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Photo of the week - 02/09/02

Will 19 1.8k United Kingdom
3 Sep 2002 1:03AM

Lunch timeRaymond MedfordCamera: Olympus 2100c
Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
3 Sep 2002 9:15AM
The heavy use of borders distracts form a great and unusual shot of the parrot. The balance of the picture is good and the blurred foreground (perch?) leads you to the eye of the parrot. I also like the way you've personalised the photo using the black strip along the base but the rest is too heavy. Try reducing the thickness of the black lines and also consider the white area's weight. Making the top white margin the same thickness as the sides and the bottom a little thicker will adjust the balance and I feel improve this presentation.
centur 19 106
4 Sep 2002 1:28AM
Not being "big"on borders I agree with Pete on his comment about the border..I am however most intrigued by what's in the Parrots beak....This aspect of this image attracts me entirely.I am impressed by the obvious skill and talent that the photographer exhibits in this image . Personally I would like to see the colours more vivid ... However I suspect that the colours in this image are true to live ..which I "suppose"IS how it should be !
Mavis 19 143 2 England
4 Sep 2002 3:35AM
I always thought it was rude to photograph people while they are eating ! Perhaps the Parrot doesn't mind . He seems to be engrossed in his dinner . Perhaps it's a bit of a Granny smith apple . ? Lovely colour combinations . Well done .
railton 18 304
4 Sep 2002 6:24AM
I Quite like the thick black lines of the frame in this case they tend to match in with the lines around the eyes. I agree with Pete though about the proportions of the border.
Looks like a grape for lunch and think a tweak of the colour saturation would have been appropriate.
Looking at Parrots in the flesh or should that be 'feathers' ohh dear,sorry, they are extremely, almost unnaturaly colourful.
Beautiful bird, well framed. John.
raymed 18 21
4 Sep 2002 7:49PM
What can I say? What an honour! I really am delighted and appreciate the comments. As for the border, if you should check out my galleries on pbase you will see I have used different types of frame on each picture. However I have noted what has been said 'written' and will amend accordingly. The lunch, by the way, was a grape.

Thanks again.

Ray Medford
centur 19 106
5 Sep 2002 1:54AM
Ray I would lerve to "check out "your other images but....can't seem to find them
mmmmm grape huh..oh yes I can just imagine the parrots beak making short work of its squishy "prey" yum-oh!
I enjoy the birds texture as shown on feathers as well as the said "deflated" grape!
raymed 18 21
5 Sep 2002 8:30AM
Apologies for not inclding the full pbase address yesterday; here it is . . .

Again, I invite comments and criticisms, good or otherwise.
janet 18 27 England
5 Sep 2002 8:54AM
Hi Raymond,
I love your pic. Judges would immediately critisise it, saying it isn`t natural because of the dish in the foreground. But, I always take photos for me, NOT the judges.The parrot`s head is really sharp and the colours are brilliant. Well done!
User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2002 12:49PM
I remember being told the story about the Emperors New Clothes - you know the one where the clothes designers said that they were magic clothes and only clever people could see them - the Emperor was naked but everybody pretended they could see them so not to appear foolish.

I have to say, and I know it will attract a lot of flack but it's MY OPINION, that there is very little of photographic merit in this image.

Most of us are trying to improve our photography so honest fair criticism is justified.... here we go..

The background is very distracting and un-natural. The subject is a living creature and therefore we should portray it in a natural context. The foreground is even more distracting because of the amount of it, and the fact that it obstructs the main subject. The sharpness of the parrot around the eye appears good but the rest of the image leaves a lot to be desired

To rate this as Picture of the Week is demeaning to the other contributors. Sorry but that is my opinion

User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2002 12:52PM

I've just looked at your gallery and I feel you have many more worthy photographs on there. I particularly like the Pigeon. Sorry to be so critical but we put images into this forum for criticism good or otheriwse (as you say yourself).
Will 19 1.8k United Kingdom
5 Sep 2002 1:16PM
Hi Barrie,

I just wanted to mention that being Photo of the week doesn't always mean we feel it is the best photo from the site. Some of the main factors we consider in choosing photo of the week are:

-Is the photo likely to generate discussion.
-Is the photographer likely to benefit from probable comments.
-Has the type of photo been added to Photo of the week in the past. (We've now done landscapes, B&Ws, nature, candid and travel.)
-How recently the photo was uploaded.

Although you've said this particular choice is demeaning to the other contributors, you've also offered some useful advice to Raymond, so in that sense I feel this is a successful Photo of the week.

If anyone would like to recommend a photo of the week to be considered, please mention it on the forums.
fullerton 19 64
5 Sep 2002 1:47PM
barrie, i checked out your web page, and you pictures are very good, but i am left wondering under what natual context a perisan leopard encounters a colourful furry toy whilst against a black back ground...
raymed 18 21
5 Sep 2002 2:22PM
Thank you all for your comments, and thank you Willsmith for choosing to include one of mine as Photo of the weeek. My first thoughts when reading Barrie's comments were probably unprintable, but as I invite comments good or otherwise on my pbase pages I reckon I'm old enough and ugly enough to take the rough with the smooth.

I could nit pick about the comment about the background being 'very distracting and un-natural', but both the parrot and I were a very long way from his natural habitat at the time and it wasn't a Studio portrait. What you see is what you get. I also took pains to mention that apart from reducing the size the pictures were straight out of the camera. The parrot IS captive in the broadest sense, so I feel the foreground - including the water bowl - had every right to be there. Demeaning and the Emperors New Clothes? Sorry chum, but I reckon they could well be construed as sour grapes - if you will forgive the slight pun.

I remain proud that I was chosen, and appreciate the comments about my other pictures, barrie. Perhaps you would include your address so I may go and look at and learn from your examples. As old as I am I don't think I'll ever stop learning or trying.
raymed 18 21
5 Sep 2002 2:32PM
Barrie, just found your pages and am quite impressed that I was commented on by an LRPS no leass. I saw your animals and liked some of them, but wasn't aware that they flourished in such a 'natural context' around Retford. I certainly didn't see anything like them when I used to go there. But we live and learn, and isn't it grand to have one's ego deflated once in a while?

However, enough of this. Let's get back to taking pictures and trying once again to be chosen as Picture of the Week.

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