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Pentax K-3 and K-3 II with external flash

PRC 6 299 United Kingdom
20 Nov 2015 8:58PM

I'm looking at the K-3 and the K-3 II and have read quite a few reviews. Regarding use of an external flash, the K-3, with its built-in pop-up flash, can trigger an off camera flash. I think one of the reviews said that because it doesn't have a pop-up flash, the K-3 II does not have a way of wirelessly triggering an off camera flash; it needs a separate trigger device. Is that correct? The spec on the Ricoh website implies that's not correct, i.e. that the K-3 II can wireless trigger an external flash without buying an additional trigger.

Any clarification would be appreciated!

Chrism8 14 977 28 England
21 Nov 2015 6:18PM
I don't have a K3 of any sort, but I do believe you are correct and the K3 ii needs a wireless trigger to fire a flash of any sort.
PRC 6 299 United Kingdom
8 Jan 2016 5:44PM
Thanks, belatedly, for your reply, Chris.

I've checked with Ricoh Pentax and they've confirmed that something needs to be mounted on the K-3II's hot shoe to wirelessly trigger the off-camera flash. They recommend that it should be done by mounting one of the Pentax flashes to the hot shoe and use that to trigger the remote flash.

I haven't used wired off-camera flashes, so please excuse me if this is a silly question. If I used a sync cord and the x-sync socket, together with Pentax's off-camera 'shoe adapter F' to fire the off-camera flash, would there be any loss of functionality?

Chrism8 14 977 28 England
8 Jan 2016 6:14PM
Personally I'd recommend wireless, gets rid of any issue of using old flash guns that can damage cameras due to their voltage, plus adds more flexibility, Cactus units come recommended plus there are are other similar units available from China I've used with good success.

Where are u based ?

PRC 6 299 United Kingdom
9 Jan 2016 12:57PM

I've just had a look at the Cactus system and perhaps that would be the way to go if I bought a K-3ii. I've had a Pentax K-r for about 4 years and now find a few things on it frustrating. The K-3 and K-3ii both have features that I would like, such as easier access to change focus modes, depth of field preview, weather protection, etc. I'm not fussed about the K-3ii's astrotracer; the GPS system looks slightly useful to me. I was looking more at the K-3, but there are some good deals on the K-3ii at present. Perhaps it's not selling that well and maybe that indicates the K-3 is a better camera overall.

I'm in Hampshire.

PrimePix 5 2
28 Feb 2016 7:25PM
Pretty much all wireless triggers are good from what ive experienced... don't buy into the crap that you need to pay a ton of money for one that will give you what you need its B.S. and i've heard it all.... at its heart, triggers are nothing more then glorified garage door openers .... i've used many brands from cheap to cactus and they all work good.... hope this helps

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