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PC to Mac

TTT 16 584 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2011 5:47PM
Virus got my 'Anti-Virus' !!!


can some of you PC users help out pentaxpete

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strawman 14 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2011 5:58PM

Quote:Mine is Photoshop and Apeture my Xbox is for playing games.
Yes but that is where the argument breaks down. I agree get playstation or X Box etc for playing games and a PC for working. And if you treat a PC in that light then my experience is Win2000 onwards they run very reliably with no hassle. Win 95/98/ME etc were bad and a long way behind the apple offering, but since 2000 if you limit the software you load (like apple do) then you get a reliable system. So the apple advantage is???

Sorry to me the iMAC is a poor buy because of the screens, restricted media support, lack of professional design software and also the price. The lack of support for my professional use as a designer can be dropped for most though. But for media users have apple come round to BlueRay yet??

For home users, I can see little in it apart from apple supports less and costs more. Neither are buggy, neither are prone to crashing, neither are perfect. But on balance when looking at the iMAC V's the windows machine, you would normally expect to pay more for the more flexible more capable system.

From reading the trade we can expect Apple to move further away from the classic professional market and more towards the media and content delivery plus consumer electronics.
ade_mcfade 14 15.2k 216 England
28 Dec 2011 6:03PM
don't flashers use macs?
TTT 16 584 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2011 6:31PM
Strawman, I didn't actually want to get into this Mac vs PC argument it was meant to be advice for OP. I'm very happy with my 3 mac's simply because of my bad experience with viruses, ok I was in Nigeria at the time ( yeh bad place to be). For my photography I find my Macs do an excellent job better than I've ever did with PC's, as the old saying goes "what floats ya boat" they are only tools to do a job.
Question> what do you design? and what software can't you get?
User_Removed 14 3.3k 4 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2011 6:46PM
I design websites which people view on Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox. I need to check the sites work in those browsers

I can get all those browsers for Windows but not for Mac, it's a minority machine.

Please don't tell me to buy a Mac, a copy of Parallels and a copy of Windows and an X-Box.

I like to buy a PC that does things without spending silly money
newfocus 12 647 2 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2011 6:50PM

Quote:What's funny is that people with lots of experience of both systems mostly don't have strong views either way

I can't speak for everyone but that's the way I feel. All three of the current major OSs (Windows, OSX, Linux) have different strengths and weaknesses and it's just a case of choosing what suits an individual job/person/budget/preference best. In over 10 years of seeing threads like this though I've never seen the merits of each being discussed without it quickly turning unnecessarily tribal. Seems a shame IMO because it becomes almost impossible to have a rational debate on the topic.
User_Removed 8 1.4k England
28 Dec 2011 7:27PM
rational points towards shunning mac.
newfocus 12 647 2 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2011 7:38PM
Sometimes yes but not in every situation (which is my point). I find both Mac and Linux have a more responsive, flowing feel in use than even the fastest Windows machine, which can help maintain train of thought in creative or deep thinking jobs (such as the more creative, inventive side of programming). It's not about raw power but about the way the power gets used. For Photographers, Mac has the advantage over Linux of running Adobe CS natively.

The MacBook Pro is a genuinely productive machine on the road too (if you really use it as such - in and out of meetings, working heavily in cars and trains, etc).

Not knocking Windows in any way - just making the point that what's 'best' depends on what you're trying to do.
User_Removed 8 1.4k England
28 Dec 2011 7:41PM
Loving the flowing.

You are correct in saying that programming for the mac BSD POSIX API has to be "inventive". LOOOOOOOOOOOL.

Anyone who has used cocoa will tell you its a pile of ****. - There was a major ****storm while ago about no 3rd party coding tools being allowed for mac certified software. That was quickly withdrawn...

Apple leave inventive and creative developers out on their asses. For photographers, you pay excess to run the same software with the same application layout.

Wow computers can be productive on the road? who'd of THUNK IT.
newfocus 12 647 2 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2011 8:59PM
I still don't understand why this discussion gets so emotive so easily. It's like rational argument and simple acceptance of personal preference/choice disappears as soon as the Mac or PC or Linux question is raised Smile
Just Jas Plus
16 26.2k 1 England
28 Dec 2011 11:33PM
Happy New Year, everyone!

Think I'll start it with a Big Mac! (yum yum!) Wink
davewaine 11 141 3 England
29 Dec 2011 7:01AM
Just one word on the iMac monitor. The screen has a glass front and, yes, it does reflect. If you place it so that lights are directly facing it, you are going to see them, obviously. If you use your brains a bit, and position it accordingly, you will probably be able to eliminate that. My iMac sits in what used to be a shower room until we converted it into a small office. There is a ceiling light almost above my head and a window above my left shoulder as I sit at it. Neither causes annoying reflections in the screen.

There is also another side to a reflective screen, which should be obvious to a photographer - at least to a photographer who has darkroom experience. Back in the days when printing involved an enlarger and trays of chemicals, what was the only way to get a really deep black? Print on glossy paper. The Mac's glass screen provides the same function. I find myself wondering in these days of matte LCD screens if a lot of people have forgotten (or never knew) what a truly deep black actually looks like. You can check this out by going along to your nearest TV retailer and comparing the screens. Those with glass fronts will deliver visibly deeper blacks than those with matte fronts.

That is all that I really want to contribute. I find the Mac v. PC debate tiresome, to be honest, with a lot of childish sniping on both sides. OP, if you want to buy yourself a Mac, go ahead. It is a quality product and you will probably love it. If you prefer to stay with PC and, perhaps, save yourself a bit of money, fair enough. You will probably love that as well.
User_Removed 16 2.8k 11 United Kingdom
29 Dec 2011 7:33AM

Quote:I'm thinking of jumping off the PC ship and getting on the Mac one.

Has anyone done this?
Is it a move worth making?

What's your thoughts please.

Blimey. I've just come back to see this is still rattling on.
Above is my original (And might I say, simple question.) and I totally agree David, without the childish input from certain members, this would have been worth following but like most posts, there are those who insist on turning it into an argument every time and I get asked why I don't input to the forum as much as I used to. Now you know why....lol
Thanks very much to those who were helpful and this is my last word on this one. I like many members are not here to argue, just to ask for advice.

Happy new year to most of you. Wink
digicammad 14 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
29 Dec 2011 8:03AM
To be honest I never even gave games a thought. Smile
User_Removed 8 1.4k England
29 Dec 2011 11:22AM

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