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Please any words about SONY F828

CatMouse 17 115 Russian Federation
27 Feb 2004 8:15PM
During my search for the new camera
My choice has fallen on Sony F828, but having seen the review of this camera on a site, I have been simply discouraged! The level is above the average but quality of a picture unsatisfactory.
Whether there are users in Europe, for a long time using this camera which can tell a little bit more, than at this site?

P.S. By the way at me in the country (Russia) F828 costs about 1000 US $.

Thanks for any reply!
park my ferret 17 1.0k United Kingdom
27 Feb 2004 8:34PM
I bought the camera after bieng happy with the sony 717, but am sorry to say it didn't come up to my expectations, mainly the very poor noise levels. I took it back and changed it for the Canon 300d. the jump from 6.3m to 8m pixels sound alot but actually only adds about two inches to your already large maximum print size. when you get to 5m pixels and above you can get A3 prints without much effort, so in my opinion it's the quality of the image itself and not the size that begins to matter. .. and so the canons amazing low noise levels wins hands down.

but also try the nikon D70 out too ... I can't give an opinion but it could be good.
drdan 17 1
27 Feb 2004 9:40PM
I love it. The f2.0/2.8 28-200 lens alone for the 300D would cost more than the F828. Go for it.
fotoace 18 4
27 Feb 2004 9:49PM
The Sony Cybershot DSC-F828 is an interesting departure for Sony because the owner is not stuck with "Memorystick" only digital film. Compactflash (standard in the pro industry) is an option in the case of this camera. Take a look at in-depth coverage of this relatively new camera. The photographic tests show some real noise issues, but actual photos look excellent. At just under $1000, it is not a camera most would consider, since for about the same cost, someone who already owns Canon or Nikon glass can purchase a fine digital SLR with the interchangeable lens option. While the rush for "Kodachrome" quality digital images is all too real, in actual use (pro or amateur) 6 megapixel cameras are still viable. Unless shooting for a magazine or other professional purpose, even some of the lower resolution (700 to 1500 kb files) options available on these cameras are much to large for use in the Internet environment. There are much more practical specifications that need to be considered when spending your hard earned money on a new digital camera. First is what kind of images are you going to be capturing? What is their end use? Are you the only person using the camera? Does the camera fit your lifestyle (slim easy to stick in your pocket camera or a hulky 35mm type SLR with three or four lenses)?

The cameras similar to the Sony DSC-F828 are really compromises. They have the features of a digital SLR body without a lot of the advantages.
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
27 Feb 2004 10:52PM
I waited for reviews of the F828 to come out before I bought a 300D as I thought it may be a good alternative. OK the lens is faster but it has to be given the noise issues as noise at ISO200 and above looks bad. Then there is the dreaded purple fringing. My local dealer came up with a 300D and lens kit offer and I was sold.

Yes the 300D cost more but I already have a longer lens range and hope to add to this later.

Assuming the reviewers are correct, the older F717 is a beter camera if you like Sony, and a previous poster backs this up.
john p 17 100
27 Feb 2004 10:55PM
I chose between the f828 and the Minolta a1, the a1 being my eventual purchase. both cameras have massive flexibility but I believe neither achieves the definition and low noise of the digital slr (primarily 'cos of small sensors, whichb are really stretched in the f828.
The Minolta is half the size and weight of the 828!
The uk photo mag "amateur photographer " has just done an 8 page review of the 828, it is singularly the most damming review i have read in their pages, very different from the stevesdigicams review. maybe QC or set-up problems.

CatMouse 17 115 Russian Federation
28 Feb 2004 6:31AM
Thanks all who has responded to my message!
At once the mention about Canon 300D is evident, As soon as speech comes about Sony F828. Here in Russia everyone is mad from Canon, and if to ask that it will be better the answer one - Canon.
It is possible to look a site (this mirror display UK site, but unfortunately only in Russian). All only and Speak about Canon.
I'm work with Sony in any place and in any weather during the last 2 years. In the winter weather in Moscow It happens from-30 up to 6 C degree. In such conditions Sony never brought (at me on a cold even fingers refused: it was impossible to press the button, but the camera continued to work perfectly, as against my hands!). I have a solid complete set of batteries for Sony and a power unit. The most important, that I have a Sony camcoder too (PC115E) which allows me to do DVD films of excellent quality (that I can not tell about the director's abilities), thus other power unit and the complete set of batteries is not necessary for me.
Now I shall answer questions. I not the professional in a photo though I am engaged in shooting from time to time since the childhood. The camera I am going to use one, my wife wants something easy and easier, therefore I want to give it the S-75. The camera is necessary for me for simple for good memoirs on holiday or vacation time and so forth, and I produce basically landscapes and sometimes portraits. Every summer I and my wife somewhere leave to look the World, and unique the big bag which we take it a bag from video and photo cameras.
Further my album and domestic "Hollywood" our works certainly will not go, but good memoirs will stay!
Yes, really, for Russia 1000 US $ it not small money, therefore it is necessary to be reinsured many times before finally to buy, and to come on a site such as

P.S. How many people, are so much and opinions, even among
Carabosse 18 41.5k 270 England
28 Feb 2004 10:59AM
In sad contrast to the F717 which is rapidly becoming considered to be a "classic" digital camera with a particularly good match between lens and sensor the F828 has been slammed by many reviewers.

Amateur Photographer didn't bother to complete the full range of their normal testing on the F828 because they thought it was so poor that it wasn't worth bothering!!

"Purple fringing", chromatic aberration and unacceptable noise levels from ISO 100 upwards all feature. Cramming 8Mp onto a sensor the same size as the 5Mp one on the F717 may be the root of the problem, it seems from some of the stuff I have read.

Sony has attempted to put the blame on the new fast (f2-2.8) 28-200 zoom supplied by the respected lens manufacturers Carl Zeiss. Zeiss have put out a public statement rebutting this!! (I don't think anyone believes Sony anyway). So there is a bit of a war going on!

This could be the last Sony-Zeiss collaboration I guess which will be sad because the combination of Japanese electronics and German lens has made the F717 such a winning combination - rave reviews all round!! I have the F717 and I wouldn't swap it for an F828 even if the swap was free!!

Even if the F828 didn't suffer from all these problems it is still a bulky, heavy and expensive prosumer. You may be better off with a DSLR, frankly.

Also keep an eye out for reviews on the new 8Mp prosumers from Canon, Nikon and Olympus.
tim franklin 17 2.7k
28 Feb 2004 2:02PM
I think it is worthwhile to read Michael Reichmann's DxO Analysis of the F828 in conjunction with AP's broadside. MR's results would appear to suggest that the awful fringing seen in the AP article affects the wide angle end worst, and the long end of the lens but to a smaller degree. In the middle of the lens zoom range the fringing is not present to any noticeable extent. Its a shame that the space restictions inherent in any magazine don't allow room for a full discussion of all the pros and cons. Reichmann has previously called the Sony a "flawed jewel" (see his site for why), and it does seem that under conditions that suit the camera it is capable of turning in very good results. I will admit to some wry amusement that this same argument could be advanced in favour of the Kodak 14n; a camera rightly lambasted by Reichmann and many others for its shortfalls and defects.

I will await the reviews promised for the other 8 megapixel digicams coming along. Will the others be able to make a silk purse of the Sony chip's sow's ear. Will Canon's in-house chip wipe the floor, or be another kind of flaw!
CatMouse 17 115 Russian Federation
28 Feb 2004 6:05PM
I have find the new Sony F828 review.
You can find it by this URL using
Fortunately, the Canon, Sony and the other brands 8mp cameras testing results (it can be translated from russian)will be published in the DPCAMERA magazin on this Monday.
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
28 Feb 2004 6:47PM
If you want to buy a Sony it would apear the advice is to get a F717. Will you need the extra resolution. I would have thought 5mp is ok for A4 photo's. Also ifyou need a wider angle lens I believe you can buy a converter lens to do this. You may be better off geting the older camera and enjoy saving the money.
CatMouse 17 115 Russian Federation
28 Feb 2004 7:07PM
Yes John, the cost of Sony F717 in Russia is 670 US $ (against 1000$ for F828). The most of observers said about F717 as "High recommended". I'm leally like it. So, my wife will be very happy!
Most likely it is necessary to buy F717 (though in my opinion, it will be "a step back").
Carabosse 18 41.5k 270 England
28 Feb 2004 7:20PM
There is some advantages to buying cameras towards the end of their life cycle! One is price comes down a lot: the F717 was launched at 900.... $1600 at current exchange rates. Also the bugs have been ironed out.

There are users of the F717 who have made 19"x13" (48cm x 33cm) enlargements and are delighted with the quality.

Yes the F717 isn't perfect. The 38mm (efl) at the wide isn't really wide enough but a Raynox add-on lens will bring that down to 24mm. Also the program mode is rather poor - however the silver lining to this is that you are not tempted to use the camera as a point-and-shoot!! Wink
CatMouse 17 115 Russian Federation
28 Feb 2004 7:45PM
In the world in general nothing is perfect...
Excuse, but whether correctly I have understood you, that lenses F828 completely not Carl Zeiss, and any attitude to Carl Zeiss has no? Or in all my poor English is guilty?

Carabosse 18 41.5k 270 England
28 Feb 2004 8:02PM
Carl Zeiss lenses are (arguably) the best in the world - used by top end manufacturers like Hasselblad and Contax.

Sony has tried to wriggle out of the failings of the F828 by attempting to blame the lens but Carl Zeiss has firmly refuted that suggestion.... there is something on the Zeiss website but it is in German.

The problems with the F828 seem to centre around the sensor. If Sony had used a larger one they might not have had the problems.

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