Photoshop help please? Mock-up/replica of old newspaper

col.campbell 16 1.3k 4 United Kingdom
23 Oct 2019 9:54PM
One of things, probably easy when you know how...

Wondering if anyone can offer some broad tips. I have images of an old 'newspaper', printed in a foreign language. I'm getting it translated, and would like to make a mock-up of the original by copying & pasting the translation so that I can compare the original to the mock-up, article by article - does that make sense? A sort of replica, with the text replaced.

I've had a quick go at preparing the ground to make it easier once the translation arrives, but it's not very convincing. I took the original image, cropped to suit, selected the entire canvas & copied it, and pasted into a new image created with the clipboard dimensions. I created a solid colour layer and picked the colour, duplicated the top layer (the image itself) and hid that below the solid colour. Then I selected the areas of text, feathered slightly, and deleted to create blank space to type/ paste the translation.

As I said, the result so far isn't that good but at the moment I'm not seeing how to do it more convincingly. Can anyone offer any pointers, please?


PS I put 'newspaper' in quotes because it's a wartime propaganda leaflet, but it's laid out like a newspaper.

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dark_lord Plus
15 2.4k 598 England
24 Oct 2019 12:14PM
As I understand it, the japanese text is going to be replaced with English text.

There are a number of ways you could go about this, Photoshop is one and using desktop publishing software is another, so it's what you're familiar and comfortable with.

I'd start with a fresh document, with the background colour the same as that of the original document. Scan the original at high resolution, or photograph it, to get separate files for the images. These can be pasted in as separate layers and adjusted to size. The lines can be drawn with the pencil tool (if I recall correctly) and borders created around the text using the Marquee tool and adding a Stroke just like creating a keyline around an image. You may need to tweak that pink hue of the background and images so they match. Thinking about it, you could use the colour picker to sample the pink colour from your scanned image.

Desktop publishing software is easier when creating lines and borders around text boxes and images. As an aside, I've created calendar templates in Photoshop and desktop publishing software and the results were near identical.
Perhaps the tricky thing is deciding which way to go, just as there are numerous ways of making adjuistments to your norml images in Photoshop.

I hope I've understood you correctly.
It'll be interesting to hear any other ideas.
Tianshi_angie 4 2.6k England
24 Oct 2019 1:38PM
I think you may have more problems than you have envisaged. Japanese text is usually written from right to left and may be written vertically. Also there are no letters as such, they are all pictograms which may cause other problems i.e. in space - a pictogram can convey several words in the English alphabet - 天使 is Chinese for Tianshi - the space needed for the English is more than the Chinese.

Of course you may already have allowed for that - not clear from your original post - I am simply trying to understand how you envisage using the original layout.
col.campbell 16 1.3k 4 United Kingdom
24 Oct 2019 11:30PM
Thank you both.

Since I'm not yet in possession of the translation, I suppose I'll take the problems, as I see them, one at a time:

Remove original text
Create convincing/ passable plain background where text was
Insert translated text

The first two are probably more suited to PS, for me, but I haven't yet been able to leave a convincing blank space where text was. All the more tricky because I'm trying to do this as a surprise for my wife without her looking over my shoulder!

I actually think that a scan may work better because the paper will be pressed flat, meaning the slight irregularities will be evened out a bit, and hopefully the colour will be more even too.

The third part: I was googling 'free DTP software' and came across an article which suggested, amongst others which I'd never heard of, OpenOffice. Maybe worth a look, because I'm hoping to preserve the original lines and boxes so I wouldn't need to draw them myself.

Oh, and of course, crossing my fingers that the translated text will fit! Or at least, will fit with only minimal editing.. crumbs.. if not then it kinda defeats the entire point!
Tianshi_angie 4 2.6k England
25 Oct 2019 9:26AM
I have 'played' with Open Office in the past but I found it very difficult to use. But before I had the Adobe stuff I used CorelDraw and found that software easy to use and it did a good job of producing the kind of thing you are after. There is a free version but you can also download a trial of the software which may be worth a try.
Jestertheclown 11 8.0k 252 England
25 Oct 2019 12:02PM

Quote:OpenOffice. Maybe worth a look,

"Open Office" and its siblings, are a poor man's version of Microsoft's "Word" and while they do a reasonable job of working with Word type documents,they're not really best suited to this task.
If I was to attempt this using Microsoft gear, I'd be looking at using "Publisher" which in turn, can be bettered although I can't think of a free DTP that would be able to do so.
There's "Affinity Publisher," which allows you to try it for fourteen days and then return it but you have to buy it first.
Sadly, there's no free trial although at about fifty quid, you might choose to keep it. I'm considering it myself.
Another, although much more complex alternative which, I believe, does come with a free trial, is Adobe's" InDesign."
It's a serious heavyweight but it will tackle what you're trying to achieve. It will be a huge learning curve though.
A long shot but you might just find it somewhere, is Serif's "PagePlus." It's old now but it's still very capable.
I still use it, in its final incarnation, and it easily outperforms "Publisher."

Good luck!
Chris_L 5 5.3k United Kingdom
25 Oct 2019 3:37PM
Just do it in Ps using the Paragraph Composer (you may need to Google that) then switch your text layer to multiply mode, reduce opacity a little bit and place on top of something like this which you should have on a layer below, copy other bits (maps and photos etc) from original to your new blank, you will notice when placing other bits from original onto your new blank changing the blending mode is key.

Chris_L 5 5.3k United Kingdom
25 Oct 2019 3:55PM
Just had a quick go and the other thing you might want to try is adding some noise to the text layer after rasterizing it. This took ten mins and I wasn't being very careful, used first newspaper pic I found too.




col.campbell 16 1.3k 4 United Kingdom
25 Oct 2019 4:20PM
Thanks everyone. Pesky work is going to get in the way for a few days before I can catch up on all of these suggestions, but thank you and please keep them coming!
col.campbell 16 1.3k 4 United Kingdom
2 Nov 2019 12:27AM
Aaaaannnnndddd... happy days - I have the translation! So now I can get on with it.

Chris, for 'having a quick go' that looks great - any chance you could send me a PM with more detail on how you did that, please? At your convenience; I'm still tied up with work atm.

Chris_L 5 5.3k United Kingdom
2 Nov 2019 3:07AM
Sure, but the post above the one with the example should get you started, tell me how far you get
col.campbell 16 1.3k 4 United Kingdom
4 Nov 2019 11:28PM
Ah, turns out I hadn't read your post properly and I answered in a bit of a hurry during my break at work! Now that I've re-read it I'll have a go in a day or two and report back. Thanks again!
Chris_L 5 5.3k United Kingdom
5 Nov 2019 12:18AM
This is the thing you might get stuck on, it's pretty important to have the font looking good and the text justified as it would be in a newspaper.

You can rasterize the text if you don't want to change any wording later which might make it easier to work with.

A lot of it is going to depend on how experienced you are at working with layers and blending them together, selecting and copying from one document (such as Japanese stuff) then resizing and pasting into the mock up.

If you've ever made something like a poster with some text and a few photos you've got the skills to get you 95% of the way there.
col.campbell 16 1.3k 4 United Kingdom
8 Nov 2019 5:57PM
Thanks again Chris - I'm still tied up with pesky work getting in the way of the important stuff! - but I hope to have a go next Tuesday/ Wednesday, unobserved Wink
ViVla 3 11 2 Russian Federation
12 Nov 2019 8:05AM
Hello, just of interest I made the example and recorded how it was made.299243_1573545655.jpg
I did not polish it just the rough idea.

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