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This topic is locked.

Reason : locked because it's such an old thread and only comes up when a new person joins who's done a search to slag them off.

jdey123 14 12
3 Jan 2006 12:48AM
It's not possible to tell how many dissatisfied customers that Pixmania has. However:-

1. Legal action has been taken against them by CLCV (the French equivalent of 'Which'
2. There are consistent reports of Pixmania breaching EU directives and UK consumer law.
3. Hammersmith & Fulham Council have informed me that they are seeking an undertaking from Pixmania under the Enterprise Act 2002 that they cease breaching UK consumer law.
4. Pixmania are no longer members of IMRG, the internet retail group, of which they used to be on the senate, and which used to endorse them with the "internet shopping is safe" logo.

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ajstoke 14 7 United Kingdom
3 Jan 2006 1:25AM
Pixmania, ordered a Canon Ixus 750, only for it to arrive at the DHL depot in birmingham the next day, 10 days later they still couldn't find it between Birmingham and Telford depot of DHL. Pixmania were not interested in my complaint, as they just referred me to DHL !! Cancelled order and ordered camera from Amazon, arrived the next day.. great service
6 Jan 2006 4:57AM
Yes, there is the big formidable ocean, how truely big it is. What chance have I of achieving anything? Perhaps my learned cynical "lots of laughing" little friend has a point. But wait a minute. Isn't he just a drop in that ocean himself? A tiny insignificant drop, whose opinion is worth nothing in the big scheme of things? Oh ya! So he is. Well, thank god for that. Now I can get on with what I was doing. Which today happens to be an interview with an investigative reported from BBCs Watchdog who saw my post and wants to talk about his investigation into Pixmania. Perhaps we can get enough drops together to form a wave after all.

So cheers mate! Balance is a good thing, I agree. People laughing on the side lines is just annoying.

fountainp 14 1
7 Jan 2006 1:46AM
Bought my Canon 350D camera here.
Firstly the delivery was over a week, which when chased was when I found out I was dealing with a foriegn company not a UK company.
Although advert states a UK adaptor is supplied, there was no adaptor, and the manuals and vouchers were all foriegn languages as well.
Phoned Pixmania to ask for power lead and complain about manuals.
Was told that I should have read the statement in the tech spec document to see that manuals were not in English, and that there would have been a UK lead, so look in box again.
They are now making the manual situation clearer on the adverts, but that hasn't helped me.
Download link for UK manual didn't work, eventually found it on the asian web site.
Unfortunately if you try and print it off, a large watermark is spread across every page, so had to open each page individually and capture to screen and then convert the lot back to pdf (not fun).
By the time you may have ordered a proper manual and found any vouchers in Euros useless, the camera would have worked out cheaper elsewhere.
Certainly wouldn't use them again and go out of my way to advise others to steer clear of this company.
Not the worst company I've used, but way way off of the service from some of the best around, just hope I don't need to contact them about my camera again.
jdey123 14 12
9 Jan 2006 11:29AM
Anybody whose feeling cheesed off with their experience with Pixmania, rest assured OFT/Trading Standards are doing something about it Wink

They now publish their good work on a publicly available website, although they don't mention it very often.

It's url is Don't get your hopes up, however.

On average, your local Trading Standards authority will ask for:-
1. an informal undertaking by a company to stop breaching UK consumer law every 15 months.
2. Formal action Since 1999 (when the records begin), contempt of court has been issued against just 1 company
3. A Final Order against 6 companies
4. and a Formal undertaking by 39 companies.

One wonders whether the 100s of millions of pounds of taxpayers money that the DTI & local councils are paid each month are well spent, and the 100s of hours of debate in parliament which led to this primary legislation was worth it, when only 1 company has been put out of business in the last 6 years.
Dogbox100 14 1
24 Jan 2006 7:45AM
Pixmania had a special offer for 100 photos @ 9.00 plus 5.00 delivery. I uploaded my photos but the charge was more than I expected. I phoned their helpline but was directed to a premium number 0905. After a long chat it turns out that I had 6 free photos due to me from a previous order so had to order 106 photos. Why didn't I think of that!I got the deal minus who knows how much spent on the premium line.
jdey123 14 12
26 Jan 2006 12:09PM
Ok, & are interested in hearing from anybody whose had problems with Pixmania
wolf666 14 497 England
26 Jan 2006 11:15PM
You get what you pay for!!!
jdey123 14 12
27 Jan 2006 1:26AM
If you pay hundreds of pounds, I think that you're entitled to receive something. Many people have alleged on the web that Pixmania have sent them nothing and refused to pay them their money back. If the allegations are true then that is theft.
AlanHay 14 1
27 Jan 2006 8:26AM
I'm struggling to get the 220 back they've taken from me in exchange for the new invisible sony digital camera :/
After endless and sadly pointless calls and e-mails over the past 3 weeks they are still refusing to refund my cash.
Do not under any circumstance (even when drunk) consider buying anything from this company as the only thing your likely to recieve is a dent in your bank balance.....
wulfee 14 1
28 Jan 2006 3:36AM
Don't ever buy from this company, they are crooks. I ordered something. Got it and it was the wrong item. Sent it back unopened using the address on their returns label. Eventually after a month, it has come back to me because apparently the address was in correct. How can that be when I copy/pasted it from their own documentation to make my label. Faxed documents to them for refund of return postage and they claim to have never received them. They are crooks and I am goning to email watchdog about them. Hopefully they will do a program about them and no-one else in the UK will get ripped off.
johnjm 13 1
3 Feb 2006 2:00PM
It's OK to deliver non UK market products to UK buyers provided that:

1. The manuals if not delivered in English are available from the product manufacture's website.

2. The product is exactly the same spec as the official UK model.

3. VERY IMPORTANT - the warranty is valid in the UK.

4. The vendor maakes it clear that the product is not UK sourced on their website and specifies whether it meets the three criteria above.
savioli 14 2
7 Feb 2006 1:14AM
Don't buy from Nomatica!!!
They are liers!!!
They took your money, or better they STEAL your money, and they don't send you the product!!!
If you know someone that is making or want to make a collective legal action against nomatica to get the money back please send me a message.
Take care guys!
nick_1982 13 1
9 Feb 2006 12:40AM
Never buy anything from Pixmania - they are either dishonest or incompetent. I ordered a printer in September - it took so long to come that I bought an alternative somewhere else. I checked (with Pixmania)that I could refuse to accept delivery when the printer finally arrived and get a refund - Pixmania said 'fine'. It is now February and whilst Pixmania keep saying that my refund is on its way - I am still waiting. Pixmania rip people off. Pixmania are unreliable. Don't trust Pixmania!
pokey2006 13 1
16 Feb 2006 7:02AM
Hmmmm, it would seem after extensive Googling today, that I am not on my own in the exasperating world of Pixmania. There are further threads running on sites like Pricerunner if you are interested.

Having bought a 'special' package of camera plus accessories for Christmas, the battery charger was damaged on delivery. Got the recent replacement the other day, after 2 months, and it was damaged. In fact, I think it may be the same one as before. I'm now going through the same battles as others on this thread. Luckily for me its only 13 plus postage I am after. Also, luckily they are incompetent, because the camera box had a Nikon charger in it, although that wasn't in the specification, so we can at least use the camera.

When dealing with this company, I get the impression that all I will receive is a Gallic shrug and a brush-off. Funny thing is, that if it hadn't been for poor packaging, I would have been a satisfied customer and probably gone back. You live and learn - NEVER AGAIN PIXMANIA!!!!

Oh, and for those who have been trying - Alice Walker is still at lunch.