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Photoshop help.

MikeRC 16 3.6k United Kingdom
14 Sep 2007 5:41PM
Hi.....desperate to make better images, I have started a Photoshop course at a local college.

It's only 6 x 2 hour lessons, the first has gone and I've learned nothing.
There are a dozen students and some are takeing the time up telling him their life story.

He asked me what I wanted out of PS and I said, "to make better pictures"

On EPZ they talk of Layers and Levels and Layer blending and Saturation , colour levels and dodging and burning, name but a might as well be Chinese.

What can I tell him I need to know to turn my mediocre pictures into the stunning images shown on EPZ ?

I have Elements 3.....Elements 5 is available for 25
...would buying this be a good move ?

...thanks for any advice....Mike
Hoffy 17 262 16 England
14 Sep 2007 5:45PM
Upgrading to Elements 5 is a great idea. Lots more in there.

Have you paid for the full course, if not stop.
Start buying Digital Photo you will learn more off there.
Where do you live. PM me.
Boyd 17 11.2k 11 Wales
14 Sep 2007 5:47PM
Don't forget the techniques on ePz - working your way through them should take you a while and they're free.
Simon_Palmer 15 759 11 United Kingdom
14 Sep 2007 5:50PM
Unfortunately all pics require different processing. Also there is no one way to do anything in PS, many ways can produce the same result.

My best piece of advice. Ask peeps how they produce an effect, use google and most of all play with PS etc. Nothing beats sitting in front of it and learning, it is a very steep curve and incredibly frustrating at times. Unfortunately, there is no single button that you can click to make a 'WOW' image.

Folks here are friendly and do give advice when asked. Also check the B&A gallery, many people put info in there.

Oh yeah, one more thing, you'll be surprised what a camera can do, PS is not always the solution Wink


EDIT: Yes use the techniques here as Boyd rightly suggests.
Hoffy 17 262 16 England
14 Sep 2007 5:50PM
That is true. There are also lots of other sites.

When you have a lesson on PS and if you are that infusiastic, you should come out of the lesson buzzing.
guidoa 19 1.4k United Kingdom
14 Sep 2007 6:27PM
A couple of years I enrolled on a Photoshop course, some people had to be shown how to start a computer,others had never heard of photoshop. As I had a fairly reasonable knowledge of photoshop but really wanted to improve techniques, icluding layers and the like, I asked if I could go into one of the more advanced classes, the answer was not until I had completed the basic course which took up a whole academic year, so I baled out and bought Digital Photo instead and not regretted it.
chriswebb 17 893 United Kingdom
14 Sep 2007 6:33PM

Quote:A couple of years I enrolled on a Photoshop course, some people had to be shown how to start a computer,others had never heard of photoshop.

Some people actually enrolled on a course for something they'd never heard of ?
BEVZED 14 1.1k United Kingdom
14 Sep 2007 7:02PM

Quote:Quote:A couple of years I enrolled on a Photoshop course, some people had to be shown how to start a computer,others had never heard of photoshop.Some people actually enrolled on a course for something they'd never heard of ?


YUP!! They do - honest! Not me I hastily add, but I've spoken to 3 different people that didn't have a clue what they were going to be doing and finished after 11 weeks knowing it was 'Photoshop' - thought they were going to be given a camera to use and churn out poster-sized portraits of each other!
troberts 15 17
14 Sep 2007 8:02PM
If your booked on its worth doing
You will want to learn how to use layers to improve your images, ask about adding adjustment layers, resizing canvas , adding borders, creataing actions, using levels
The monthly DVD from Digital photo is by the far the best to learn and of course EPZ techniques
have a look at Download to learn about actions and download free ones
watch how they run and you will learn waht is being processed
Regards Tony
KBan 16 512 4 United Kingdom
14 Sep 2007 10:01PM
wait till you get the new lens Mike !!!!!

MikeRC 16 3.6k United Kingdom
15 Sep 2007 9:39AM
Hi Keith...disappointed...too heavy.
Hopeing to go to Southport next week but I don't see me lugging that.
stevem 17 238 United Kingdom
15 Sep 2007 10:06AM
Hi Mike, I've taught Photoshop & am iterested in your comments as a tutor! It sounds like the icebreaker has gone on a bit - often difficult to manage with large classes - as when you ask some people to tell the class about their reasons for attending the course, you get the WHOLE life story!! A good tutor can tactfully end the monologue if it's not relevant.

My advice is to persevere & you must have learnt something? Your fellow students are a source of valuable information too.
I give an overview of Photoshop - a quick PRACTICAL exercise in setting up a standard workspace using the common palettes & keyboard shortcuts (works across different versions). This ensures we are "all singing from the same hymsheet" when working. I have the luxury of teaching with touch screen whiteboards & adequate PC's. Some tutors do not.
Of course to improve your pics, don't forget camera skills! - many excellent pics have minimal Ps processing (and sometimes none).
Regards, Steve...
deejceej 15 19 United Kingdom
15 Sep 2007 10:34AM

I've taken a couple of courses in photoshop, and found that they were invaluable in helping me develop my skills. As for your particular circumstances I would suggest that you speak with the tutor and explain your concerns, you can do this quietly either before or after the class and give examples of the kinds of things that you want to be able to do. The only problem with these classes is that they go at the pace of the slowest learner, but your tutor should be able to cope with a mixed ability group and set tasks appropriate to all participants

You could also ask whether you could bring your own images and work on those in class with the assistance of the tutor, I found this really helpful as I got something concrete out of it at the end of the session.


carrot_heid 15 198
15 Sep 2007 10:58AM
A brilliant site is

Mark Johnson,s Photoshop Workbenches are brilliant.

I was average using photoshop before I started looking at Radiant Vista now I would say I was quite proficient
BlindLemon 14 226
15 Sep 2007 11:13AM
Another vote for radiantvista.

Their video tutorial downloads are free. I suggest you start with 'Essential Adjustment Layers'

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