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Photographic Laws

culturedcanvas 16 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
13 Feb 2007 11:03PM
lol ... I think we handle that in house generally .. but thanks for the offer!


Offers of alcohol work well for me ...
User_Removed 16 4.9k England
13 Feb 2007 11:08PM
Can you copyright illegal graffiti, or graffiti drawn on property you don't own.
Not like a painting or a photograph is it.
Or is it the idea that's copright protected.
Krakman 15 3.6k Scotland
13 Feb 2007 11:10PM
Ooh, just for tha sake of accuracy, I had a very quick glance through the Australian 1968 Copyright Law and it looks at first glance as though even incidental inclusion would be a problem - incidental inclusion (S.67 on Page 117!) is only OK in cine films and television broadcasts in Australia...

Sorry to be pedantic, but just in case any Ozzie togs were about to rush off to incidentally include murals in their photos!
Krakman 15 3.6k Scotland
13 Feb 2007 11:19PM
Colwal: I dunno the answer. On the face of it, it's artwork and should be covered by copyright. On the other hand if it's created while committing a criminal offence, then perhaps it loses that protection... I don't know.

Incidental inclusion in a photo would in any case be OK in the UK. If it's the main subject of the photo, then why wouldn't anyone want to photograph someone else's inspiration anyway?

I'll bail out there before I get even more boring!
Takra 15 92 England
14 Feb 2007 12:09PM
If a photo of 'art work' on a wall can not be taken due to copy rights ect even though it is in a public place, then where would someone stand in taking a photo of a building, car, seat or everything else that has been designed and could be classed as art work and is in a public place?
FatHandedChap 15 1.3k England
14 Feb 2007 12:31PM
Depends on whether the designer asserts their copyright or not, and what the pictures will be used for.

Last I heard it was fine to take picture of the Eifell Tower, unless it's night time, because the lighting scheme is copyright and images can not be used for commercial gain.

Anthony Gormley waived all rights on the Angel Of The North to allow every one to enjoy and profit from his work.

Then again, I could be talking out of my butt as usual ;0)
Krakman 15 3.6k Scotland
14 Feb 2007 12:36PM
In Australia, or in the UK? In Australia, for example, have a look at S.65 of their Copyright Act I linked to, which roughly speaking says it's OK to photograph sculptures and certain other works of craftsmanship if they're on permanent display in a public place (but it's not OK to photograph paintings, other photographs, drawings etc. and it's also not OK to photograph anything that's on temporary display).

S.66 of the Australian act says it's OK to photograph buildings.

To return to the UK, see S. 62 of the 1980 Copyright Act:-

Quote: 62.Ś(1) This section applies toŚ
(a) buildings, and
(b) sculptures, models for buildings and works of artistic craftsmanship, if permanently situated in a public place or in premises open to the public.
(2) The copyright in such a work is not infringed byŚ
(b) making a photograph or film of it...

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