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Photo Apps

ChrisJD 10 100 Scotland
27 Feb 2014 1:39PM
Just about to buy my first smart phone.... I know I know where have I been etc

I'm intrigued by the range of apps aimed at photography. Which ones are genuinely good?

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robthecamman 8 1.7k United Kingdom
27 Feb 2014 2:18PM
they were selling iphones on tv a week ago 150 quid
Surely the camera is more important than the app, i have a lumia 1020 and the camera is fantastic but also there is lack of photography apps supported by windows , however comparing the camera to a camera on a platform such as iPhones where there are so many apps it cannot hold a light up to it. It really depends if its the apps your after or the quality of the camera for photography Smile
27 Feb 2014 3:24PM
Camera +, Hipstamatic is fun, Snapseed and photosynth, I like the Vintage Camera app too plus an app called 8mm which does video - great for graveyards etc in black and white Smile
Big Bri 19 16.6k United Kingdom
28 Feb 2014 7:31AM
I still don't understand this fixation that people have for buying the latest greatest technology to take photos with, then running them through a filter that makes the photos look like they were taken on a 50 year old piece of junk Smile
28 Feb 2014 9:12AM
personally I dont have the 'latest and greatest technology' I have a an iphone 3, bit old now that Wink and I (personally) find the apps I listed quite fun, thats all and as the OP asked about Apps... Wink
Big Bri 19 16.6k United Kingdom
28 Feb 2014 9:20AM
I wasn't directing this at you personally Smile

I've flirted with various "vintage camera" type apps, but only use them once in a blue moon.

Snapseed is great - when I'm on holiday I wifi my photos from my DLSR to my tablet, process them in snapseed and upload to Facebook in a matter of minutes. Cos I'm too lazy to switch on my laptop Smile
28 Feb 2014 9:50AM

I rarely use any apps these days, but that might be because the phone just cant cope with anything other than texting now and I cant update the OS at all, its probably time for new one tbh but hey how.

I have got a helium balloon app too Bri, give that a go lol
Carabosse 17 41.4k 270 England
28 Feb 2014 11:13AM

I'm intrigued by the range of apps aimed at photography. Which ones are genuinely good?

Give Photo Editor a try. It is easy to use and quite feature rich.

The things about apps is most of them are free, or have a free trial. You will probably find you try them out, and uninstall quite a few, before you find the right ones for you. Smile
Simon_Marlow 16 560 United Kingdom
28 Feb 2014 2:06PM
iPhoto is an excellent App for editing, probably the priciest one out there but will cover most things you need to do.
AlexandraSD 8 771 United Kingdom
28 Feb 2014 2:27PM
There are some right dodgy apps for editing images on iphones, but good apps with great features and control over the editing include Afterlight and iDarkroom, with Pic Stitch being handy for the twitter/facebook collage uploads, hipstermatic is ok but you cant control the elements, ie, effect opacity, and there are no basic features, not even sharpening, but camera range and effects are ok.

I also downloaded the Pure app, it controls the camera to whatever settings you desire and is 100x better to have it than to have not.

Like it or not, the craze for olde worlde looking images is here to stay i think, for the time being at least, the lomo x-processed look has never been so popular, its saving grace being that it can transform mundane images into slightly less mundane ones, which is all it needs to do when you think about it, so simple its brilliant!
collywobles 16 4.0k 10 United Kingdom
2 Mar 2014 12:17PM
Don't forget the recently recommended Perfect Effects 8
ChrisJD 10 100 Scotland
4 Mar 2014 7:40PM
aha! Think I've not made myself clear for which I apologise, kind people. The phone isn't for serious photography - my D4 does that nicely. The apps I was thinking about are ones along the line of "this is where the sun rises" or "tide timetables" or apreature settings with a 10 stop filter.... I have no real knowledge of these apps but they are ones I've heard of via the grapevine.Blush
Big Bri 19 16.6k United Kingdom
4 Mar 2014 7:54PM

Well I use the Photographer's Ephemeris on the PC (for free) and there is a 'droid version but you have to pay, and I'm tight so I haven't used it Smile
AlexandraSD 8 771 United Kingdom
5 Mar 2014 5:17PM
ahhh, there are several apps on the iphone app store which give indications where the sun will be at any given time, even with information regarding shadow length etc... Sun Surveyor Lite is a good starting point, i had it on my old phone and it worked a treat. Ther eis also MoonTrajectory, same as the sun one but with the moony thingy, handy for night owls who like taking photos in moonlight.The Photographer’s Ephemeris is another one in this vein.

There are quite a few DOF calculators out there, photo tools is a nice app with lots of features, but i think you may find this one handy, Long Exposure Calculators not sued it yet, not even downloaded it but it looks pretty solid as far as apps go, could be worth a download.

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