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Portrait and version images

PhilT2 Plus
9 513 29 England
15 Apr 2019 10:04PM
For a while I have had laptop problems which I think I have now sorted. However, I still see that portrait images and versions are not expandable and therefore the detail cannot be fully appreciated in the way that landscape images are. Has the site changed in the way it presents these images altered or do I still have problems with my equipment. Does this mean that only landscape images are all we can post to show full detail of our pictures.
Looked for similar threads on this subject and found nothing. Does this mean that our paid membership is being eroded or have I got problems that I still need to resolve.
For now I will avoid portrait format and versions wherever possible.
My first grumble since I joined In 2010.

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saltireblue Plus
9 9.8k 36 Norway
16 Apr 2019 7:54AM
Hi Phil

I've tagged your post FAO the guys in IT so that they can answer your question.
Not sure what the manning situation is this week at the office, but they will answer as soon as they can.

PhilT2 Plus
9 513 29 England
16 Apr 2019 8:25AM
Thanks Malc
16 Apr 2019 2:52PM
Hi Phil,

Nothing has changed at our end, and I can confirm what your are experiencing is normal. The original developer of the Gallery coded up so that the photographs would fit the available size of the screen without needing to scroll, believing it to be important that the whole image was on display.

I appreciate that using a laptop, especially one with a letterbox aspect ratio, is that any portrait photo isn't going to be displayed very tall.

There are a few other considerations for us, such as the image size loaded is reduced for smaller platforms (tablet / mobile) so not a quick fix, but happy to gather other members thoughts on this whether in 'black out' mode, that scroll is acceptable for portrait orientated images?

Thanks Phil for raising this and hopefully within this topic we can come to an agreement on what the best solution is, and if it's feasible I'll develop it.


PhilT2 Plus
9 513 29 England
16 Apr 2019 5:16PM
Thanks for your reply Rick. It does at least confirm that my laptop is functioning correctly and I have resolved its previous problems.
I understand the reasoning relating to viewing the whole image without scrolling. Not so long ago any portrait image displayed screen height when you viewed it and a tap or click on it allowed one to scroll the enlarged image to see the quality of detail in the way that a lead image landscape format picture can be viewed.
It is a backward step in my view for a photographic site to reduce image quality in this way. I have viewed all uploaded images for a number of years but probably won't bother looking at portrait format images or versions as you cannot discern detail which to me is of high importance.
However I suppose most members are not concerned by this change so I will go with the flow for now
16 Apr 2019 6:12PM
Hi Phil,

Just to confirm, the way Gallery photos are displayed hasn't changed in approximately 4 years, since the last major overhaul.

However we are always open to suggestions that can improve the experience for all, hopefully other members will see this and also offer their opinions too. I'm all for allowing a larger Portrait orientated view, my only concern is whether the additional scrolling would be appreciated or frowned upon.


PhilT2 Plus
9 513 29 England
17 Apr 2019 8:16AM
If the gallery display has been the same for 4 years then the problem is at my end. It is only the last few months that I have had a noticeable problem with viewing gallery images.
My laptop has had other issues which I thought I had resolved, but it may be time to replace it.
Thanks for your help Rick
PhilT2 Plus
9 513 29 England
17 Apr 2019 4:53PM
Hi Rick.
I'm not sure if you are still following this thread but having reloaded display drivers I am now in a happy state and can identify my original problem.
Based upon your explanation relating to display properties I have found that (as you stated) if a portrait format is used as a lead image then when you open it the display is the height of the screen and clicking on it again makes no difference. However, if you load portrait format images as versions they open at screen height and when you click on them they open large and are scrollable. One of our members TrevBatWCC usually loads versions to his images and many are portrait format. If you check his recent uploads you will see what I mean. This is what has confused me and prompted part of this thread.

The problem relating to landscape format versions is now resolved with the reload of drivers and these are now expandable to full screen, whereas before I could not do this and they were very reduced in size and would not expand. So no problem with landscape.

I would be very happy if the lead portrait format images displayed as the versions do.
Hope this makes sense

Regards..... Phil
18 Apr 2019 8:02AM
Hi Phil,

Good to hear that you've rectified some of your issues, yeah I can see the difference between versions now that you've pointed it out, something I don't normally see due to having a large monitor.

I'll see if a can come up with a solution, I've added it to our upgrades list and will keep you updated.

PhilT2 Plus
9 513 29 England
18 Apr 2019 9:34AM
Thank you Rick. Grin
14 May 2019 8:22AM
Same issue...

I want to see the detail of the images of portrait format, unfortunately i can't enlarge it...

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