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Peoples obsession with the latest cameras!

User_Removed 10 1.5k 1
12 Oct 2008 4:20PM
Does anyone think that some photographers are getting to obsessed with the latest camera gear soon to be on offer. When a thread is created from someone asking for advice they may get 10 or 20 replies but the recent threads regarding canon cameras being released seem to go on forever.

I personally think people dont spend enough time practicing photography because they would rather ramble on about what new models of camera will do compared to the camera they have. Take the 5dMKII and the 50d threads on here as an example.

People are going on about tests carried out on the cameras regarding focusing, iso, image quality e.t.c despite the fact that they have never even seen the camera in real life never mind owned one. When people go on about the cameras being able to take video as well as stills its as if they are forgeting what the camera was originally designed for in the first place. the reality is that most cameras can produce very good images.

I watched a video recently on albert watson the famous fashion photographer and he has photograhed some of the most famous people in the world including kate moss, pamela anderson and mick jagger. He still uses film cameras and the quality of his work is amazing and he is extremely sought after. He thinks that people are to obsessed with pixels and the latest this that and the next thing. It makes me wonder when photographers will content themselves with the equipment they have. Will this need to have the latest gear ever stop? james

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csurry 15 9.2k 92
12 Oct 2008 4:22PM
Almost as bad as swapping lenses every five minutes Wink Hoping for the next latest, greatest and sharpest one, rather than practising with the lenses you already own.
lobsterboy 13 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
12 Oct 2008 4:22PM

Quote:Will this need to have the latest gear ever stop?

mohikan22 13 2.3k 2 United Kingdom
12 Oct 2008 4:27PM
nope Grin
im after the new 50D myself as a step up from the older 30D. the new 50D has faster FPS for me and a magnesium body rather than the cheap nasty no weight plastic models.
andytvcams 15 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
12 Oct 2008 4:27PM

Quote:It makes me wonder when photographers will content themselves with the equipment they have.

Does that include lens James?
User_Removed 13 17.9k 8 Norway
12 Oct 2008 4:27PM
ROFL @ Cheryl!!!
User_Removed 10 1.5k 1
12 Oct 2008 4:30PM

Quote:Quote:It makes me wonder when photographers will content themselves with the equipment they have.Does that include lens James?

Not really no. Some lenses are better than others and one needs the right tools for the job. I just think cameras seem to be getting overloaded with things that are not needed and dont see why people want to start going in to long drawn conversations about them before they have even been released.

miptog 12 3.5k 61 United Kingdom
12 Oct 2008 4:45PM
Accomplished photographers focus on taking the picture, the equipment is merely a tool to get their picture they want. They are masters of their art, and know how to get the best from their equipment, as well as working within the equipments limitations.
Most novices look to equipment to cover off short-fallings in their ability, and the focus of attention is equipment. “What should I get next so that I can take better pictures” is often their foremost thought.
It is quite a contagious disease, as even on this site, a lot of the conversation relates to equipment rather than how to take better photos, and become a better photographer.
JJGEE 12 7.0k 18 England
12 Oct 2008 4:50PM
Interesting thought.

Do not think I am obsessed with all the latest equipment etc.

Have been cleaning all my gear this afternoon, the current body I am using is 20 years old and the 50mm focal length lens been using for 24 years.

My latest acquisition, 6 months ago, was an used 40mm focal length lens in excellent condition and got it as they do not become available very often.
Now wish I had bought one many many years ago as it is an excellent lens Smile
lobsterboy 13 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
12 Oct 2008 4:56PM

Quote:I just think cameras seem to be getting overloaded with things that are not needed

Who decides what is needed ?
fauxtography 12 6.6k 36
12 Oct 2008 4:59PM

Quote:Quote:I just think cameras seem to be getting overloaded with things that are not needed Who decides what is needed ?

Often it would seem that it is the marketing department unfortunately Sad or the "must stuff this sensor full of pixels till it bursts" department.
cameracat 13 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
12 Oct 2008 5:04PM
There is several things to consider James.....!

First up, When making mention of film camera's, Film cameras have never suffered the rabbid march of technology, In quite the same way as Digital cameras, The medium by which they are goverened evoloved at a much slower pace, As long as the shutter stayed acurate, Thats about all you required......Everything else is basic engineering.....!

Digial cameras on the other hand have evolved at a subsonic rate, Ever since they first hit the high street, In fact the cameras available today/now, Are already old hat......As far as thier designers are concerned......Newer more powerful toy's are already in prototype form, Others are being conceived in blue-print.....Sad

We are being fed the technology at a steady pace, It makes good business sense......!

The fact is that new digital are way better than the old ones, It's that simple, They will continue to get better & better, As long as newer technologies are added, Or enhance the performance.....!

Therefore anyone who is not entirely happy with thier camera, Will seek something newer in the hope that it will make them happy...!

Of Course it may not make them happy.......LOL.....Smile Because as you rightly say, With todays cameras, Sometimes a change of lens, Or buying a better lens will produce the results to make them happy.......Smile

Of Course it many not make them happy.....Sad Just to buy a new lens, Or a better lens.......Sad

It's a vicious circle, Trying to be happy with what you have, Especially if you believe that something else will make you happier.......Smile

At the end of the day, What does it matter to anyone what others do with thier hard earned.........I mean you could say, Why does on person have to drive around in a Ferrari, Whilst I am content with a Ford Fiesta.........They both do the same job......Smile
fauxtography 12 6.6k 36
12 Oct 2008 5:06PM
Albert Watson I feel is a fantastic photographer, and is in the fortunate position to have found a system that works for him, and to not be involved in the average working togs rat race. i.e. he does not have to worry about speedy processing and delivery of images, as he caters to a completely different market. So having to "keep up" in the digital market is not so much of an issue for him

Yes there is too much obsessing about wanting kit to fix our issues as photographers, a bit of practice does not go amiss Wink

Quote:Not really no. Some lenses are better than others

Yes they are James, and that 24-70L you used to own was perhaps the best in it's class.
cambirder 13 7.2k England
12 Oct 2008 5:08PM

Quote:My camera won't let me take certain photos that I want to take, no matter how much I practice. The next generation probably will.

Dream on!
SteveHunter 9 386 1 England
12 Oct 2008 5:09PM

Quote:Who decides what is needed ?
In a lot of cases it's the people that rush into Je***ps and buy them. It was very apparant at the time Canon released the 400D at 10Mp and Nikon released the D40 at 6Mp. The 2 cameras stood side by side very well when it came to image quality, but that is not what Joe Public was interested in, hence Nikon had to very quickly put a 10Mp sensor in and along came the D40x, as no one was touching a 6Mp camera.
We can blame it on nobody but ourselves, the consumer!!

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