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Photographing properties for estate agents

I been approach by an estate agent to photography some prperties. Probably the higher end value.
Its been i while since i did this sort of work, in fact it was in the 1980's and the days of film.
Is anyone working in this area and can you give me an idea of fees. Do you charge on the size of property or on the value.

I normally work on a day rate for commercial jobs. But i would like to get an idea of prices to see if i can be competitive.
Even if your not a professional photographer you may have recently paid for photographs via an estate agent. Would you min telling me how much they charged,

Thank you.

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JackAllTog Plus
9 5.0k 58 United Kingdom
19 Dec 2012 1:49PM
I'd say you are perhaps quite lucky as most of the estate agents for flat letting i know just whip out a small compact and get on with it.

I don't think you give much detail for the pro's to comment - outside shots only, perspective correction, basic room shots, HDR adjusted shots to show inside and outside in same shot, added lighting inside to capture atmosphere.
Special's - panorama's, video's, that eye-360 thing on the prize draw?
Format shots are delivered in, responsive time-scales on your part - do they expect something in a week or an hour?
If your unsure why don't you think of a realistic day rate and add income tax and insurance, then divide down to the hour and double it to ensure you cater for processing and delivery time?
Would travel be extra - driving 50 miles to the shoot?

I'd be interested to hear what you do quote and if they take the quote?

Hi Stuart, thanks for your reply,
however I think you over complicating the question,
if i was quoting for a commercial job, then yes i take into account every detail.
However Estate agents generally work on a set fee for a basic number of shots. Prices sometimes vary depending on number of shots required for different sized properties. Such as an average 3 bed semi would be 9 shots made up of 3 outdoor and 7 indoor.

You are correct I could divide my day rate between how many properties i think ill get done in a day, But day rate prices vary depending on the industry, type of job and level. i.e.. doing a days shoot for vogue compared to a days shoot for a local magazine. they are both a days work, but the pay level is different. it all depends on where you pitch yourself and at what market level. As i have not done this type of work for quite a while im not sure what is the going rate. My day rate may work out too much for this type of work. What im after is an idea of prices which are being paid by estate agents at the moment. it may turn out its not worth me doing.

from a bit of research some prices I've come up with are
90.00 for 9 images for properties up to a value of 250k
150.00 12 image for properties 250k to 400k
250.00 18 images for properties 400k to 1 million.
350.00 for 20+ image for properties 1 million plus.

sorry if that sounds a bit ungrateful, its not meant to be, but thanks for taking the time to read my post and reply

Lucian 8 562
19 Dec 2012 3:27PM
Estate agents usually pay about 15-20 per property.
15-20 per property??? i was getting that in 1984.
adrian_w Plus
10 3.7k 4 England
19 Dec 2012 7:14PM

Quote:Estate agents usually pay about 15-20 per property.

Probably for a tin shack on the Wester Hailes estate.
Railcam 11 669 1 Scotland
19 Dec 2012 7:44PM

Quote:[Probably for a tin shack on the Wester Hailes estate./quote]

So property prices in SW Edinburgh (Wester Hailes) have risen then. Wink

scrimmy Plus
9 389 5 Scotland
19 Dec 2012 7:46PM

Quote:So property prices in SW Edinburgh (Wester Hailes) have risen then

no VAT has risen Tongue
Paul_Anthony 6 442 4 Wales
19 Dec 2012 8:14PM

Quote:Estate agents usually pay about 15-20 per property.

Is this based on personal experience Lucian?

scottishphototours 14 2.6k 2
20 Dec 2012 5:11PM
I sent flyers out to a few estate agents about 3 years ago offering a free set of pics to each one for a property over 250k. I did shots for 4 agents and all 4 booked me again for their high-end properties, for which I charged 350 for a set of around 15 images, both inside and outside. Things were ticking along nicely...

Then a local lad from college started doing the same. He charged 50 for the same 15 pics and I got dumped. He was doing it for the same 4 agents for 3 months then they started taking their own shots with a bridge camera, most of which were better than the college boys, and then he got dumped too. Now all 4 do their own, crap, pictures for clients and charge them a fee for pics that depends on the value of the property. They use the same bridge camera throughout and the results are truly awful.

The motto?? - stick to your realistic pricing and your quality as most of the agents that I used to deal with now wouldn't know a good picture if it slapped them in the face. People like "college boy" are responsible for killing yet another avenue of photography imho... good luck with it!!
User_Removed 8 4.6k 1 Scotland
5 Jan 2013 5:07PM

Quote:15-20 per property??? i was getting that in 1984.

No doubt.

But that was before every estate agent's work experience trainee had a digital compact camera.

User_Removed 8 4.6k 1 Scotland
5 Jan 2013 8:24PM
....and, I kid you not, a neighbour who put her house on the market last year commented that when the estate agent came to draw up particulars, he took the photographs for the job with a mobile phone.
gfm198 1 1
8 Nov 2016 11:10PM
I have to agree with the 15-20 fee. I approached a local estate agent offering a free first shoot. They took me up on my offer on a house up for sale for 650k. Was there a good hour taking around 50 pictures edited and gave them 26. I checked out their current properties and there current photographer was truly awful, blown windows, blurry pictures, definitely not edited. Went up on rightmove 13 pictures used 2 which were not mine (obviously the other photographers). So from the 13 photos they used on rightmove 11 were mine 2 was the other photographers. It was my first ever property shoot, although I did not tell them that, however, I can honestly say the quality of my pictures are in the top 10% of the photos you see on rightmove.co.uk. I said I would charge in future 45 for up to a 2 bed property, 55 for 3 bed and 65 for 4 bed plus. Being that my pictures are about ten times better than his photos I can only assume he is working for peanuts, 20 top wack. Estate agents are basically the scum of the earth out for themselves they don't give a damn about giving their customers a good deal, and they certainly don't care about quality of there photos they get of their properties. I know someone working in the southeast of England charging 60 for a 2 bed property, not only doing the photos but doing the floor plans and EPC's!!!!!!!! And he struggles to get work. Basically what has happened is a massive influx of Eastern Europeans they flood into these UK companies who then realise that they can take the piss with their workers, I.e stop pay increases, reduce breaks, make working conditions intolerable if you don't like it you leave, for the Polish and Lithuanians is a great deal earning up to 6 times more than back home living 10 to a house, they are in dreamland, for the British it's a nightmare they are forced to leave many unqualified, they then struggle to find work in the same industry as they find that the companies discriminate against them and favour the Eastern Europeans who are more greatful for a job paying 6 times more than back home. So what happens is these unqualified people seek self employment, looking for jobs that require no qualifications, do a short training course or no training and start undercutting there market. This is what has happened to Property photography, floor plans and EPC's. Also has not helped the Photography industry is the introduction of A level Photography, every tom and **** Harry is doing a A level in this and they think they are Professional once they pass a simple A level which a clever person could probably study for in a week and pass very easy. Hence college boy above!!! Situation is only going to get worse for many industries. The only way you can make money from property photography is to do high end property, which you will need a great portfolio at least a 8 metre mask or a drone.
thewilliam 9 6.1k
9 Nov 2016 1:05AM
We're in the process of selling our house and our agent uses a very competent local colleague who does a very good job - far better than I'd have done myself and not just because I don't have a 14mm lens.

He also does the job for less than I would have liked to charge.
arhb Plus
10 3.4k 68 United Kingdom
9 Nov 2016 6:08PM

Quote:The only way you can make money from property photography is to do high end property, which you will need a great portfolio at least a 8 metre mask or a drone.

And some twitlight composites.

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