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Pole Cat behind my wardrobe - help!!

mad-dogs 19 2.2k England
24 Jul 2007 10:22AM
There are two polecats living in the dolls house I built for my daughter- that is when they are not burrowing into the settee, dancing around the living room floor or launching themselves from the top of my head into my breakfast cereal, spreading milk and cereal across the room.
They are very cute and entertaining. Until I had to have our cat put to sleep, they used to play with each other.
24 Jul 2007 11:11AM
Being non-violent and of a nervous disposition, I decided against Tutterzzz's advice of "clobbering it on the head with a blunt instrument" LOL. How do you tell, if you were to do such a thing, how hard to clobber! And as for gloves and picking it up... are you mad! I'm sure they can tear through gloves and have your fingers off!
Mad-dogs, I'm afraid Crete wild polecats are not playful, they are considered vermin, they're vicious and the males grow to a very large size, mind you I don't like them because they kill kittens and cats, the locals 'discourage' them because they kill their chickens.

I hate killing things, my cat is a horror and distresses me continually. In the mornings she brings in mangled but still alive baby birds and I'm too 'cowardly' to finish them off with a brick. In the evenings she brings in geckos. I love geckos and I can't bear having to kill them to put them out of their misery. The worst is they always shed their tails which keep moving and thrashing around and I feel as if I'm in a nightmare trying to brick to death a disembodied tail.

I've twice tried to rehome her. The first time some expats in the next village agreed to have her in return for her being a foster mother to some kittens which they'd rescued from a bin. My cat happily accepted these foreign kittens but not her new home. It took her a week to walk back to me in my village with the kittens one by one. Second time I rehomed her when I was away in the winter. She left her new lodgings in a town fifteen kilometres away and walked back to my village and just waited outside my empty house 'til I returned. I couldn't believe it. How did she find the way, how long did it take her, did she come over the mountains, follow the coast, follow the road, just amazing really.

I ramble too much! I sent the cat into the part of the house where I the animal was last seen on the basis that if there was a lot of noise, fur flying and blood then it was still there. All is quiet. It must have gone out of the door I left open in the night. I'm lucky I live in a place where the only danger of leaving your doors open is that wild life comes in, or, on occasion, batty old ladies.... but that's another story. Smile
Cephus 16 2.6k England
24 Jul 2007 1:00PM

Quote:wild life comes in, or, on occasion, batty old ladies.... but that's another story.

Oh do tell Smile
24 Jul 2007 1:18PM
It's a culture thing.... older people here in Crete villages tend be looked after by their families once they start going senile for whatever reason. I think it's wonderful. They're safe, they roam about happily, it doesn't really matter if they get confused or lost, someone will take them home. I'm sure this is much better than being dumped in some awful old people's home.

Anyway, I have three rather dotty old ladies who wander in (if I forget to shut my kitchen door). One rummages through my things, one attempts haphazard housework and the third just sits down and asks for food. I just take them by the hand and put them in someone else's house LOL.
Alison_S 15 339 United Kingdom
24 Jul 2007 1:23PM

Quote:I have three rather dotty old ladies who wander in

They sound like wonderful characters.....that was great to read Smile
RosaB 14 61 2 Greece
25 Jul 2007 7:49AM
Hi Lydia
It's certainly never dull living in Crete! I've never seen a Polecat around here! But we do have Cretan beech martens! They visit our patio most nights late at night for a drink of water. The other night the mother brought 3 babies with her. They seem very gentle and are not at all bothered by our or our cats presence!
pennyspike 18 2.1k 29 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2007 11:02AM

Quote:The other night the mother brought 3 babies with her.

Photos please Rosa. And maybe from Lydia. I for one would love to see these creatures we've now heard a bit about.......
failing that the three dotty ladies sound as if they'd like be stars.
SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
25 Jul 2007 11:57AM
So then what happened ... has it gone yet, Lydia? Squirrel's suggestion is good and is one I used when trying to trap feral cats to get them to the vet for neutering.

The scars have healed now, btw ... Wink but there won't be any feral kittens ..
Squirrel 14 471 7 England
25 Jul 2007 8:12PM
Glad the pole cat problem has sorted its self.
Regards Squirrel.
RosaB 14 61 2 Greece
26 Jul 2007 7:40AM
Yes I would love to get a picture of them Penny however at the moment with this heatwave they are not arriving until 1am by which time I am in my bed. My husband who is a bit of a night owl often sees them but doesn't know one end of my camera from the other! LOL!
Also perhaps someone could tell me whether taking a flash photo of them would scare them of altogether and we might never see them again!
We would hate for that to happen!
Cretan Beech Martens are quite rare and are distinguished from ordinary beech martens by the patch of white on their throats.

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