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Plane spotting?

corrado 15 30
9 Oct 2006 12:22PM
how easy is to take photos of airliners this day and not be confused for a terrorist? i would like to go at Gatwick one day to take pics of planes landing taking off or stationary, also i remember once there was i dedicate space (like a big terrace)at Gatwick where people had the chance to look at planes or photograph them.
has anyone recently done that? advice appreciated
Carabosse 18 41.7k 270 England
9 Oct 2006 12:30PM
This may be of some help.
User_Removed 17 17.9k 8 Norway
9 Oct 2006 2:26PM
Nice link CB!
Skodster 15 902 Ireland
9 Oct 2006 5:16PM
Carabosse - That's one hell of a link!

There was so much information, I had to have a lie down afterwards.

In my view - to see the best aircraft pics on the net visit;

The most spectacular are here;

You may not wish to fly into Hong Kong again afterwards!
Carabosse 18 41.7k 270 England
9 Oct 2006 5:22PM
It was pretty extensive wasn't it.Lol! Wink
Britman 15 1.7k England
9 Oct 2006 7:18PM
Manchester airport has a road that runs right infront of one of the runways, it's kind in between the lights you have at the end of a runway, I've seen people taking photos of plane as they come into land. I'd imagine with a nice wide lens you'd get some good shots.
Skodster 15 902 Ireland
9 Oct 2006 9:10PM
I can remember a pub right next to the threshold (can't remember which direction) at Manchester where you could go down to the end of the beer garden and have the froth knocked off your beer as the a/c held prior to lining up for departure.

If you want to look on Google maps or Google Earth the Lat/Long is;

53deg 21'47.88"N by 2deg 15'28.53"W

I can't begin to tell you what a buzz that was!
Skodster 15 902 Ireland
9 Oct 2006 9:19PM
Sorry - Doh!

Took a look at the Google photo - 24R is the r/way. (240degrees right hand)
Dazbo 16 115 United Kingdom
9 Oct 2006 10:29PM

You'll have no problem pointing a camera at aircraft in this country. I'm one of the extensive list of photogs. In 5 years of photography around Manchester Airport, I've been stopped by police once to ask what I was doing. It was pretty obvious but they were very friendly, no problems. Have a look at my portfolio.

Any questions, fire away!

Nike55 15 966 United Kingdom
10 Oct 2006 10:57AM

Quote:How easy is to take photos of airliners this day and not be confused for a terrorist? i would like to go at Gatwick one day to take pics of planes landing taking off or stationary

Sadly, for security reasons it seems it is not possible to obtain photographs of aircraft at Gatwick, as used to be the case.

It is possible to stand in some of the various muddy fields nearby should you wish to do so, however it is unlikely that you would be welcomed by any farmer. You do not say in your query whether you wish to wander around the great British countryside in any case. You may get away with a few snaps from the carparks.

Despite the fact that the majority of reggie spotters and photographers do act as an additional security prescence at UK airports and airfields and the fact that the latter group have the equipment to record any potential security infringements for later analysis, the British Airports Authority do not see the point, neither do they comprehend that these groups are their best ambassadors nor do they understand that many pilots were inspired as schoolboys by watching aircraft from now closed viewing areas.

The reasons are understandable if a little short sighted.
mdpontin 17 6.0k Scotland
10 Oct 2006 11:25AM

Quote:Manchester airport has a road that runs right infront of one of the runways

It's been a few years since I was last down there, but Manchester used to have a viewing area alongside the main runway. I can't remember how you get to it (assuming it's still there), but it wasn't all that far from the main terminal buildings, I think. I was staying in Wilmslow, and it was on the opposite side of the airport from there if that's any help.

Edinburgh has a footbridge which crosses a major road right at the western end of the main runway. I've often thought that would be a great location for either inbound flights from the west, or flights taking off to the west. Of course if you're seen toting a tripod and a long lens, you might be mistaken for a terrorist...


Edit: info on the Manchester viewing area here.
Nike55 15 966 United Kingdom
10 Oct 2006 12:43PM

Quote:i would like to go at Gatwick one day

hey Corrado, perhaps you could get a return flight from Gatwick to Manchester..?
corrado 15 30
10 Oct 2006 12:48PM
hi again , thanks to all for your help and Dazbo i like your pics and what a great lens is that sigma 50-500 what is the price tag?
Dazbo 16 115 United Kingdom
10 Oct 2006 2:52PM

Quote:Dazbo i like your pics and what a great lens is that sigma 50-500 what is the price tag?

Thanks, I try my best! I managed to get the Sigma 50-500 EX APO DG for 720. They are difficult to get hold of apparently, but I managed to track one down at my local Sigma dealer no problem. It's a great lens, solves having to go to the gym as well!

We are fortunate at Manchester in that the authorities appreciate our presence around the outside of the airfield. Sadly, BAA airport staff and policy don't. It is still possible to photograph aircraft at all UK airports, but some offer better position and opportunities than others. If you have a look at the photo#'s section of you'll see plent of photo's taken from Gatwick and the vantage points. At Manchester, we have access to virtually every part of both runways plus the aviaiton viewing park. However, the AVP being on the north side of the airport, it isn't ideal for photography during the peak hours as the sun is in your eyes (lens!). For more information about MAN, here a look at Ringway Reports.

Camaro 15 7 United Kingdom
13 Oct 2006 11:08PM
Hey Corrado, aircraft don't just stop at the big jets!

Pay a vist to your local General Aviation airfield. There's usually much more interesting stuff happening and you will easily be able to get much closer to the action. Many airfields will also be willing to give you a guided tour around the hangars or the flying club fleet if you ask. Just make sure you doask permission before you go into a hangar or near an aircraft. Nothing annoys a pilot more than somebody messing about near his aeroplane without his prior agreement!

Of course, you will eventually become hooked on aeroplanes and end up having to get your pilot's license - and then, as far as photography goes, the sky's the limit!
To give you an idea of the kinds of photo you could get, have a look at my portfolio or my website.

Have fun, and if you are ever in the North Notts/South Yorks area, get in touch and I'll show you around my home airfield.


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