as long as the comments are constructive, it's the reason that we've all put or work on here and can learn from it. Anyone else noticed or have an opinion this?
13 Aug 2004 10:15AM
I do try and comment on as many as I can but I still lack experience when it comes to giving advice. Time plays a part too, note to self - must try harder!
francisg 17 705 1 United Kingdom
13 Aug 2004 10:21AM
Same here, I try to put a comment on as many as I can especialy the ones with only a small number if any, but again the problem is Time. Sitting in front of the Pc instead of going out there and doing some of my Own
jgriffiths 17 67
13 Aug 2004 10:45AM
I have noticed that photos I put up that I feel deserve criticism seem to be the ones in my portfolio with high numbers of clicks. The down side to this is photos I am pleased with seem to get very few. I know clicks aren't everything but constructive criticism would be useful.

I am aware that people are limited on time and cannot comment on every photo but it would be nice to get some advice as this was the main reason for joining this site Smile

SteveCharles 18 2.3k 18 England
13 Aug 2004 10:46AM
I think it comes down to 3 main reasons:

1. Human nature
Basically, people who look through the gallery open up the pictures they like, and skip through the unappealing snapshots.

2. Time / quantity of pictures
Kind of linked to the above, but there's an awful lot of pictures and for many (like me) little time to look at them all. So again, you pick out the good 'uns.

3. Sensitivity
This is a very British site, and as such I think most users shy away from criticism so as not to offend. On other sites, people really lay into each other with criticism, saying "bad composition, lighting, ugly model" etc, but on here this sort of thing gets flagged up and complained about. "I say, we'll have none of that behaviour thank you very much!", that sort of thing.

I'd love to go through every picture, studying them & making comments, but it would be a full time job!

digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
13 Aug 2004 10:56AM
I came to the same conclusion last year and since then I have not browsed the thumbnail pages but have just gone into the first photo and used the next button. I comment on everything I see with the exception of those which are blatantly just posted for an online photo album (bladdered in Ibeza type shots).

I'm an opinionated sod so I have no problem leaving what I hope are constructive criticisms where I can see what I think would improve photos. In fact I'm more likely to not leave a comment if a photo already has hundreds of complimentary comments, unless it is one which I really like.

I prefer the style of this site to those which go the opposite way and flame everything which isn't absolutely perfect, but I agree that sometimes there is too much of a tendancy to compliment photos undeservedly. Hopefully I manage to avoid that trap.

echino 17 21
13 Aug 2004 10:59AM
I think your spot on with your reply munkyboy, but still feel its a shame for those trying to improve their work. I suspect that there are many who are aware that the image they have submitted isn't great, but would like help to improve it in the future. Perhaps to cater for people like this a sepperate section (tutorial section etc) might be a good place for people to place images they feel falls into this catagory. It's then open for the more kindly experianced photographers to lurk and give constructive criticism.
flossie 18 1.6k
13 Aug 2004 11:00AM
Someone suggested before not having the hearts visible until you open the picture, that might help.
With me it's purely down to time, I comment on as many as I can. I check out the people who's work I particularly like and then pick out the thumbnails that appeal to me in the gallery. I used to see all the gallery, now usually have time to go through 20 pages max on a good day. If I looked at every photo I'd only get to do a couple of pages.
brm 17 76
13 Aug 2004 11:13AM
I have to admit to being guilty of usually only commenting on pictures I actually like, not necessarily great photos, but ones that appeal to me, but to a large extent this comes from viewing the site on dial up. Basically a shot needs to catch my eye in the gallery to make me want to click on it & wait & wait until it loads...

Having said that I do try to visit the portfolios of those who comment on my pictures & usually have a good look through them, so I think there's a lot of truth to the 'if you want comments you have to comment on others' school of thought.

jgriffiths 17 67
13 Aug 2004 11:25AM
I am guilty of only leaving comments along the lines of 'I like this shot''well done' etc. I will not leave criticism my-self as I am aware that as a newbie to photography I don't know what I am talking about. I will very often form an opinion on a photo e.g 'I wish that tree wasn't in shot' only to read others comments on the same photo all praising the hypothetical tree. But if I have to leave comments to get comments I am going to have to start throwing in my tuppences worth whether others agree with it or not.Smile
echino 17 21
13 Aug 2004 11:26AM
I suppose thats true, just thinking of how to make it more beginner friendly. might not feel cofident enough to comment, but need the feedback
jgriffiths 17 67
13 Aug 2004 11:30AM
Thanks for your comments on my most recent post. I'll see what I can do in PS
digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
13 Aug 2004 11:33AM
Jayne. If you think a photo would be better without a tree, or other similar points, you should say so. Just because a number of other people like the tree doesn't mean you are wrong.

By saying so you are (hopefully) making the member look again and judge whether they think it would improve the shot. You could always start your critique with 'in my opinion'.

Critiquing is a good way of improving, the closer you look at photos the more you will notice potential improvements and be able to try them out in your own.

The other thing is, how do you know the praisers of the tree were not the very people we have talked about before, who just praise because they like the member or are following the crowd?

You can criticise my photos any time you want, even if you have never even held a camera.

jgriffiths 17 67
13 Aug 2004 11:44AM
Thanks Ian.
Just been looking at your portfolio, I noticed some time ago you got advice by simply asking for it in the title of the picture. This is always an option for the occasional photo! Will try to leave my opions on peoples work- they can always ignore me Wink
UserHasLeft 18 654
13 Aug 2004 11:47AM
Ian is right, Jayne.... just say what you think. If you get a curt or annoyed response from the photographer it's no big deal.

Any form of feedback is welcome to practically everyone as long as it is worded politely - even saying "Hi, hope you're well" is a great way of keeping in touch with members, whether you have an opinion on a particular photograph or not.

There are no rules really - except to make it work for you Smile

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