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photographing a wedding in a church any rules?

I was booked a few days ago for a wedding today, however the bride and groom don't know they have a photographer (me). This is my first time photographing a weddig in a church are there certain things I can and can't photograph? I'm not sure if the victor even knows there is a photographer I assume he would. The mother of the bride wasn't best helpful with what shots she wants just said the usual. So bring on this afternoon!
peterjones 19 5.1k 1 United Kingdom
11 May 2013 11:06AM
Try if you can have a word with or at the very least introduce yourself to the bride, groom and vicar before the ceremony most vicars these days are fine but there are still one or two dinosaurs about who look upon the church as being their territory; All I can say at this very very late stage is the very very best of luck!

collywobles 17 4.1k 10 United Kingdom
11 May 2013 11:50AM

Quote:I was booked a few days ago for a wedding today, however the bride and groom don't know they have a photographer

Maybe the B&G don't want a photographer, ever thought about that.
Yeah I was booked by the mother of the bride as a surprise.
ikett 10 545 England
11 May 2013 3:02PM
Really only one rule, speak to the priest or vicar or whoever's in charge, what they say goes, most are incredibly helpful as weddings are a very good source of income.

Basics no flash, never walk in front of the congregation and be as quiet as possible.

Good luck enjoy it.
scottishphototours 17 2.6k 2
11 May 2013 5:15PM

Quote:Yeah I was booked by the mother of the bride as a surprise.

Major, major mistake...
pulsar69 17 1.6k 6 United Kingdom
11 May 2013 6:03PM
Booked a few days ago for a wedding today , no surprise they dont know what shots they want lol - just hope you made it clear to them you are a beginner and first church wedding ? churches are lovely to photography but can be dark but i guess by now your done ! , be good to know how it went ?
Carabosse 18 41.6k 270 England
11 May 2013 7:15PM
At least let us know you've lived to tell the tale! Wink
EG Plus
11 24 United Kingdom
11 May 2013 11:08PM
Ask the vicar, take some test shots for lighting on higher iso's stay relaxed it will communicate to the people, get a list of the names and remember them as they feel like they know you. Find the ushers and best man and use them to organise groups of people. Good luck enjoy and let's know how you get on.

Well it was only small wedding 40 people at the most, it tipped it down but stopped just for photographs and the brides arrival, bride started crying at the site of me at arrival as she said she thought she never have a photographer. The lighting in the church was pretty much okay a few dark patched but nothing that couldn't be sorted, I avoided flash until the signing of the register photograph. Doing the group shots where easily sorted by getting the b&g to stand infront/under the arch and then ask who they wanted in the photograph. Mother of the bride had me taking pictures of her grandchildren for her and everything esle went pretty smooth, an hour an halfs work for 50 not too bad me thinks!
collywobles 17 4.1k 10 United Kingdom
12 May 2013 9:32AM
It looks like you had a pretty successful day and using the B&G to decide who they want in the photo was a good tactic and of course the right one. They will not forget this and will probably tell their friends about you so hopefully you might get more requests.
MikeA 16 1.3k England
12 May 2013 9:39AM
50 - less tax, you will have all the wedding tog up in arms, taking their livelihoods away from them LOL.
779HOB 9 1.2k United Kingdom
12 May 2013 9:56AM
I doubt there's tax to pay, charging what she is I doubt makes enough to pay tax. Eat or much else. I heard about someone yesterday who was charging 25 to do shoots for B&B and small hotels. Every room for 25. I charge a minimum of 300. Also heard a B&B had turned them down because they didn't have confidence in someone who clearly couldn't price a job properly. Someone else has offered to give some photos to the magazine I work for, cost me the shoot. I have told both these "photographers" that they are not doing themselves or anyone else any good.

Trouble is when you're a student or young and living at home (as the two examples above are) the money is not that important. 50 seems like a lot of extra cash. Doesn't even give me half a take of diesel.
Jestertheclown 12 8.5k 253 England
12 May 2013 10:16AM
Tax . . . ?

No-one making fifty quid for helping out a mate is going to rush to ghe taxman to volunteer to give him a cut.

Neither is this a serious threat to anyone's livelihood.If this young lady hadn't done the job, neithef would a "professional."
KevSB 17 1.5k 5 United Kingdom
12 May 2013 10:33AM
To the Op, QUICK , put your tin hat on, Incoming. You just lit the touch paper when you said 50 quid. that will bring them all out. Gets popcorn, takes seat and gets ready to watch the show.

Btw well done for managing in what could have been a very difficult situation.

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