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Plugins for photoshop....

doczoc 18 773
3 Mar 2004 3:40PM
I've recently delved into digital photography and am learning a little bit about photoshop, what plugins should I buy for photoshop. I'm looking to invest heavily in digital imaging over the next couple of years and so would like opinions on best plugins available, thanks a lot.

User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
3 Mar 2004 4:00PM
The best plug-ins for what Dave?

There are thousands (probably 10's of thousands) of them out there to help you do everything from resizing, sharpening, noise removal to the more artistic effects plug-ins.

Are you looking for a list of peoples recommendations, if so my first choice would be Genuine Fractals - probably the best interpolation software available

doczoc 18 773
3 Mar 2004 4:08PM
Thanks Barrie

I guess I'm just looking for the best all rounders, if you had a "top ten plugin toolkit" what would be in it? Sort of thing , if that makes sense...

Noise removal would defo be on my list as I'm planning to do a lot of infra-red work with my F717, whic I understand means a lot of noise pre processing...

User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
3 Mar 2004 4:37PM
Neat Image is well known as good noise removal software although I do not use it myself (or any other Noise Removal software).

You may need to decide if you are going to shoot RAW and if so, what software you are going to use for RAW conversion. The reason I ask this is that the PhaseOne DSLR product has very efficient noise removal software as part of it's infrastructure

I've given you my first on the list of plug-ins. I'll try and come up with some more and I am sure you'll have plenty of other suggestions shortly

Barrie Smile
shooter 19 105 Canada
6 Mar 2004 8:18AM
Noise Ninja is excellent too.
agoreira 17 6.0k Wales
6 Mar 2004 9:59AM
Agree, Noise Ninja is well spoken of. And quick!
gillymot 17 14
9 Mar 2004 11:32PM
CSPro is pretty good for sharpening images.
nikon5700ite 17 1.8k
10 Mar 2004 4:33AM
I am not a PSCS user but from another group where the resident Guru writes frequently about LAB.

This is not a plug-in but somewhere you will find the option to split your file into Lightness, A and B channels. A&B contain colour information which doesn't like being sharpened. So having split the file into LAB you sharpen only the Lightness channel. You can usually apply considerably more USM to 'L' than you would find acceptable with a full colour file.

Having sharpened 'L' you recombine the three layers.

For those without LAB which is a PS 'thing' but like Paint Shop Pro have HSL you can do a similar treatment to the L channel in HSL.
Similarly you can split to CMYK and sharpen just the K channel.

Alternatively you can simulate what a wet darkroom person would do using a real Unsharp Mask.

The REAL Unsharp Mask

The unsharp mask gets its name from a manual technique used in preparing
most slides or negatives for reproduction in the printing trades. A soft
reversed image is registered over the original image when color separations
are being made, which heightens the apparent sharpness of the original.

You can actually do this in Photoshop [and PSP of course].

Open an image and duplicate it. Close the original.

Duplicate the background layer, blur it with the Gaussian blur filter with a
radius of say, 3.0 for a full resolution image from the CP5k. Invert it to a

In the layer palette, set the layer to about 35%. Merge the layers and use
Levels to restore the contrast range.

Re-open the original, set both for full screen viewing and toggle between
them [Ctrl+F6]. This is a true unsharp mask and is very effective at
sharpening. The filter is much more practical. However, it does work.

Hope this saves you the cost of a plug-in.
I seem to have copied Larry Bolch's words and music in this extrack.... to give the man his due.
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
10 Mar 2004 3:22PM

Similarly you can split to CMYK and sharpen just the K channel

just a note - don't convert into CYMK unless you're sending to a PostScript printer, the colour information that gets dumped is not retrieved when you convert back to RGB.

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