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'Photography has been destroyed by mobile phones'

Ross_D 6 841 1 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2018 2:40PM
Interesting point of view by renowned film maker Wim Wenders

BBC vid

JJGEE 15 7.8k 18 England
31 Oct 2018 3:03PM
not sure about photography being destroyed BUT the red telephone box with the push buttons " A " and "B" certainly has Wink
Dennis45 2 42 Canada
31 Oct 2018 7:24PM
I wholeheartedly embrace smartphone photography, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, imo. He did not give one valid argument against smartphone photography, imo.
dark_lord Plus
16 2.7k 709 England
31 Oct 2018 7:35PM
It's still he user that shows through. If you know what you're doing you'll get good resiults.
The old computer saying of 'rubbish in, rubbish out' holds true, whatever divice you happen to use.
Dave_Canon Plus
14 1.8k United Kingdom
31 Oct 2018 7:43PM
I thought his case was very weak. Things move on and his implications that there was no manipulation in the days of film is untrue. There must be room for all types of photography. In my Club environment, member almost all used SLR/DSLR but in recent years many have adopted mirrorless though not because they believe them to be technically better but they are smaller and lighter. For some this feature is vital. I recall back in about 2003, an experienced member won a competition but only then revealed that he had used a 3 M pixel digital compact. I expect that eventually we will have a winner who reveals that they used a phone though it has not happened yet.

31 Oct 2018 7:58PM
I donít agree with his opinion that smartphones have destroyed photography...

Surely if folk take pictures with phones, which I accept many now do, surely this is an increase in photography...?

Okay, not my weapon of choice either, but these shots do often get shared and admired by their friends etc.. We often get shots of granddaughter from her mum, taken on a phone, and for record purposes, often quite adequate....without her phone would we even get these pictures to start with...?

The smartphone is just another photographic tool and your choice what to use...
Paul Morgan 19 19.5k 6 England
31 Oct 2018 8:46PM
Nah it was the box brownie that destroyed photography, so the pro`s with there great big plate cameras said at the time Smile
SlowSong Plus
12 9.3k 30 England
31 Oct 2018 9:08PM

Quote:Nah it was the box brownie that destroyed photography, so the pro`s with there great big plate cameras said at the time Smile
Hey, never realised it was actually me that destroyed photography. The power might go to my head. Grin
DaveRyder Plus
6 4.8k 7 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2018 9:19PM
I used to carry an Olympus mju pocket camera - last one was a 7000.
Now my phone has replaced this 'always with me' thingy.

But also always had a reasonably decent camera - if you'll accept my Fuji and Olympus bridge units as decent.
bornstupix2 3 110 1 France
1 Nov 2018 6:37AM
Its very simple for me....the best method of taking photographs is the one "to hand" when the opportunity arrives.....equiptmentitus has dogged the photography scene for as long as I can remember but the real truth is laid bare because without the exif info it is almost impossible tell what an image was made with.
Add to this the fact that stunning graphic images can be made via software and whatever "camera" (if we are blessed with the talent!) ....and the argument for the very best looks thinner and thinner...aspiration is good but elitism ??? not sure!.....for me, the first mass market digital camera was as powerful as the first pocket Kodak if not more so. Keep making pictures and as the dragsters say........run what you brung.
Dennis45 2 42 Canada
1 Nov 2018 7:10AM
There's an undertone of bitterness evident in the speaker's comments, which is naturally understandable. He could have gone on to say that digital ruined photography. However, I think it is the lost jobs, and not any of the new technology that he really wants to blame. It's an industry that has been turned on its head over the past decade or so. Unless it's your living, you can use anything you want, even film.Grin
altitude50 16 20.5k United Kingdom
1 Nov 2018 9:56AM
Wenders wants a new word for 'photography'.
How about mine.............. 'Verybutton'.
Copyright - me!!!Grin
That should cover most things imaging, film, glass plates, phones, tablets, instant, digital, laser scanning.
miptog 15 3.6k 64 United Kingdom
1 Nov 2018 11:49AM
Photography continues to evolve, which is a natural progression. Still photography and motion picture photography are merging. The best camera is the one that you have with you. That will usually be a smartphone for the vast majority. Having less is more and adds to creativity and innovation. Software is being advanced to a state where often the creative process can happen in post processing, within the camera. I can understand Wenders viewpoint and frustrations but do not wholly agree with it.
MalcolmS Plus
15 1.2k 13 England
1 Nov 2018 1:15PM
Each to his own and all the other cliches. The only times I get annoyed with phone snappers is when they all have them above their heads and I cannot get a shot because of the sea of phones. Patience is invariably rewarded however even in those circumstances and when they put out of focus banal crap on social media, maybe their brains were out of focus at the time though, so I suppose it could be said to capture the moment.
If the use of phones advances interest, results in new technology that gives 'better' outcomes etc. then I'm all for it. I did a tour of Spain last year and at one location took some shots of a remote monastery with my 5D3. The light was good but not as spectacular as it was two minutes after I'd packed my camera away, so out came the phone quickly to grab the moment. I got the best shot of the session, which granted I couldn't have blown up to poster size but for normal printing/lsideshow/computer viewing was perfectly good.
peterjones 18 5.1k 1 United Kingdom
1 Nov 2018 3:15PM
In my view mobile phone camera technology is coming of age, my new whizzbang is capable of stunning images easily printable to A3 and is always available, the best camera in the world is the one in your hands, photography has expanded massively.

Mobile phone technology falls down in challenging circumstances where the DSLR either mirrorless or not remains supreme however I expect camera phones will make inroads into more challenging imagery given time.


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