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pentax lens

dmbrkmn 4 4 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2016 6:38PM
I'm on a really tight budget, but im starting to get annoyed with a few of my images not being sharp enough and feel that a new bit of glass would definitely solve some of the problems. Has any one got any suggestions as to where to go for a nearly new or very good second hand supplier of lenses is I've tried camera world and bought quite a bit from their but looking for somewhere else. I'm not being picky either whether it a standard lens telephoto i don't mind i just want something semi decent and perhaps around the 100 mark maybe a little more.
Any help would be really appreciated.
3 Oct 2016 7:20PM
Out of interest, what lenses are you currently using?
dmbrkmn 4 4 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2016 7:29PM
they are smc FA which is 35-80, DA which is 18-55 and a telephoto manual lens which is 80-200 they are all second hand but i think they have been used and abused and would like to look at getting a newer lens.
dmbrkmn 4 4 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2016 7:31PM
personally if i had the money maybe even look at a newer camera.
Mike_Smith Plus
13 744 1 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2016 7:54PM
Second hand I would use MPB, very good reputation
Jestertheclown 12 8.4k 253 England
3 Oct 2016 8:06PM

Quote:Second hand I would use MPB

I'll second that.
3 Oct 2016 8:16PM
The Pentax DA 35mm f2.4 is a nice sharp prime just about in budget (new). Just depends whether you'd miss having the versatility of a zoom. You could also keep an eye on the Pentax User forums for members selling off their gear.
petebfrance 9 3.0k France
3 Oct 2016 9:02PM
Ffordes have a reasonable selection of Pentax lenses - I haven't bought any there myself (being in France), but believe they have a good reputation. I have the DA 35 f2.4 mentioned by Rick - it is sharp and I'm very pleased with it - it's fairly close (a bit longer, but not much) to the old 50mm standard lens equivalent when used on the APSC cameras. There is also a 50mm f1.8 which is similar and has good reputation, also at a good price, more of a portrait lens I guess. Both are reasonably priced. Wide-angle lenses though don't seem to be easy to find at a reasonable price for Pentax, but perhaps someone else can advise.

But, before spending money on more lenses it may be worth checking a few things:
1. Is the glass in the lenses clear. I have and SMC FA 35-80 which I used to love, but after getting out of storage it is unuseable because of fungus on the glass - almost opaque, and an FA 80-200 is nearly as bad with some 'interesting' patterns.
2. Is your K100D front or back focussing with the lenses.
I have a K50. For both of my lenses I had to adjust the camera as it was front focussing. On mine it is possible to adjust for individual lenses but I believe on the K100D this can only be done globally (i.e. for all lenses).
See link - scroll down to post 39 (on the same page as the link)

Also, the kit lenses are not the sharpest, but software sharpening yields very good results.
dmbrkmn 4 4 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2016 9:06PM
thanks for your help everyone, really appreciated.
randomrubble 16 3.0k 12 United Kingdom
4 Oct 2016 6:36AM
Ffordes are one on my first choices for used gear - I often dabble a bit with vintage lenses and then sell them off on eBay or via Ffordes themselves.

They have a big selection and reliably quick despatch. I've never had to return anything so I can't give feedback on that side of their service.

Cameraworld is still worth keeping an eye on as they sometimes mis-price things quite badly on the low side. That said, they do go high sometimes and I think more so on vintage Pentax gear than my favourite brands.
GX20PAB 11 28 United Kingdom
6 Oct 2016 9:21PM
I may be able to help
I have 2 Samsung GX20 DSLR bodies both with the 18-55 and 50-200 kit lenses in perfect condition. These lenses are the same as the Pentax lenses and of the same quality in fact since they all have metal mounts and the exif information says they are AL2 versions, I think they are the 2nd generation kit lenses designed for the 14.6 Megapixel sensors. Anyway I use them all the time and find the image quality outstanding. I have 2 lenses that I don't really need if you are interested in buying. I also have the Pentax 35mm F2.4 mentioned above that I don't use much along with some manual 28mm F2.8 lenses I play with sometimes and they will also allow exposure metering on your Pentax as they are the 'A' type. All my lenses are in great condition including a Tamron 350mm Mirror lens that I have a Pentax A adapter so it also meters (sorry that lens would be well outside your budget here I think). If you are interested get back to me and we can talk as I would be happy to help you out. I haven't been into this web site for ages, just found my password so thought I would have a look in.
GeorgeP 13 62 26 United States
7 Oct 2016 4:17AM
Interesting question. I can only speak from my own experience but most times I have a problem with sharpness, it is usually not the camera or lens that is the problem. Most lenses have a sweet spot around f/8-f/11. The old adage about minimum speed of 1/focal length also makes sense and even with Pentax in-camera shake reduction I find trying to get tac-sharp results at speeds less than 1/125 can be a hassle for images of nature or moving people.

I note that a lot of your landscape images are shot with apertures of f/13 or smaller. Could any softness be caused by diffraction? Lastly, is it rude to ask if you use a tripod when sharpness is critical? I know that a tripod is often the last thing I use - even though it is a mandatory inclusion of all those expert articles on how to improve your photographs. what is your experience with a tripod? In short, I recommend that you keep your money in your pocket (or use it for photo outings) until you have eliminated all cheaper alternatives!
LenShepherd 13 4.3k United Kingdom
7 Oct 2016 7:39AM

Quote: I recommend that you keep your money in your pocket (or use it for photo outings) until you have eliminated all cheaper alternatives!

The common causes of unsharpness are the camera did not focus accurate if you used AF, the shutter speed was too slow, you did not gently release the shutter, the subject moved or you did not use a tripod when it would be better to use one.
With the quality of modern equipment upgrading lenses does not provide an obvious improvement until you print about 20 inches wide - which relatively few do.
If you sometimes get sharp shots (you imply you do) it is unlikely to be your lens that is the cause of some pictures being unsharp.
GX20PAB 11 28 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2016 10:52AM
The K100D has a shake reduction system if I remember rightly and it is by canera sensor movement so will work on any lens. Are you using it when hand holding the camera and switching it off if using a tri-pod?

dmbrkmn 4 4 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2016 2:13PM
Hello, and thank you so much for all your info.
Firstly the landscape images i have on here are hand held, I personally don't mind to much if these are slightly miss detailed, its the closer up ones im noticing a bit more. its the sharpness with one imparticular i took a shoot of geese on the lake and i thought i had it crystal untill i got it on the laptop and the heads are all blurred and ive taken a few of my children which are a bit blurred . i am using a tripod a really decent one.
Basically quite a few of my shots are done with my 80-200mm manual lens i love it but i think maybe its time to get a bit of a better range in lenses I have 18-55, 35-80, and my 80-200 so i got quite a range but they are second hand and i would like to invest in something a little bit better.

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