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photographing large naked ladies

ray1 16 546 1 England
11 May 2012 3:20PM
I think it would only be right and proper for the photographer to be naked as well - bet that would make the girls smile or laugh even.
ge22y 12 115 12 Wales
11 May 2012 4:30PM
I think I'd be asking myself if this was the right commission for me if that's how you feel, if you believe you can't pose a larger a lady to make a great shot then the shots are likely to be sub-standard, do you really want to publish work that isn't your best?

I don't do weddings but I wonder how many photographers turn away brides to be because of their size - they learn to make the most of their subject and what works for every shape and size.

If you do go ahead I'd recommend watching Gok Wans How to look good naked series, I picked up loads of tips from there. You may be surprised how many 'smaller' girls are just as uncomfortable about their size.

Do a dry run posing your models in dressing gowns so they get an idea of what you want of them so naked time is kept to a minimum.
blackbird 13 159 15 United Kingdom
11 May 2012 9:05PM
Check out the work of Sue Bryce, beautiful work with women of all shapes and sizes.
patters 16 1.8k 1 United Kingdom
11 May 2012 10:52PM
I'm nice and fat, you can practice on me if you like?
patters 16 1.8k 1 United Kingdom
11 May 2012 11:10PM
I want to keep my thong on though
11 May 2012 11:19PM
wus Wink
patters 16 1.8k 1 United Kingdom
11 May 2012 11:23PM
ok ok, you win!
Bluke 15 303 1 United Kingdom
12 May 2012 6:52PM
Quote:I think I'd be asking myself if this was the right commission for me if that's how you feel, if you believe you can't pose a larger a lady to make a great shot then the shots are likely to be sub-standard, do you really want to publish work that isn't your best? ]

Large or not these ladies are still or have been very sick....Sad so I don't think you are the photographer for this job... Can't you see you are taking the pi** already... when you have finished this shoot will it be the topic of "" FAT""" jokes down the pub??Sad

Zatoichi 11 707 United Kingdom
12 May 2012 8:17PM

Quote:The bigger they are, the further back you'll have to stand. Wink

Rather than using a macro lens for the stick insects that seem to be popular these days Wink
johnp 16 141 United Kingdom
14 May 2012 11:21PM
Treat everybody with the same level of respect. Don't make the larger girls feel different by what you say or do - say the same things to them all. The only person who should know that you need to treat them differently is ... YOU. And if you can't do the above then you are, as has already been said, the wrong photographer.

Learn from Gok Wan. Use a bit of covering, screening, whatever for them all - it's just that the stuff you use will be working a bit differently for the bigger girls. Shadow helps a bit, so use careful lighting. But still treat everyone the same, don't single some out for being hidden while the slim ones aren't. Posing someone at 45 degrees to the camera should slim them. Learn about narrow lighting and broad lighting.

Your comments above suggest there are things you will / will not be allowed to do. Rule number one should be that you are in charge of shooting the job successfully. You have been hired (even if it's a freebie) for your skill and expertise.

And don't go sniggering round the back of the bike sheds
cathal 16 492 4 United Kingdom
15 May 2012 12:05AM
I've photographed quite a number of ladies, of different ages and sizes, in a range of nude (or implied nude) shoots.

Contrary to what a lot of people may think, photographing girls in the nude, wether its arty, classical figure studies or more racy lads mag style shots to full on top shelf, is not an easy job. Well, not easy if you want to do it properly. But probably 98% of all the ladies who've undressed in front of my camera had one thing on common, regardless of size, and that is they all had their own insecurities about how they looked.

It takes guts to strip off for a photographer... especially for a male photographer, and your part of the deal to repay their bravery is to do your utmost to capture each girl at their very best. There are a number of ways to help you achieve this, and one of the most important is the confidence you can project onto them. I'll cut to the chase here and say quite blatantly that if you feel unable to do this because some girls may be a bit on the larger size then get out now. Lighting is important, posing is essential, but above all else the attitude of the photographer and how he or she brings out the best in the girls will be what makes the shoot a success or failure. If you're not enjoying the experience, they won't either, and it will show.

Be professional at all times.
Nephila 8 22
15 May 2012 9:26PM
I would agree with Cathal's comment above. I think body confidence is almost independent of size; some women are naturally confident while very few women will feel that they have a perfect body and feel at ease in front of the camera at all let alone starkers!
RavenTepes 11 226 United States
16 May 2012 6:40AM
One thing to always keep in mind is that it should be an enjoyable experience...for both model and photographer. Whatever your technique is durring session...letting your model do whatever, or you carefully position them, keep comunication open. Listen to any ideas they may have.
JackAllTog Plus
11 6.1k 58 United Kingdom
16 May 2012 12:56PM

Quote: hard task to make them feel good about themselves along side the slimmer ladies

There are a couple of questions here, but as a professional person & photographer we should make all out clients feel good about themselves and none of our own preferences should really be part of any commissioned shoot.

Beyond that are the questions about the shoot brief - is this a Dove advert showing real women, is it a calendar shoot, Is it straight glamour just for the sake of it.
If you are unsure or working with any new subjects, then maybe its good to ask a professional model to let you practise on them before your own uncomfortableness meets your clients. There are plenty of alternate model genres that have very keen followings and some of these may be willing to let you work with them.

But flatter everybody involved, ask them for feedback about good sides/features etc. Generally don't shoot from below the model if you want to produce a slimmer image.
Consider short not broad lighting.
Consider partial lace coverings - scalfs, blouses etc.
Think props and scenes for each person.

Get the eyes smiling, take more shots than you need, don't look at a shot and say "mmm, lets try another one" Have a clear plan of each person in the shoot.
Remember you are not the viewer of the pictures, you are the provider of pictures for others to enjoy.

Good luck,

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