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Photo of the week changes

Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
6 Sep 2002 11:24AM
Readers have generally being submitting
pictures in the hope of seeing them published
in the gallery. We decided to introduce a Photo
of the Week to make things more interesting
for regular visitors and to allow debate and
The recent photo 02/09/02 has clearly shown
we need to change the way we do things.
Currently when a photo is submitted to the
gallery it may be because it's that persons
favourite photo and to see it criticised is
bound to cause upset.
If we change this to a photo critique section
where people expect to see constructive
criticism it will improve the feedback and
answer some of the concerns that were
raised in the 02/09/02 postings.
We'll look at how we will apply this and come
back with plan in the next few weeks. If in the
mean time you have views or thoughts on how
this would be presented let us know in this
discussion thread.
centur 19 106
6 Sep 2002 11:49AM
Peter great idea I personally welcome feedback on my work especially as I am a novice photographer ..which would be "painfully"obvious if I 'dared' to send a straight shot of mine ...come to think of it I will Wink
As I said before an abstract avant garde artist I am use to the "every one's a critic" syndrome.I have learnt that feedback is MOST important to an artists developement (photographers ARE artist now arn't they ???)....and Of course my ego is sooooo huge that I have learnt to take what I want and leave the rest.
Now as far as photography goes I am a total 'ning nong' tehe also as far as I am concerned ANY help/practical advice and the honest opinions/asthetic leanings of others is happilly accepted and seriously considered by me ...
I would love to see a section where I could post my "images" and gets some feed back on them !
I would be more than willing to stand in the line of fire to speak
O.M.G . I JUST THOT what if NOOOO one comments THAT is my worst nightmare ...well sort of
cya cheryl
centur 19 106
6 Sep 2002 11:54AM
maybe you could have a novice/ameteur section as well? Just a thotSmile
btw this site has been sooooooo helpfull for me THANKS
Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
6 Sep 2002 1:01PM
I think that as long as it is made clear to those submitting photos that a "constructive criticism" may occur, it's then up to them whether they want to submit.
I also think that it should be made very clear to posters that "constructive criticism" means just that - ie. don't just slag something off - if you think it could be improved, say how.
Rob Freem 19 113 France
7 Sep 2002 10:08PM
I may have an idea that might work. In my camera club days we had different sections to enter our work, i.e. portrature, record, natural history, or landscape. We had seperate classes for beginners,intermediats and advanced, and the photographs were judged for their merits in the
catagories in which they were entered. So the author of a particular photograph should state whether he would like, for example, his photograph of a parrot, to be judged as a record, or natural history. A record shot can be taken of the bird in a captive environment, whereas a natural history shot should be taken in the parrots natural environment. The author should state which catagory he would like the photograph to be judged in i.e. beginners, intermediate or advanced.

Regards Rob Freeman
fullerton 20 64
8 Sep 2002 1:10PM
i realise this would create extra work, but how about moderating this particular forum, not having messaes go live instantly and vetting them to remove anything unconstructive, that ought to help avoid the "tripods at dawn" situation as seen in the last picture of the week...
sinargee 19 245
8 Sep 2002 3:07PM
Hi There,

Heres my four pennies worth, Pete I think its a good idea. We all (I hope) take shots we are proud of for a varitity of different reasons, particular lighting effects,content,composition and thoose shots that were difficult to get or re-shot until we got what we want.

However we don't see them through others eyes, Like the other comment on this subject (can't remember by who, the comments on one's work by others has got to be of value if it is constructive. I agree, work should not be slag off for no apparent reason.

Comments like, "I think its rubbish" "it should not have a place in photo of the week" "I could have done better with a box brownie" does no one any good, but probably reflects the closed mind of the critic.

Comments on how to improve a shot (if you think it can be) can be constructive but can also be very subjective. It maybe helpful for people commenting on submissions if provision was made for the author of a shot to be given room to comment on his shot, what he was trying to achieve, and how he went about it, was there several angles from which he could have taken the shot and why he choose that particulr angle, how difficult was it for him to secure the shot etc. This may aalso help the less experianced to see how others work.

I think to have the idea broken up not only in different catogories but also into beginner, intermiate and advance seems a little too much, you could start to get conflict that a particular shot should be in beginers not advanced.

Passing comment on other peoples work is subjective. I am sure the enlightened try their best to view peoples work without bias, but I am afraid its human nature for people to like what they like and it will colour their judgement.

I am more than willing to submit work for comment under this new arrangment, and welcome peoples comment. I am sure I won't always agree with them but feel I could learn from comments to see a shot differently. Everyone no matter how advance can learn something, if you are a clever person you never stop learning from any source.
Rob Freem 19 113 France
8 Sep 2002 4:45PM
I think you may have missed the point.
The author who submits the photograph states
that he. or she is a beginner, or intermediate, or advanced. In that way you can direct your remarks with the understanding that you are commenting on the work of a novice or advanced
Linda 19 6 England
8 Sep 2002 5:53PM
I'm up for critique on my submissions. In addition I would find looking at other people's submissions and seeing the critique on them would be useful as well.
bppowell 19 2.2k 2 England
8 Sep 2002 9:52PM
I like the idea of a ("photo critique section where people expect to see constructive criticism"). It is my belief that contructive criticism will always help. I am not so sure of the moderator bit. Where do you draw the line betwen moderating and censorship. What I may consider "constructive criticism" others may not see it the same way.
I would be quite willing to submit my work for anyone to pull to bits(constructively), they would have to go a bit to beat the job I do on myself.

fullerton 20 64
8 Sep 2002 10:46PM
i'd have thought it ought to be pretty easy for anyone with any sense to work out what is constructive and what isn't, and providing there is consistency it doesn't really matter, if some one is giving useful advice on how to improve a shot, that's constructive, if they just point out the bits they don't like and fail to come up with anything concrete to improve the shot their opinion then it isn't. it's not exactly photo-pravda. hopefully, if everyone understands the purpose and ground rulse of the forum it shouldn't matter
centur 19 106
9 Sep 2002 3:08AM
Barry u said.." they would have to go a bit to beat the job I do on myself."
I know what you meanSmile
In fact maybe (as somone else alluded to ) the selected artist could be invited to give their own "critique"on their work as well ...pointing out (in MY case what areas that they (the artist/photographer thought needed improvment and further "advice"/feedback on...
just thoughts from a novice!
Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
9 Sep 2002 9:12AM
I don't see how saying whether you are a beginner or expert would make any difference. I think that when submitting a photo, you should have the option to submit it for POW aswell and then accept the CONSTRUCTIVE criticism offered.
If you want to suggest improvements to a photo, why should the level of the photographer make any difference.
Regarding having the forums moderated, I would have thought that as responsible adults (there must be SOME on here Smile we should be able to see where comments are insulting or derogatory and just ignore them. I've been using web forums for 10 years now and this is the first one I've used that has so far avoided any flame wars. Let's keep it that way.
fullerton 20 64
10 Sep 2002 11:16AM
i wonder if it might be interesting to take the photo as a starting point and them people couldput their criticisms into practivce by actually carrying out any changes that are possible in photoshop and then we could have a gallery of interpretaions of the same image and see which one we liked the best.
bppowell 19 2.2k 2 England
10 Sep 2002 11:54AM
in theory we are all nice folk but why did this thread start?


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