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Photoshop for Dummies

digicammad 17 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
17 Sep 2003 4:26PM
Does anybody have this book and, if so, is it a worthwhile investment? I have a basic grasp of Photoshop but am struggling with things like layer masks, filter layers, history brush, etc.

Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
17 Sep 2003 4:33PM
Check out our book reviews . They are a honest appraisal and many Photoshop books are listed. Still one of my favourites (apart from my Photoshop 7.0 A to ZWink) is Photoshop Wow by Jack Davis.
peterkent 18 117
17 Sep 2003 5:46PM
While respecting Pete's opinions on Photosop, I would be very dubious of using the Wow books as tutorials. They are aimed squarely at people who have a good grasp of Photoshop and want to get heavily into 'effects'. You'd be very safe buying authors like Greenberg, Blatner, McCelland, Fraser etc. I avoid the Dummy series like the plague, unless you like cartoons and being treated like a dummy - but that's just me. I speak from having spent many many hours in book shops perusing Photoshop books. The trouble is, you have to know a bit about Photoshop to know if the books are any good - it's catch 22!! Good luck.
durlstonp 18 638 1 United Kingdom
17 Sep 2003 6:37PM
The 100% Photoshop Bible isn't a bad place to start. Avoid Photoshop for Photographers - it's a great book, but it assumes that you already know how to use all the tools and takes you that step further. The [i]Wow![/i} books are great, just not good tutorial books (very good for provoking thought about various effects...)

Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
17 Sep 2003 6:55PM
Completely disagree with Peter and DP about the Wow book. Don't take my word for it, go to a book shop have a look. You mentioned you have a basic grasp - that's all you need. Page 152-161 has some in depth, but very well explained info about layers and masks. There's loads of step by step walk through stuff, all highly illustrated. A lot of the material is graphically based but very high quality so you can apply your learning to photographs.
digicammad 17 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
17 Sep 2003 7:15PM
Thanks for the advice. I do like cartoons but hate being treated like a dummy. I must admit I tend to prefer reference style books, rather than tutorials. Having worked for 30 years (ooooh my aching bones) in computers I tend to be able to work most things out from basic instructions, so I may plump for Pete's recommendation.

peterkent 18 117
17 Sep 2003 9:20PM
Pete - The last Wow book I bought was the Photoshop 4 version. 329 pages of mostly effects and pages 52-66 on Selections, Masks, Layers and Channels. Some people have devoted whole books to those subjects alone. Maybe updated versions of the book are more comprehensive. Horses for courses.
Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
17 Sep 2003 9:49PM
There's is only so much you can say about Selections, Mask and Layers though. I find with books like the Photoshop Bible that once you've cut through the waffle you're left with the facts that could have been in a book a quarter of the size. Photoshop Wow crams the info in, in bullet size pieces...Anyway I've done enough plugging that book...anyone would think I was the author or on commission! As you say Peter, horses for courses.
flossie 17 1.6k
19 Sep 2003 12:52PM
I read all the book reviews and jotted down the titles and authors of the ones I liked the sound of.
I looked at the library and they had about 7 of them on the listing so I ordered them for 70p - I've just got the first one. You can look through then and if it isn't what you wanted you've only wasted 70p. I'd hate to fork out 20 - 30 for a book only to find it wasn't what I wanted.
Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
19 Sep 2003 2:39PM
Good idea Anne
block119er 17 8
23 Sep 2003 10:20PM
I bought the Wow book, but to be honest I got through a couple of sections, before I wandered off. Feel I learn more from the monthly magazines at the moment, I'll go back to the book when I've got the hang of the basics as I feel like some say, you need to know something before you get it. In My Opinion. Tony
digicammad 17 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
25 Sep 2003 12:13PM
My Wow book is due to arrive today, so other half allowing I should be able to give some feedback after the weekend.

johnprior 17 11
25 Sep 2003 4:02PM
Hi, can I add to the library, for my money 'Real World Photoshop' by David Blatner and Bruce Fraser is the best book around, if you have basic knowledge. The colour space 'Bruce' comes from one of the authors.
peterkent 18 117
25 Sep 2003 8:29PM
John - That is quite my favourite book but it so rarely gets a mention. Written by real pros who know what they are talking about.
em0231 19 15
26 Sep 2003 2:48PM
Instead of buying books as this can keep growing. Why not look at training CD's. Barry Thomas is the boss but his CD's are nearly 60. The other to look at is Barry Beckham, you will find him at Wantage Photo Club. He's very good.

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