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Photobox problems.... grrrrrr

ejtumman 17 2.8k England
30 Oct 2006 12:52PM
OK, getting really peeved now.

I don't mind companies making the odd problem..... things do go wrong from time to time, I understand that. And fair play to Photobox, they do try and fix the problem quickly...

However, when it gets to the 5th order in a row that something hasn't been right, it's time to seriously consider if I want to continue using them.

Colours haven't been a problem recently.... everything has come out exactly as I wanted it to.... well, except the time all the prints were pink, but that was a problem at their end, and they sent out all new prints.

Here is a list of recent balls ups:

I ask for Matt and they send Glossy.
They only send half the order.
They send someone elses prints.
They send the wrong size prints.
I ask for borders and they don't do it.
I don't ask for borders and they do.

Am I the only one who is experiencing problems with them, or is everyone to frightened to critisise a company that the rest of the world raves about?

Again, Photobox do eventually sort out the problem, but having just spoken to them, and asked why there are an increasing number of mistakes being made, I was told that they are getting too busy!!! Sorry, but that is a crap excuse for the number of mistakes they are making.

I will continue to give them my business, mainly because I've learnt to allow twice the lenght of time need to complete the order, so they can send it out correctly the second time, but also because when they do get it right, they are very good.

Anyway, rant over.... but someone please tell me it isn't jusy me???

Emma :-(
JohnHawthorne 16 1.7k 5 Scotland
30 Oct 2006 1:11PM
I'm just about to send off a few orders to them and you post this?! Great, thanks a lot! Wink

I've used them quite a few times and each time the results were great. One time they cut off the copyright symbol in some of my prints (the copyright symbol was too close to the edge), but they had reprinted them and I got both copies in the same batch, so they do rectify any problems.

Having said that, if you are having that many problems with them, then go elsewhere. That's quite a lot of mistakes to make and I wouldn't have been so patient if that had been me.
strawman 18 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
30 Oct 2006 1:19PM
Emma I had a photobook they had 3 goes at.

attempt one, they had ghosting on the images. Some were terrible, some OK. did anyone look at them, it was so obvious.
Attempt two, it looks like the ink cart ran out half way down a couple of pages, strong colours at the top faded out at the bottom.
Attempt three, better photo quality

Prints always done well.
JohnHorne 17 1.0k
30 Oct 2006 1:28PM

Like John, I wouldn't have been so patient either. In the past I happily used Colab (with only the odd hiccup) and BPD Photech.

Why not print your own ? Since I bought a printer and started doing it myself I have had amazing service. I can honestly say that I have never received someone else's order, and always had matt / glossy as preferred (in fact, I have a greater choice of paper surfaces than the commercial firms offer). Oh, and the same-day turn-around is incredible !

ejtumman 17 2.8k England
30 Oct 2006 1:37PM
Lol.... I had thought about printing my own, and I do when I want the odd one or two.

However, in the next month, I am going to need to get a few hundred prints done (Calendars and Card Making) and it works out cheaper to get a lab to do it.

Last year I used Snappy Snaps, who were brilliant, but not as convenient or cheap. I've been using Photobox for about 6 months now, and they were fantastic to start with, its just in the last month or so that I've had problems.

Oh, and I forgot to mention another problem..... when I had borders done, some of them arrived not straight!! How they managed that, I don't know, but fortunately it was easy enough to trim to correct it.

elowes 17 2.8k United Kingdom
30 Oct 2006 5:06PM
Never had a serious problem with Photobox though I was a bit disappointed with their calendar I recently had made.
Saran 18 63 United Kingdom
30 Oct 2006 5:12PM
I'm afraid to say I really do think Photobox have lost their touch. Have now stopped using them all together - I used to use them for Photobooks and they never managed to produce an acceptable one the first time (Mainly problems with colour casts on BW images).

As already stated they do act very fast to correct things but I would normally be on the 3rd or 4th version of a book before they got it right. They know they have problems but just don't seem to be able to do anything about it.

I now use YoPhoto for my Photo books and Multi print for my prints - It is more expensive but not in the long run after I take into account the amount of my time Photobox takes up and my phone bill.

agoreira 18 6.0k Wales
30 Oct 2006 5:24PM
Am I the only one who is experiencing problems with them, or is everyone to frightened to critisise a company that the rest of the world raves about?

Never afraid to criticise when it's justified, or sing their praises when justified! Wink Probably a month or so ago I complained about them here, they had messed up three orders on the trot, and everyone seemed to say they had no problems, insinuating must be something wrong at my end! Wink But I also sang their praises a week or so ago, when I uploaded at 1620, and got them back the following morning.
As for printing at home, I gave that up long ago, especially as a lot of my prints are up to 30"x20", and I don't fancy a printer capable of printing that in my den! Wink
phil beale 18 1.5k United Kingdom
30 Oct 2006 5:52PM

Quote:Never had a serious problem with Photobox though I was a bit disappointed with their calendar I recently had made.

Great just ordered one lot to see what the quality is like and hoping to get them back before i order more, but the special offer runs out tommorrow.

Did look at ordering the photobook but seemed very long winded and complicated to do so used another company where you download the editing programme a lot quicker and you could move the photos around until you where happy. A new feature is due out shrink to fit so may look at using them once this feature is working.

What's snafish like as they were rated highly by WHICH over photobox?

ejtumman 17 2.8k England
30 Oct 2006 6:08PM
Calendars I make myself, the CD case ones.

I'm hoping to use photobox to print the 7x5 prints which I then trim down (with my nice new trimmer). If I order over 100 7x5 prints at a time they work out at 15p each. So 13 pages of the calender work out at 1.95, plus the cost of the CD case at about 17p (special calendar ones, normal ones don't open up properly)..... makes for quite an inexpensive calendar.

Last year I used Snappy Snaps 24.99 for 100 7x5 prints.

I'll probably try Photobox again, because when they get it right, they are good. I'm just worried that, while its been easy to get the smaller batches of prints corrected easily, it may be more difficult with larger orders.

Emma :o(
albi 17 68 1 England
30 Oct 2006 6:29PM
I've used them a few times and everything has been ok except the paper they use is way too thin, like tissue paper infact.

That's the only thing that lets them down imo,I emailed them to find out if they would print on heavier paper on request but I afraid they don't... :-(

peterkin 18 683 England
30 Oct 2006 7:08PM
Never had a problem with them so far (fingers crossed now).

Kris_Dutson 19 8.2k 1 England
30 Oct 2006 8:18PM
Maybe it's time to buy the A3 printer I keep promising myself...
Carabosse 18 41.9k 270 England
30 Oct 2006 9:40PM
On the other side of the coin I have had nearly 500 separate images printed by Photobox, some standard size, some enlargements.

No complaints from me so far. Smile
ejtumman 17 2.8k England
20 Nov 2006 3:47PM
Thought I should update this....

Ordered 200 odd 7x5 prints, when they had them half price, and they printed them OK. The order was exactly as I wanted.

It seems they only have problems when printing small orders... well, for me anyway Tongue

And as the prints were half price, my calendars this year have worked out at 1.20 each...... yay!!!

Emma ;o)

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