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Reason : locked because it's such an old thread and only comes up when a new person joins who's done a search to slag them off.

steve123 18 1
12 Aug 2002 11:33AM
Anyone else had problems with this distributor, which markets in the UK but won't then supply UK power cords or any manuals in english?

I wouldn't mind dealing with power leads or manuals if they'd ship the kit out in the first place. I'm still waiting for an order that they've promised will be delivered on three different dates. My advice to everyone is stir well away from this lot!
TanyaH Plus
17 1.3k 409 United Kingdom
19 May 2003 8:56PM
I've had problems with Pixmania - not with delivery, but with the fact that they don't make it very clear on their website that they're based in France, and so everything comes with continental fittings. Oh, and of course the problem with non-English manuals.

I ordered a Pentax Optio, mains charger and battery charger from another (England-based) company for work purposes about 5 mnths ago. As it had to go through the Purchasing department, and as they tend to go for a cheaper price if they can, they neglected to tell me that they'd ordered it from Pixmania ... so everything had continental fittings. As it would have cost too much in time and effort to get the stuff sent back and repurchased via an English company, I ended up buying the various adapters I needed out of my own pocket.

I did, however, manage to download an English (pdf) manual from the Pentax website in the USA.

I know Pixmania are competitive on their prices, but at the end of the day, is it worth the ensuing hassle just to save a few bob?
rugbylass 17 403
20 May 2003 10:26AM
I bought a tiny Konica digital camera from Pixmania a couple of months ago- all the manuals were in English and the service was brilliant. My camera arrived the next morning, no problems! Then again, there were no power cords or anything as it runs on normal batteries.
absurd 18 228 United Kingdom
20 May 2003 6:07PM
Isn't there a requirement that companies supplying electrical items to UK customers supply the correct adapters etc.? or is that just wishful thinking?
9 Jul 2004 1:17PM
I placed an order with Pixmania last month for a Nikon D70. It was still in stock 24 hours after I placed the order and paid for it. Since then it has gone out of stock and I have been waiting for a month. I decided to cancel my order and get a refund but they suddenly stopped responding to my emails, their phone line is unanswered and their terms and conditions state that if you want a refund they will try to make a refund in 30 days!!
Easy to pay, not so easy to get the goods.
frost 16 21
9 Jul 2004 1:22PM
Yeah just buy a d70 on ebay from america instead. So much easier and faster and cheaper.
michaeldt 16 1.2k
9 Jul 2004 2:36PM
michael, i hope that was a sarcastic comment Smile
malum 16 630 1 United Kingdom
9 Jul 2004 3:04PM
I bought a camcorder from them and it had English manuals.
However it broke whilst still under warranty and they said that it was nothing to do with them and I had to take it up with JVC in the UK.

JVC told me that this wasn't the case and that I should take it up with Pixmania.
They weren't budging (except that they said I could post it to France at my own expense if I wanted to, whereupon I figured I would never see it again) so JVC UK took it and fixed it for me (they even paid for the courier)

I'm not sure that all manufacturers would be as accommodating though.

I wouldn't use them again.
BOB S 18 2.6k
9 Jul 2004 4:59PM
I bought a Canon digital camcorder for my Father from them - it arrived when promised, with English manuals and the correct power leads to go straight in the UK socket.


PS 5 days after I bought it they reduced the price - I emailed a complaint and they refunded the difference, about 10.
agoreira 17 6.0k Wales
9 Jul 2004 7:45PM
"Easy to pay, not so easy to get the goods."

Been there, seen it, done it! Only with Nomatica.
Had to threaten small claims court before I got my money back. Both French, says it all! Wink

adamburton 16 627 11 United Kingdom
10 Jul 2004 8:30AM
I bought my Epson 2100 from them. No problems at all, other than the continental plug, which they hadnt advised me of. Still, at a couple of quid for a new one, it wasnt a problem.

agoreira 17 6.0k Wales
10 Jul 2004 11:20AM
Of course it's not a huge problem, but it's not too much to ask that if you are selling a product here in UK, you stick a UK plug on it. There have been lots of complaints, my friend amongst them, about manuals in French, no English ones available with the product. They expect you to download and print out over 100 pages from the Canon site for example, if you want it in English.

loweskid 19 2.0k 1 United Kingdom
10 Jul 2004 11:41AM
People complain about 'rip-off' Britain but one of the reasons we pay extra for some things is that we persist in having different rules than the rest of the world. The 13 amp plug is a case in point. You say it's not much trouble to fit a UK plug - maybe it's not for a one-off but what if they're selling 50 a day? That's 50 plugs to buy, 50 boxes to unpack, fish out the lead and fit plug, then re-pack. That probably means an extra employee just to do that = extra costs. Or they import UK models from the manufacturers for which they would probably pay extra - which they would pass on to the punters - so not cheaper any more - so no point in stocking them in the first place!
agoreira 17 6.0k Wales
10 Jul 2004 12:11PM
Not sure I follow your argument. If the goods are to be sold in the UK, I can see no difference in fitting a UK plug, than the French one they fit to it. If they are an international company worth their salt, they should have no problems in translating the manuals into the languages of the countries they intend selling in. None of the high-fi stuff, cameras etc I have bought from Japan have arrived with Japanese plugs on them, Japanese cars arrive to UK spec, not Japanese spec. All my Canon and Fuji camera stuff has arrived with manuals in a host of different languages. Doesn't seem to have affected their sales too badly.