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Pentax release 10.2MP Weather Sealed DSLR

digicammad 17 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
14 Sep 2006 9:23AM
If it performs as well as it reads that should be a pretty mean machine. Good for the customers, having another decent camera in the mix.

KenTaylor 16 3.1k 2 United Kingdom
14 Sep 2006 10:04AM
Well it will obviously be welcome for those with the brand dedication. The spec looks interesting while weather seals were evident on the old LX.
This makes 3 models introduced by Pentax within 12 months. What with all the other big players introducing updates it points to an ever increasing interest in photography. If only they could standerdize the battery and memory cards.
mattmatic 17 598
14 Sep 2006 10:25AM
Yes, I too noticed the 22-bit ADC claims... but only a 12-bit uncompressed RAW output. Sounds most odd! Either the RAW isn't truly RAW (ie has had some 22-to-12 shaping applied) or there's a mistake somewhere.

Either way, it looks great on spec & can't wait to get my sticky fingers on one :-P
welshwizard 15 106 Wales
14 Sep 2006 10:40AM
When do Samsung intend on announcing their version?

The cameras were 'revealed' at more or less the same time... but then again it seems that Samsung haven't taken off just yet, and there is no version of the K100D/K110D....

I am definitely interested in the K10D, but I have two *ists that I can keep on using for the time being and I would like to see how the market develops...
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
14 Sep 2006 10:44AM
To be honest it would make sense for Pentax and Samsung to just badge engineer products. For Europe and NA the Pentax brand would be good for the non entry models, but for entry models the Samsung name may mean more to those who are new to photography.
AnthonyM 16 428 2 United States
15 Sep 2006 12:40PM
Finally here! (well almost) Now, exactly how much blood do I have to sell to buy this bad boy?

Only problems I see right off hand is that it no longer takes AA batteries. I am used to getting well over 1000 shots from my CR3s. Now I have to carry another special charger and buy a loads of proprietary batteries everywhere I go? Oh well... Everyone else deals with it, so I guess I'll learn to do as well. Argh!

Kind of sad I have to toss all my current memory cards as well!

Seems relatively inexpensinve for the features. What am I missing? Or more to the point... what is the camera missing?
doczoc 18 773
15 Sep 2006 12:43PM
whats the estimated price?
AnthonyM 16 428 2 United States
15 Sep 2006 12:46PM
Dave's Digicams link said about $900 US. Pentax advertises as $1000 US.
javam 16 1.1k 19 United Kingdom
15 Sep 2006 12:47PM
$899 for the body.

As Anthony mentions the only problems I see with it are my investment in CF and rechargeable AA's. Other than that I want one and as soon as possible.

I think I have even had approval to buy one from the wife.
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
15 Sep 2006 12:49PM
Now that is an attractive price. @560.
javam 16 1.1k 19 United Kingdom
15 Sep 2006 12:53PM
I suspect UK pricing will be higher, so import is probably the way to go.

My *istD came from the states and Pentax UK changed it twice under warrantee with no quibbles (flash failed and the second one had too many dead pixels) so not too high a risk as long as you find a good supplier.
mattmatic 17 598
15 Sep 2006 12:57PM
Pricing higher in UK - yup.
Park Cameras are listing it at 999 SRP with the 18-55mm.
Will probably have to wait until Dec/Jan before it comes down to more realistic prices Wink
(Or maybe it'll be like the *ist-D was when released - sold like hotcakes!)
ardbeg77 Plus
17 1.2k 7 United Kingdom
15 Sep 2006 1:04PM
I'm quite interested in this. I'm in the market for a D-slr in the next few months but have no prior knowledge of Pentax lenses. Any general pointers as to how they rate quality and pricewise relative to Canon?
AnthonyM 16 428 2 United States
15 Sep 2006 1:09PM
Without a PC sync, does anyone know if the K10 supports remote PTTL firing of the 360 & 540 flash? I know the latest ist series do not... unless you mount an extra 360 or 540 on top to fire other similar remote flashes. The original istD could remotely fire with its built in flash.

Easily solved with a hotshoe-to-PC adapter I suppose.
It just seems that Pentax will probably be sucking my wallet dry with one small thing after another to support the differences and deficencies from my current camera.

Don't know if the price tag is really that inexpensive after all. (Pentax saves 5 cents on including a PC conector, and I spend $80 on the adapter!)

Anyway, can't wait to hear more details in the coming months.
mattmatic 17 598
15 Sep 2006 1:11PM

Difficult to rate that - but the one thing Pentax score highly on is backward compatibility. I can use any K-mount Pentax lens without any probs, so all the wonderfully made manual focus lenses work just fine.

Good Pentax glass, IMO, has a different quality to anything else. For instance the 50mm/f1.4 is just sublime - the bokeh is something else! There are "bad" Pentax lenses around too (some of the cheap and cheerful ones), but in general I find their SMC coating to be very tough, highly flare resistant, and with excellent colour rendition.

The build quality may not be up to Canon L series, but the price is significantly lower. Canon will have the largest range of currently manufactured options, but it depends what you want out of the DSLR.

There's more to it than that - your best bet is to browse and search and ask there Wink

Anthony - not sure about the wireless flash. It doesn't look like it from the documentation and info I've seen so far, but then it's still pre-production so there's a chance some things might be introduced.


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