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PC to Mac

User_Removed 9 1.4k England
28 Dec 2011 1:32AM
Please don't take my examples of stuff mac fail at and then suggest something they can do. Anything can stream x to TV through a router.

I specifically wanted to play a .mkg which is a FREE codec on EVERY OTHER PLATFORM. Yet I am ELATED when I can PAY for it on mac.

I haven't maintained my windows 7 media server in 240 days and counting... Try getting a system with 3 x 2 DVB-S2 tuners connected via DVBLogic to work on mac, LOL. Dont see that happening. - oh, look what I built, a 6 tuner HDTV satellite network media server for under £300.

You think photoshop runs just with the "friendly" GUI software application you use? Well it doesn't. It has a MASSIVE automated scripting library, an API a collaborative work-space through AIR and more... We regularly export scripts for major workloads off to LINUX web servers to chew through larger renders, image manipulations and other graphical work and then pump it back to photoshop clients for the final "ok". - This is the same with the majority of adobes suite.

We can throw examples around all day but you hit it right here:

Quote: guess its what you want it to do and how you use it.

Mac doesn't cut it, in hardware or kernel and creates a bigger hole in pocket. - That to me is a failure of logic for people who want a limited computing experience.

Why pay for a limited experience, you are just gullible to a very good marketing scheme. Please accept that and move on.

Running a web browser and photoshop? Buy a £300 PC ffs.
Building your own media server with tuners? Buy a £300 PC ffs.

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User_Removed 14 3.3k 4 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2011 2:46AM
The thing you have to remember about geeks like Swwils and myself is that we know about computers and if the Mac was actually better we'd be the first people to have one.

Before you say maybe we do want but can't afford let me explain that we can easily run the MacOS on our current hardware (just like these guys)

I feel sorry for the people who dumped £2k on a Mac that's now out of fashion but too expensive to dump so you sit and kid yourselves that you're better off than the people who bought PCs for a third of the price. At least you got that trendy logo in your house for when the neighbours come round.

Swwils and I have the know-how to build a Mac that's faster and cheaper than any you can buy at the Apple Store, we choose not to because we can see past that logo and that hype and see that there's nothing there.
TTT 16 584 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2011 7:03AM
An Apple a day keeps Windows aways.

Sit in front of a 27" imac Quad core and then see what you've been missing......
digicammad 15 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2011 8:46AM

Quote:PC's are high maintenance and get slower with time.

They only get slower because people insist on loading them up with stuff they don't need but fancy playing with, or because they upgrade the version of software designed for that spec machine to a newer one, designed for a newer and more powerful machine.

My PC, on which I am still running XP, is still as fast as the day I bought it. I accept that when I run Adobe LR3 it will occasionally struggle a little, but it is 6 years old.
User_Removed 14 3.3k 4 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2011 9:14AM

Sit in front of a 27" imac Quad core and then see what you've been missing......

Your reflection blotting out your images?

Bit of an expensive way to find out TTT, why don't you just tell us what we've been missing? You can't can you? That's the trouble with a hyped up brand.
MrGoatsmilk 9 1.5k England
28 Dec 2011 10:10AM
I have a couple of friends who had an ancient DELL running XP they had over time downloaded a fair bit of crap which slowed it down, so instead of sorting it out they decided that Windows was crap and MAC was the was to go so they paid a grand for a MAC so they could browse the net and do spreadsheets.

They actually said to me "Once you try a MAC you don't go back" I almost chewed my own fist off with embarrassment when they said that.

A few months later I get a call asking me what is the best laptop to buy so she could do her University work on it basically word docs. I asked why not do them on the MAC? She told me she didnít want to download anything to that and leave it as it is. So they bought an expensive web browser really.

Apple just seem over priced jewellery to me maybe I'm wrong or maybe I'm right in that assumption, I base it on things that people say to me who own things such as a MAC or an iPhone. They seem just to say get a MAC get an iPhone etc etc but they can't tell me why I should other than it looks good.

I tend to use Linux on my netbook to browse the net, or browse on my Droid both work really well.

I use an old dual core AMD running Windows 7 for Photoshop, that machine was build from parts I gathered from here there and everywhere just to have a go at building a Windows machine it cost me the price of the case and a couple of HDD's to build. Again no problems there either.

If people want a MAC then go and buy one I'm not bothered what I use as long as it does the job I want and is not overpriced. Personally I'm more put off by the type of people who buy MACs and feel the urge to tell me it's the best thing since sliced bread when they don't really do much with it or know why they think that.

Enjoy whatever you buy. This argument will go on forever and it's a piece of hardware at the end of the day not a life and death situation.
MarkBroughton 10 286 1 England
28 Dec 2011 11:01AM
Zatoichi says:

Quote: My experience of windows can be summarised as slow, glitchy, freezes, crashes and eventually refuses to work

I would say you had faulty hardware then. I use windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit on a 4 year old PC with 2GB ram and a Core2Duo, and 768mb Nvidia Graphics Card and it runs like a dream, and Photoshop CS5 runs fine on it. No crashes, no glitches and definitely does not refuse to work, otherwise I wouldnt have been able to type this Wink

and Staurt (mtGoatsmilk)... couldn't have put it better myself.
MarkBroughton 10 286 1 England
28 Dec 2011 11:05AM

Quote:An Apple a day keeps Windows aways.

digicammad 15 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2011 11:24AM
Just ask yourself these questions:

1) Which platform supports (by far) the highest percentage of desktops in the business environment?

2) Would businesses give such wide support to a glitchy, slow, inferior product?

Got the answer yet?
28 Dec 2011 11:31AM
there is know way on this earth i'd ever go back to a PC there troublesome slow and not user friendly
TTT 16 584 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2011 11:34AM
@ Chris, I will NEVER look back.

1/ I used PC's for years until 2007 then swapped over to Mac and never looked back for the simple reason of viruses, got pissed off rebuilding PC'S that had Norton AV on them. Since 2007 no more problems. OK you might say eventually Viruses will hit Mac's, till then I take my chances.
2/ When using correct lighting conditions and if you remove desktop crap from the screen and use an 18% grey background, you will not have any reflections problems
3/ they might be expensive but YGWYPF...I use an imac 27" Quad with 1tb HD and 8gb ram + 1tb WD clone + 1tb TC and Aperture runs like a dream with 300gb of raw pix, I've never calibrated the monitor yet my 1m X 1m canvass prints or any prints I've had done for that matter look superb
4/ That was the biggest problem with my PC and 2 21" screens was calibration
5/ If you run an amazing fully specced PC you must also spend a lot of money for a decent screen or not?

As far as this Mac PC discussion goes "you use what fits the bill and what suits the user"
Thats just my 2 cents worth.
User_Removed 9 1.4k England
28 Dec 2011 11:47AM
1. If you get viruses continually you don't know how to properly use your computer; and most probably wont take the advice of someone who can.
2. Is just lol.
3. That spec cost you 300% more than it should have.
4. Buy decent screens, again see the "wont take advice" section.
5. Yes, and it will be alot better than any mac of the same price.

Again I will post my £1600 build.

i5 2500 K - intel
8GB 1333MHz Corsair RAM
MSI SLI X chipset mobo
32 GB SSD C300
500W MOD stalker modular PSU
Xigmatech Asguard Case
Saphire HD 5750 1 GB
TWO Dell 2709W 27" IPS 110% adobe gamut screens

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
Fedora 15
I emulate OSX in windows 7 with a virtualbox.

Seek advice of those who know better and you get a good deal. Continue on your argey bargy " I wuv marketing " tack, and people will screw you.

Mac doesn't support industry standards, they operate a monopoly over people and companies and everyone is happy about it. - holy **** no flash on iOS just so people will LOVE paying for flash games through the app store? WTF. Its ridiculous.

Thats just my 2 cents worth.
cameracat 14 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
28 Dec 2011 11:48AM

Quote:you still pay for software

Ha ha, Thats a good one.....Smile Yes maybe Windows users are paying for software, But you do at least get software that " WORKS " ....As well as having a choice in the matter.....Grin

Piling a whole load of free software into a box, Then slapping a fruity logo on the side, Is just giving you what they think you deserve.....Tongue

Try running Adobes " Flash Player " on a Mac OS.......BSOD......Wink

Thankfully the worlds serious computing is not reliant on Macs....!!!!!!!!!!

On that note its time to find something more interesting to discuss......Like Photography maybe, Assuming it does not involve a daft Canon v Nikon war, That is.....Wink

Happy new year no matter what your computing/photographic pursuasion may be......Wink

Quote:Viruses will hit Mac's, till then I take my chances.

This is the epitomy of stupidity and just the attutude that helps spread " Bad Code " .....Hey ho! The fairy garden is nice today.....Grin
Zatoichi 9 707 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2011 12:21PM
Nothing like an ePz thread war for entertainment value Grin

Enjoy whatever direction you go Laurel_Steinbeck. I know I have and all of the experts in the world can't take that away Wink
Just Jas Plus
16 26.2k 1 England
28 Dec 2011 12:38PM
Whatever system I was using I wouldn't change it unless I had serious problems that the alternative system would definitely (as far as could be ascertained) cure.

Or there were some features I didn't already have and really needed.

Which applies to updating software, computer and associated hardware too, as far as I am concerned.

However, a change may cheer Laurel up and give him a somewhat new approach to his interests.

Best wishes

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