Photography Up...............Cameras Down?

StrayCat 15 19.1k 3 Canada
5 May 2017 8:41PM
Most modern cameras, even cheap compacts offer those features.

I certainly fit the "Gandad" moniker, being 71 and not on facebook or any other social network; this site is the closest I come to a social network. However, I have smartphone, 3 to be exact, and all with fairly good cameras, but I only use one. I may reactivate my LG G3 as strictly a camera, because if blows my iphone 6S out of the water in that respect.

I think later in life the younger generations of today will develop an interest in refining their photography. Smartphones are like a toy, and many professional photographers think of them that way, and use them as such. I have read at least a dozen articles recently in magazines on the same issues being discussed in this thread, and every in every one of them the author mentions that for serious photography they carry a camera, even if it's a compact with a 1 inch sensor. However, the folks CB is talking about are not out taking pictures for a pastime; they're doing any number of different activities and always have the phone with them, primarily because it's their lifeline, and they'd be lost without it. I forget to take my phone most of the time, and the only time I think of it is when I want to use the phone, not the camera. It also depends on the type of pictures they're taking; they'd soon tire of a smartphone if they were into wildlife photography, even for fairly close, large subjects, they just don't have the lens for it, and cropping is possible, but a waste of time. We took our nephew and his wife on a drive to Banff, Alberta, and they each had an iphone, and took pictures of everything; some of it was ok but they wanted me to message my shots to them of the wildlife, because you could hardly see it in their photos, A bit of street photography is ok, and tells their circle of Facebook friends where they've been, but they use their images as parts of messages and info on their social networks, and the IQ means nothing. It's a whole other world, and will always be foreign to me, though I do text many images to our children and grandkids. Also, as I've said many times on here, people can be very camera-shy, but don't mind a smartphone in their face at all. Anyway, just asked my wife if she'd like to go to the mountains for a drive, and she said yes, it's going to be 27C here today.Wink

PS: If I remember to take the smartphone, I'll take a few shots and post them.Smile

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keith selmes 16 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
7 May 2017 12:27PM
But sales of DSLR and mirrorless cameras aren't much down from 2010.

That surprised me a bit. I'm still using a Canon 5D (2005 model) and Panasonic GH1 (2009 model).
The Ricoh compact camera gets tested occasionally, but hasn't really had much use since I got the GH1.

Trouble is I'd like to replace my cameras, but I don't need to. Whoever is buying them, it isn't old fuddy duddies like me. What puzzles me is that sales are as good as they are, especially in a recessionary phase.

Oh, an afterthought, to be totally honest, I did buy a camera last year, to replace the GH1, but that was a slightly used one from ebay, at one tenth original price, and only after I fell in a river with the original. (And it's working again now, so I have a spare.)

I would have thought the market for digital cameras had grown massively for a few years before 2010, and by now would be saturated and down to replacement levels, and with plenty of good used ones available. And that should be happening with smartphones and tablets soon, as most people who want one will have one by now.

Carabosse 16 41.3k 270 England
7 May 2017 6:41PM
Everything seems to be peaking! shocked-light.jpg


StrayCat 15 19.1k 3 Canada
7 May 2017 7:51PM
I read very recently, maybe in the news, that iphone sales are dropping quite a bit, and the new ipad, according to Macworld magazine, may spell the end of the pro line, it's much cheaper, and just as good, they say.

Did Apple leave the earphone input off the iphone 7 so they could sell more of those wireless earplugs, I hope they wouldn't make a bad decision like that. I know quite a few people who couldn't wait to get a 7, and when they found out about the earphone plugin, they passed on it. You're guaranteed to lose at least one of those wireless things.
Chris_L 5 5.3k United Kingdom
7 May 2017 10:55PM
Apple have a lot of expensive shops with a huge wage bill. If they don't persuade people to constantly buy new phones and tablets they go bust. It doesn't really matter how many you sold in the past, Blackberry and Nokia will tell you that.

This year I've noticed quite a few friends who've had iPhones since the first one ending up with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 switch to Samsung when renewing their contract.

Ok Google seems to work better than Siri (plus Google have a search engine and Apple don't). Also, whilst you pay big for iCloud you get a lot of free storage from Google - unlimited for images 16mp and under.

Apple doesn't seem to offer enough to justify their premium price point.
StrayCat 15 19.1k 3 Canada
8 May 2017 7:17AM
I have a friend who has a business with his son where they keep the measurement data of many oil and gas companies around the world on their system, at home, and they have many Macs, He was at our place one night and I told him I was seriously thinking about switching to Apple. He said it would be a big mistake. He said the service is great, but very expensive. I had a new iphone one time, and I was getting ads on it every time I turned it on, and some of the pictures were very offensive to my wife. I had a look, and saw that it was iTunes that was the source, and that week they were advertising some rock band's album. I phoned them, and told them to stop. The guy said we can't do that. I told him the phone was going back. He checked with somebody and said, ok we'll make sure you don't get any more of the ads, but there's a charge for this. I laughed for awhile, and then said, I'll return the phone, and I did. I have a 6s now, but only because it was a very good promotion. It's a frustrating piece of kit though.

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