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Pentax K-S2 or Pentax K-70 ?

Davjohn 2 1
9 Sep 2018 5:28PM
Hi everyone,

I am currently looking forward to buy a new Pentax camera for school year photo book, at the moment I have Pentax K-S1. However, I am stuck between both options Pentax K-S2 or Pentax K-70, and I went through a comparison website " Pentax K-S2 VS Pentax K-70 | Features " , but I am seeking people's reviews for the best quality of photos in both cameras as I don't need it for a professional jobs.

Am awaiting your opinions based on prior experience.


dark_lord Plus
17 2.8k 762 England
9 Sep 2018 8:36PM
Hi David,

It can be exciting to look around for new gear. However, it would be helpful fr anyone giving reccommendations to know what you think is lacking in your current camera and why you think it's not up to the job.
What type of images do you envisage taking for the book. I'd say your current camer is more than adequate for the job. Maybe you need to look at lens choice instead?

Davjohn 2 1
9 Sep 2018 9:54PM
Hello Keith, Thanks for your response !!

Well I am would need a camera to show the faces of the students in better quality and even sharper details in the photos as every student keeps the photos for years and years. So I'd maybe focus more on the dpi and resolution of the picture. I would also like to hear more suggestions about the lens choice as I am not very professional with photography, so I'd like to hear more advises from the people regarding this task.

The reasons I am upgrading is that it's required to upgrade the camera in order to have higher quality photos every 3 years period.

dark_lord Plus
17 2.8k 762 England
10 Sep 2018 8:55PM
Are you shooting groups (small or large)m or individual?
Even for a large group, a 12 Mpixel camera will give great A3 size images. A camera with double that amount won't give significantly increased detail. The KS2 has the same count as the KS1. The K-70 has obnly 4 MP more. that's marginal.

Later technology will have better high ISO and noise performance. That may or may not be an issue, so for example if you rarely shoot in low light conditions and require fast shutter speeds, it won't be.

There is no 'requirement' to 'upgrade'. A particular feature may be added that could be useful for some such as wifi or gps.
Of course, the marketeers would have us beliee it's 'essential' to keep changing. I wouldn't stand in anyone's way if tht was what they 'wanted'. Want is often confused with need.

Lens choice (and good technique) is far more important. Getthe best lenses you can. Again, depending on the type of images you're after will affect reccommendations.
Believe it or not, a top class lens on a 20 MP body will give better technical results than a lesser lens on a 24 MP body.
banehawi Plus
16 2.4k 4229 Canada
10 Sep 2018 10:35PM
The cameras are essentially identical; one seems to be able to use a higher ISO setting, thats the main difference.

As Keith says, - the lens is whats important. In addition, the lighting and location, - will this be a studio set up, or indoors with poor lighting?
petebfrance 9 3.0k France
11 Sep 2018 2:16PM
It would help if you mentioned what lens you are currently using and your method of shooting -i.e. tripod, lights, lens, jpeg / raw, what software to process the end results etc.)
I'm no expert, but some general comments,
The KS2 has the same sensor as the KS1, and the K70 a bit more resolution, but depending on the sizes you are printing at this is unlikely to make a difference.
Lenses, though...if you are using the kit lens this isn't the sharpest, software sharpening can alleviate this somewhat but.... Suggest if you are using the kit lens you google for Pentax portrait lens advice.
Camera settings - if you are using Jpeg rather than Raw you can usually modify sharpening in-camera (I can on my K50, don't know about the KS1)

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